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 Ariana Grande and Jennette McCurdy team up for Nickelodeon's "Sam and Cat".
Ariana Grande and Jennette McCurdy team up for Nickelodeon's "Sam and Cat".
Uptown Productions in association with Schneider's Bakery, Inc. are now in production on the new comedy series "Sam and Cat" for Nickelodeon Network. The casting director will be auditioning actors throughout the season for recurring roles, co-starring roles, and under five roles. The extras casting director will also be hiring background extras throughout the season. The pilot episode was shot in September, 2012 and Nickelodeon announced a series pickup with an order for 20 episodes on November 29, 2012. The montrer will premier September 10, 2013 on Nickelodeon.

Starring in "Sam and Cat" is six-time...
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posted by NickelodeonLove
■A brand new opening sequence for this episode/s is created. [5]
■iGoodbye trended on Twitter on its premiere night
"iGoodbye" trended
Added par Itsmejust

■Nathan was donné some hommages from set during this last episode. Freddie's little glow sticks he has on his laptop, a paper-thin Pearphone insert, and a nourriture scale that was in the Shay kitchen, which now belongs to his mom [6]
■In the scene where Carly and Sam, the gang does a group hug and walk together while still until Carly and Sam are in the elevator. This hugging bit originated in the 1970's sitcom The Mary Tyler Moore montrer and...
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posted by karlyluvsam
I will first just say that this episode was well done, and it will be one of my haut, retour au début favorites.

Also, just because they "broke up" does not mean they don't l’amour each other. Trust me, they do l’amour each other, but for them, now is just not the right time. Their relationship is just wonderful. It takes a lot of thinking and even some alone time to see how they can figure it all out. I mean look at them since season 1. toi can obviously see all this tension between the two.

All Seddie shippers should be GLAD that Dan was able to pull of such a beautiful scenes. As someone said, "The elevator scene...
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posted by iDxG101
Carly P.O.V.

When we arrived at the motel,Sam and Freddie questioned Gibby why he was there while he a dit that he didn't know and a dit it was my plan.It was weird cause I didn't plan any of this.

Carly:What are toi talking about?

Gibby:You texted to meet toi here

Carly:No I-

Before I could finish my sentence,Nevel Papperman walked up to us."NEVEL!!!,"I yelled."Hello,glad toi could come,"Nevel spoke."What do toi want,Papperman?"Sam questioned.

Nevel:Well this girl named Amy called me and told me to give Gibby this necklace*holds up collier and gives it to Gibby*

Gibby:Awesome!*puts on necklace*

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posted by pearlxashxdawn
I know toi see
Somehow the world will change for me
And be so wonderful

Live life, breathe air
I know somehow we're gonna get there
And feel so wonderful

I will make toi change your mind
These things happen all the time
And it's all real
I'm telling toi just how I feel

So wake up the members of my nation, it's your time to be
There's no chance unless toi take one and the time to see
The brighter side of every situation, some things are meant to be
So give me your best and leave the rest to me

I know it's time
To raise the hand that draws the line
And be so wonderful

Golden sunshine
I know somehow it's gonna...
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posted by iDxG101
Carly and Sam were walking to the apartment,they came inside and called Spencer,but no answer.Freddie barged in the apartment to see if Carly and Sam were ok.

Carly P.O.V.

Freddie barged in the room to check out on me and Sam."Oh my god..."He whispered,tears almost coming out of his eyes.He ran and hugged the both of us."We have to tell Spencer!"Sam suggested.

I called Spencer,but no answer...again.After 6 hours laying on the couch,Spencer comes home.He barged in the room with a furious look,Amy was suivant to him,and behind him...police."That's her officers!"Amy yelled,pointing at Sam."Whoa,what...
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posted by iDxG101
Carly P.O.V.

Carly:But what if it's too late?
Sam:Don't worry Carls,we'll think of something!

Me and Sam walked in the Groovy smoothie,we saw Amy and she was with some other guy.

Carly:Maybe it's just a friend...
Sam:yeah,friend definetly makeout!!!

I looked over at Amy and she was making out with the guy."THAT WITCH IS CHEATING ON SPENCER!!!"I yelled."No chiz!"Sam said."I'm gonna teach that brat a lesson!"Said Sam,walking over to Amy and tapping her shoulder.

I watched as Amy pulled Sam to the girl's restrooms,I followed to see what was going on.

