I realize that the Instant étoile, star concept is geared toward teenage girls, but as a mature, successful and hard-working 23-year-old woman, I'd say this is one of the most electric story lines I've seen in a 30-minute télévision program in a long time. This is not to say that it stands alone in quality TV programming, but it certainly stands alone in its genre. I feel that the message ends up amounting to so much plus than simply the realistic portrayal of teenaged rock star's life. The characters written for Jude, Tommy, and the rest of the cast handle situations that perplex men and women far older than teenagers. Take the character of Tommy. Jude's persisting crush on Tommy Q, "the older guy" is a standard occurrence for teenaged girls. However, the l’amour that the develops between them in spite of their age difference can only be written into the plot par exploring very deeply the adult tendencies and desires of both individuals. Jude and her sister Sadie are both role mannequins for not only girls coming of age, but also for young adult women as well. Putting all of this drama into the context of the musique industry only heightens the intensity of the conflict, and renders the circumstances even plus adult. Not only are both women portrayed as the commanders in their relationships, but also as driven professionals.
Women well into their 30's and 40's struggle with self-esteem as related to their l’amour and professional lives. Both Sadie and Jude have confident characters and are examples of women who know how to be thoughtful and selective in dating and in business. Both Jude and Sadie face their flops, and of course learned their lessons through initial failures (Sadie with Tommy, Jude with Shay). But as the montrer progresses through the seasons, toi see them order their priorities and find what is truly important to them aside from having a boyfriend. Both endure the fourth season in serious relationships, and the circumstances are anything but adolescent.
Sadie and Quest live together, and although he is the perfect boyfriend Sadie realizes she wants a challenge, so she doesn't settle. In fact, the end of the season implicates sexual tension between her and Darius, so much so that Quest quits G Major.
Jude's decisions regarding Tommy are an excellent surprise. If you're like me, toi had sympathy for Jamie, but wanted and waited so patiently for Jude and Tommy to finally get together. Even after they did, the writers kept it interesting in the fourth season with the two characters' clashing backgrounds and obligations. Finally, the culmination of the entire show: Tommy asking Jude to marry him, and her putting her career first. I think this is remarkable because for once, the happily ever after is not the prince she's been pining over an in and an out, but rather the success of her career. Both Jude and Sadie, although at times impulsive, make wise business decisions. Sadie starts out working as the secretary at G Major, and through time, learns the industry, and boldly demands that Darius realize her full potential in publicity. Sadie is well-educated, articulate, and professional, never mind drop dead gorgeous. She knows how to get what she wants and intends on success. Jude's role in the industry as a performer is obviously a little plus volatile than Sadie's. She is a star, which exposes her to threats, privacy violations, excessive adoration, and immense pressure. Her focus is very genuine, she is a musician that truly appreciates music, writes her own, and performs it with talent. Naturally sometimes the pressure is too much, we see Jude struggle through the negative feelings that arise in her fans from wearing fur. We see her frustration in handling those pathetic creatures known as the papparazzi. We see her calmly endure a kidnapping par a crazed fan (God I wanted to cut that crazy bitch) and regain composure after releasing a terrible album. And although we l’amour Jude for her rebellion against selling out and staying true to the music, we must also respect her practical business sense. We see this intelligence in the episode where she decides to étoile, star in a shampoo commercial despite what it would say about her musical integrity because she knows it will give her the money she needs to continue doing what really matters, recording high-quality original material. In a time when chant contests, reality TV, and an obsession with célébrités is so prevalent in society, Instant Star's portrayal of it all certainly does not follow the same formula for success as the trends themselves. Instant étoile, star is like the Harry Potter for TV. A story meant for and about young people with characters written so beautifully that it captivates adults.