salut Inspirits,I'm sorry for saying this if toi guys l’amour Myungsoo/L's Ex girfriend!! All the time i hear about his Ex girlfriend ou i hear that he has a girlfriend........I get really...PISSED!!!! I really like Myungsoo/L,He is m biased!! But...I really hate his Ex girlfriend/His girlfriend!! She is stupid & i bet she is ugly!! I really don't know how a sexy guy can go out with a really ugly girl!! Myungsoo is SUPER SEXY & his Ex girlfriend is REALLY UGLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am really pissed at my friend (fanpop friend) Her user name is ''5LADS''!! She made me pissed off!!!!!! I know i'm a jealous Inspirit........But i just can't get over it!! I still do l’amour Myungsoo/L & Infinite though!! Whatever! I Shouldn't make this any longer!! Bye!!