(by I'm Addicted/Audrey@SSF)

Akb48 Miho Miyazaki a dit "I like SNSD's Yoona. I think she is really cute and I like her very much."; she feels like crying because she can't understand Korean, but now she is learning the language. (Radio Show, 2011)
Akb48 Nakamata Shiori wrote that she loves SNSD's Yoona and she wants (Love Rain's) DVD. (2013)
AKB48's Natsuko Sato commenté that "Yoona is very cool, I can't fall asleep. Yoona is so cute that I can't sleep TT TT TT TT" upon watching SNSD's 'The Boys' MV (KOR ver). (Dec. 2011)
Akb48 'Team K' Yonezawa Rumi a dit her favori Soshi members are Yoona and Yuri.
After School Uee was clearly fangirling on Yoona upon meeting her. (We Got Married; on a musique montrer in 2013)
Asakura Yuki, *gravure idol*, ABSOLUTELY LOVES Yoona, she fell in l’amour with her at first sight, and if she were a boy she would fall in l’amour with her; she's also a fan of Cendrillon Man. (Yuki's personal blog)
Baek Ji Young, *singer*, told MC Yoo Jae-suk before the montrer and the admitted it on the montrer that Yoona's beauty was no joke, that she was truly pretty. Also when they first sat, Baek Ji Young put distance between them because of Yoona's beauty according to BJY. (Happy Together Season 3 - 17.01.2013)
Brown Eyed Girls Ga-In admires Yoona's cuteness & her jouer la comédie skills since Yoona won several jouer la comédie awards even though she was a newcomer actress. (Golden Fishery)
Choi Hwa Jung, *actress, radio DJ*, a dit that she became best Friends w/ Yoona after Intimate Note; keeps contact w/ Yoona plus than she does others. (Intimate Note, 2009; Champagne, 2009)
Goo Hye Sun, *actress, movie producer*, was shy, loves Yoong's aegyo, has admired her from afar, praised Yoona's beauty. (Win Win Ep. 18)
Jung Ryeo-won, *ex-member of Chakra, actress, model*, wrote that her favori SNSD members were Yoona & Tiffany. (Blog, 2009)
KARA Kang Jiyoung thinks that among girl groups members, Yoona is the prettiest girl without makeup. (Taxi with KARA)
KARA Nicole Jung thinks that among girl groups members, Yoona is the prettiest girl without makeup. She also wanted to become Friends with Yoona. (Taxi with KARA; SGB)
Kim Gayoung, *will debut in May 2011 in a girl group*, stated in an interview that "Yoona is my role model." (Interview)
Kim Leena, *lyricist*, praised her beauty: "All my personal preference vanished because of Yoona’s beautiful face. I wanted to avoid the mirror after seeing Yoona in real life." (2010 Melon musique Award)
Lyn (Lee Se-jin), *South Korean singer*, likes Yoong so much that she named one of her nieces 'Yoona'. (2009 MNet Super100 Idols)
Maruyama Yumi, *fashionista*, thinks Yoona is super cute. (Yumi's personal blog)
Miyama Karen, *actress*, mentions she's a fan of Yoona and thinks she's cute; she's also a fan of toi Are My Destiny. (Karen's personal blog)
Murata Mari, *fashion model*, mentions that she's a huge fan of Yoona. (Mari's personal blog)
Nanako, *model*, loves Yoona's bangs; her mother and her are in l’amour with her. (Nanako's personal blog)
Oguchi Momoko, *fashion model*, says she's a fan of Yoona. (Momoko's personal blog)
Oku Yuri, *fashion model*, mentions that Yoona is her favori SNSD member. (Yuri's personal blog)
Palette Asa, *singer*, loves Yoona's drama toi Are My Destiny. (Asa's personal blog)
Park Kyung-lim, *entertainer, comedian, MC, montrer host*, described Yoona as unsurpassed beauty. (Interview)
PASSPO Fujimoto Yukimi, *idol singer*, thinks Yoona is so cute, she's a fan of her drama and she wants a small face and style like Yoona. (Yukimi's personal blog)
Sasaki Moyoko, *model*, thinks Yoona is adorable. (Moyoko's personal blog)
Satou Aoi, *fashion model*, mentions her favourite members are Yoona & Sooyoung. (Aoi's personal blog)
Seki Ayano, *fashion model*, stated that her favourite SNSD member is Yoona and she bought Yoona's Innisfree products. (Ayano's personal blog)
Shibata Shoko, *gravure idol*, says she loves Yoona and thinks Yoona's Innisfree song is 'super super cute'. (Shoko's personal blog)
Sung Yuri, *member of Fin.K.L (inactive girl group)*, thinks that Yoona is really pretty. (Interview)
Yonemura Misaki, *actress*, mentionned that her favori SNSD member is Yoona. (Misaki's personal blog)