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posted by iDxG101
Carly:But how?
Sam:Mabye when were with Specer and Amy's around lets bug her and say it was an accident.Amy will go crazy and hit us in front of Spencer ou at least curse.
Freddie:Great Idea Sam!*Kisses Sam*
Sam:*Kisses back*
The suivant Day


"You want me to make toi some ice tea?"Sam asked Amy."Yes,I would Thank toi Sam!"Amy said.Sam makes the ice thé and gives it to Carly.Carly walks over to Amy and "accidently" spilled the ice thé on Amy's new dress."MY DRESS!"Amy yelled."Opps"Carly...
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posted by iDxG101
After School

Carly,Sam,Freddie,and Gibby walk inside.

Spencer:Carly I have great news!
Carly:You broke up with Amy!
Spencer:No...you want me to brake up with her?
Freddie:I'D l’amour THAT!
Spencer:???...anyways I proposed!
Carly:What are toi talking about?
Spencer:I proposed to Amy,Were getting married,isn't that great!?!
Spencer:What's wrong I thought toi guys liked her.
Sam:Well we never did...
Freddie:She's a witch!
Gibby:She's EVIL!
Carly:She's the one who slaped me accross the face not Sam!
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posted by iDxG101
At School

Gibby:Why can't Spencer see the evil in her!?!
Freddie:I don't know,but it better stop
Sam:Where's Carly?
Freddie and Gibby:*Shrug shoulders*
Carly:Hey guys...
Sam:CARLY!*Hugs her*
Carly:I'm sorry toi got blamed for the hand print on my face,I should of put makeup before I went downstairs.
Sam:Who cares about that,I'm just worried about you!
Gibby:You have to tell Spencer before this gets worse.
Carly:Your right.I'll tell him after school.

With Amy and Spencer

Amy and Spencer are making out on the couch.Then Spencer bends down on one knee."Amy,we've been dating for awhile and I've been feeling...
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posted by iDxG101
Carly P.O.V.

I've been noticing That Spencer has been dating this girl named Amy for 2 years now.Spencer thinks she's nice,but she's not.SHE'S EVIL!abusive,mean,and just plain EVIL!

Sam:I don't like her.
Freddie:I agree.

That's when Spencer and Amy came downstairs.

Spencer:Guys,i'm gonna go to the groovey smoothie so be nice,and Amy's in charge.

Amy gave us a evil smirk just when Spencer shut the door.
"Go get me an ice tea...NOW!"Amy demanded me.
"Yes,Amy"I a dit softly."YOUR NOT THE BOSS OF HER!"
Sam defended."According to Spencer i'm in charge of all of toi little DEMONS!"Amy spat back.

Freddie's mom...
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if toi dont like it then.........its ok beacuse im just a beginer...well enjoy_____________________________________________
at carlys house
carly: uuummm......spenser wat r toi doing???
spenser: making a scolptuer
fredy: with.........trash????
spenser: its "NOT" trash * hugs the trash *
sam: uhhh....got any nourriture to eat?????
spenser: why???
sam: nothing so just give me some food
spenser: okay.................get some in the frige
freddy: I thout we were sopoust to be practice
iCarly now not eating!!!
Sam: k i'll go there
Carly: ill go up stairs now

Freddy: where is sam???
Carly: she is still eating...
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iCan't Believe toi Did This To Me - Chapter One- Goodbye Florida, Hello Seattle
par PftFan99

A Seddie Story...
Sam's POV

-- --

I fronde my suitcase onto my bed.
I know I swore to never go back.
But that was the past.
I'm fed up with the pain thats riling up inside of me.
If only I was the girl Freddie knelt down to that day.
I stuff all the clothes I owned in the suitcase.
I'm not really planning on coming back here.
Thats why I am packing everything I have, and leaving. This place, I don't own it.
So, all I have here, is food, and clothes.
And all this other crap...
I have finish packing. And as I look back toward my apartment,
I don't regret anything.
I drag my suitcase to the door, and look over to the table, tableau suivant to the door.
My knife.
Mustn't forget that, shall I?
I reach my hand over, and hold onto the couteau with a strong grip.
I stuff it in one of the pockets on the side of my belt.
Goodbye Florida, Hello Seattle.
(Not to be rude to Carly though! She's awesome!)
Summary: I told myself I would never come back... But I'm done with this. Hello Seattle, Sam Puckett will return, and I'll return with revenge. On Carly Shay.

