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is that her breasts pressed to his torso? ou i imagine? ;DD
Hugh Laurie
lisa edelstein
house md
season 7
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This Hugh & Lisa photo might contain peau, skintone, nudité partielle de couleur nude, la nudité implicite, nudité, nudité partielle, nudité implicite, nue nudité partielle, de couleur, and teint.

posted by migle
This is my first fanfic for them, not very successful, but I hope it will in the future..
it's about what happened after shooting "help me"

„House“ filming stage, in “help me” last scene filming progress . David rive a dit - “action”, and Hugh with Lisa start jouer la comédie last scene. They both stood close to each other waiting when David will say “action” again, now House and Cuddy should Kiss and both actors nervously waiting for start. They both are just good Friends and professional actors so jouer la comédie kisses shouldn’t be very hard. And they already acted s’embrasser before, an ago...
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posted by huddyislove

Guys.. I've been so sick this days.. And I have absolutely no will to write.... And besides.. There's so many Huli FF here, I think I bored toi to death :P
Anyway.. I decided I'll shrink my fic, because I don't want to be a pain in the cul, ass anymore....
You're getting two plus chapters after this one, and that's it...
I hope toi enjoyed lire it, as much as toi could, anyway.
Love toi all

Chapter 23: accueil

A week later

“Hey there little one” Hugh smiled at the baby girl he was holding. He couldn't believe that he was there. That he had had the courage to come accueil and be with his family. He...
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posted by huddysmacked
Sorry been updating some other fics so I’m so sorry…Mm sooo Yeah they ended up kissing. What will they do next? Will Lisa stop him ou will she allow it? Read ahead and thank toi for the Oh so beautiful reviews! Keep them up =))

Lisa was still holding his cheek and as they kissed she managed to pull him closer. Hugh did the same, with the hand on her waist. The Kiss hadn’t grown passionate, they were enjoying and tasting something that maybe only happen once.

Lisa hated to do it but she needed air to breathe, so she broke it. Hugh opened his eyes searching for Lisa’s lips, they were...
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 Brenda Song during shooting of "Special Delivery"
Brenda Song during shooting of "Special Delivery"
Hi there,

I'm really annoying with the pics published recently on FANPOP.

Pics with false information as well ... Hameron fans ? Anti Huddy ? Anti Huli ? Anything else ?

The pics which are posté come from the shooting of "Special Delivery" and old plus than one an in Hawai.

Here are two pics of the shooting toi can CLEARLY see it's in the same place at the same time:

Brenda song during the shooting and in the same garden:

The seconde one with the movie realisator and Brenda Song (the man in the middle is her boyfriend too *lol*):

Bashing comments, false rumor are really annoying finally.

Try to be respectful and don't buy anything without a proof. Here the proofs are REALLY old pics and rumor.

Lisa is a liar ?

Thank toi so much and sorry for mistakes I'm furious this time :-//

I don't change my mind without proof and only base on rumors !!!
 Lisa, Brenda and the realisator during the shooting in Hawai (same place in 2008)
Lisa, Brenda and the realisator during the shooting in Hawai (same place in 2008)
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