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Battle of the Bands
                    Chapter 1     The Beginning                
        Enjoy the first chapter

    It was 7:00 A.M. Isaac Johnson, the lead vocals to the band, The Alpha Pack, woke up beside his glorious girlfriend Grace White. He smiled upon her...
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posted by humpherywolf34
Hi I'm 34 this is my club, I welcome all and all my friends. I only have few rules here.

1) No assinine posts
2) No bigots
3) and the rest of my rules are to have fun.

So just basiclly post what ever toi want(No religous stuff keep that to you're self) Talk about what's going on lately. Post articles about what ever, and make questions about things toi want to be heard for example: What is the name's of the main characters from Alpha and Omega. Or; What is Rick's son name?

Have fun dude and dudets!!