iCan't Believe toi Did This To Me - Prologue
par PftFan99

A Seddie Story... Sam's POV
- -

"Carly Shay! Will toi marry me?"
Freddie was bent on his knees in front of the girl, I wanted to be.
'Please say no, please say no.'
"Yes, Freddie! I will!"
Thats when my insides blew up.
I did what Pucketts never did... I ran.
I ran like my life depended on it.
When what would be normal for me, was just
punching Carly straight in the face, but she was my best friend.. I could never force myself to do that..
So what I did was ran.
I ran with tears flying off my face.
Faster than what I had ever done in my life.
posted by WithAChildHeart
 reuben in iWin A rendez-vous amoureux, date
Reuben in iWin A Date
We all probably remember reuben - Gibby's odd friend who came up with the craziest metaphors nobody was able to understand, apart from Gibby. Not to forget to mention that he secretly admires Sam. However Reubenese is finally made understandable for everyone else.

Reubenese for beginners

Ruebenese: 'Sup soda bottle nose. Are your roosters dancin'?
English: Hello. How are toi today?

Reub.: toi can't drink two jars of applesauce if toi don't lift the guard dog.
Engl.: I'm fine. Thank you.

Reub.: Wow, toi can make a dog bark faster than a poisson can climb a tree.
Engl.: I think toi are cute.

Reub.: You've...
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posted by selenagomezfan7
I know toi see somehow the world will

Change for me and be so wounder full live life Breathe air i will make your mind i'm tellin toi just how i feel

wake up the remembers of your Nation

it's you're time to be there's no

Chance unless toi take one anytime toi see the

Brighter time on any situation

Leave it all to me

Golden Sunshine i know somehow you're Gonna be mine

and traverser, croix the line and bee so Wounderfull

i'm tellin just how i feel

so wake up the Remembers of You're nation it's your time to be

Unless toi take one

Leave it all to ME
posted by kittendrawings
Do toi know who started the website iCarly?
Freddie did. Raise your hand that toi think Spencer started it. Raise your pinkie if Freddie started it. It's true that Freddie started it. Carly was so happy for him, he kissed him on the cheek. Sam bullied him, but loved the webisodes. The yoga guru was Spencer. Spencer really knows about Sam, Freddie, Carly, and art.
Who started it up?
a. Spencer
b. Carly and Sam
c. Freddie
Who pretends to be a yoga guru on the episode iStart iCarly?
a. Spencer
b. Nora, from iPsycho
c. Freddie
d. Sam
Wee haw!

____________________________________________________Spencer really knows about -
A. Art
B. Creations of Mathematics
C. Nothing, but he only knows about Carly and Sam and Freddie and Art.
iSam's Mom is the seconde episode of Season Four, and the 72nd overall. This will be the first time Sam's mother, played par Jane Lynch, appears on the show, with the exception being in iMust Have Locker 239 when the back of her head is shown when driving away. A Nick promotional ad has verified that this episode will air on September 11.
The viewers will finally get to see Sam's mom, Pam Puckett.
Freddie is stalked par a criminal after recording the criminal in action.
Sam moves into Carly and Spencer's apartment after having an argument with her mother Pam. Sam’s peculiar habits make her a terrible...
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posted by AngelVicki427
Here's another reason Seddie was meant to be! Here are 20 plus reasons: link
In iSpeed Date, Sam says that Carly needs a rendez-vous amoureux, date for the girl's choice dance. Sam tells the world on iCarly that Carly needs a date. Ends up, hundreds of guys montrer up at the groovy smoothie. so, Carly speed dates each guy. In the process, she met Austin.So, Carly ends up with Austin. He looked like a great guy, but he wasn't. He didn't let Carly say anything. Meanwhile, Carly told Sam to go ask Gibby to the dance. Gibby turned Sam down. Which is embarassing since,...
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posted by AngelVicki427
1. They r such a cute couple
2. They shared there first Kiss together
3. Freddie and Sam are the only characters on iCarly that say 'chiz'
4. They both had bad realationships (Freddie- Valerie who used him. Sam- Jonah who cheated on her)
5. Through out the show, Sam and Freddie glance at eachother when Carly isn't looking. (If u don't believe me, watch the show!)
6. Sam and Freddie often finish eachother's sentances, like they know what the other is going to say.
7. Freddie sacrificed the cruise in iReunite with Missy for Sam
8. Sam insists to Freddie that Carly will never
love him
9. In iDream of...
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