Take time to try and imagine the greatest thing toi can- got it? Now imagine something a hundred times bigger than that even if it means going into the impossible- got it? If you’re now in the atmosphere of the impossible then welcome to what really is the atmosphere of faith!

When toi look at yourself in the mirror what is it that toi see- do toi see something special ou maybe toi see something severely lacking in lot of things? For some it may be beauty, whilst for others it is size and there are many plus other things like wealth, skill and intelligence that all humanity, to some degree, identify as area’s of lack. So what do we do? We try to improve ourselves (I would say modify) and we come up with all sorts of things that are meant to make us look and feel better. Some of the things work and some do not but what these inventions all have in common is that they never last; they are temporary and in the end they leave toi feeling a lot worse than toi did before.

When I look at the world, I see that the réponses we are looking for are not in ourselves. On télévision they will tell toi to ‘look within yourself and there the réponses toi will find’- I greatly doubt that. I have observed within my colorful Facebook social cercle a belief people have of drawing success from one’s self, an idea of having enough faith in one’s self and then par that faith drawing success from the universe ou some rubbish like that- err no, that is so fake! In places all over Africa and around the world there are people who suffer everyday. They face death in the face daily yet they live to see another day. The children on these continents have such bright imaginations that are powerful enough to turn any dark place into a garden of Eden yet they wake up to war and barrenness every jour but even though they suffer they still can afford to montrer each of their parents a smile every night. It doesn’t matter how much they wish all the selfishness in this world to go away ou how much they cry each night to be in a better place because this world is what it is, evil, and no amount of ‘belief in one’s self’ can change it. Even Jésus a dit in the Bible that, ‘the poor will always be with you’!

It is not God’s fault that there is suffering in this world. He did say they would be, not because He was not present, but because ‘the hearts of man would grow cold’. It angers me how we, in our foolishness blame God. Imagine if He was not God and remained dead, imagine how this world would be today? We deserve every bit of suffering that comes our way, yet we thank Jésus Christ for His mercy for bearing our punishments. What do toi think happened for a rue child ou an abused wife and the rest of the other sufferers to experience what they are experiencing? Is it God? We know the truth, it is our own faults. God came to us humble as dirt; born in a manger, had no stable place to rest His head and amongst many other things we hung Him on the very wood He created (Read Isaiah 53 for a summary, I do not want to preach otherwise I will stray from my topic).

The point I am trying to bring out is that there is no amount of conjuring up that toi can do that can out-match what God has in store for us. No invention, no discovery, no power, no creativity, no skill ou intellect ou whatever it is that we may trust in that God cannot par an infinity of ways out-match. Yes, we may have to suffer and yes, the world is cruel but God is still present; the sun that rises each morning, the birds that still sing in tune and the fact that a new child is born to an expectant family everyday is evidence enough. Even in all the calamities, in the smile of a malnourished African child toi can see that God still exists in a powerful way because not everybody can smile when their world threatens to end every day.

The above verse says it all, anything I add will just spoil it. All I’m saying is whenever toi have reached the limits of what toi can do then look up and shift to a higher gear and let God take toi to places toi are not capable of fathoming because from the beginning of time and even unto eternity there is God who can montrer toi things beyond imagination.

Article Credit: Theheartofi - Wordpress