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I am trying to do it all. Keep checking. plus are coming...
Ehm...I am not quite sure about this one thou. I mean, just tell me whether toi truly like this chapter, I am kinda Lost here this time. It's like I can't...feel them as I wish I were able to these days. Does this make sense to you? I am a little off my game I guess. Sorry if it's not the chapter of the year...


She got her breath, “Do toi really wanna know.... “ she started off, coldly panting a bit “Do toi really wanna know....what I think?”
Hugh’s eyes softened again.
“Yes please...” he said, squeezing her hand ever so gently.
Her cœur, coeur raced, bridling to the feeling of it “You really wanna know?!”
Hugh sighed once plus “Yes, yes...of course, speak your mind...I just...I mean...” he swung his head, biting his upper lip “I must sound crazy to you, you’re right but I....”
“MY MIND IS....” she burst out suddenly pinching her voice higher.
Hugh silenced abruptly, raising his eyes up, as he felt her hand sliding out of his.
“My mind is...” she repeated, glaring at him, breathing harder and harder through her nose, “My mind is, if toi really wanna know...” her eyes turned glassy, cold, like a flat silver glass of mirror. They froze him, “..that we probably run a little bit out of time for a crises of conscience here....” she trailed off, in one single swallow.
Hugh stood still just watching her, for a few seconds. He just stared at her, witnessing it all as the light in her eyes got dimmer par secondes and the glass shuttered in a billions glittering sharp-pointed pieces, before his very eyes.
He realized par those words, the spell had just got broken.


It took him a few secondes to recover though. A few endless secondes to get over the cold that had soaked into his Bones at the sight of her stare ou at the sharp sound of her voice.
“What?” was all he managed stammered, faintly, in that moment.
Lisa couldn’t even see why she had to feel so besides herself about it. Which one among all the things suddenly surging in a tangle so violently inside her was being triggering her the most. But that was beside the point then. All that matter edwas how it all was making her feel.
She zipped up her jersey again, with a curt movement “I mean if toi were planning to play the card of the little faithful, good husband to back yourself out of it...” she pressed on, coldly “couldn’t toi have come up with it a little bit earlier?!”
As usual though it hurt her, badly. Even just feeling those words, simply crushed her. Just thinking them hurt. But she did, she realized somehow. ou maybe they had just been bouncing about in her chest for too long for her to prevent them to surface again right now.
She didn’t even asked herself why the feeling of having been always come after were suddenly leaping out at her so pressingly. But it was and all that mattered right now seemed to be how it was making her feel.
Hugh was keeping quiet, his jaw slightly dropped, his brows furrowed, as he slowly got divisé, split into halves par a silent steel getting through him. It was dawning on him but he couldn’t still got himself to believe her.
“What?” he repeated again.
She averted her eyes, “I mean, that would have been a much plus nicely tied cop-out, don’t toi think?” she said, annoyance growing plainer in her voice. She put her hair back in a ponytail, “You used to be good at it...”
It was like a bolt from the blue, except that he knew it would be striking. Only he couldn’t have brought himself to believe her till now.
“What?!” he cried now, scowling deeper.
She sighed, keeping on arranging her hair, blood coming to her head “Have toi another word there, par any chance?”
Hugh gaped “NO! I mean....yes...I mean....” he stammered, frowning confused “No!! It’’’s...nothing like that, it’’s not what I meant, it’s...”
She kept on feigning detachment, ignoring him “Why does this even surprises me?It’s par for the it?!”
She dropped her shoulders, “Oh Jesus...”
He bit his tongue, then clenching his teeth "Ok, no...I mean, toi just COMPLETELY got the wrong end of the stick...I didn’t...”
“Did I?!” she silenced him with a traverser, croix look, though and began pinching her voice higher already “How is it then?! toi tell me....‘cause I...I...”
But she couldn’t finish, ‘cause then it would have meant to have a name for the thing that was making her fly into such a rage right now. And she had none.
“You what?!” he asked, staring at her.
The words slipped out of her mouth, flatly.
“I am tired of this freaking dancing...” she found herself saying. “I’m tired of your cop-outs, and I am tired of the good husband facade, that’s what I am tired of...” she paused, putting her hands down to clench the canapé edge, eyes down, looking away. Her cœur, coeur wrenched in her chest with no reason she had an explanation for either than the fact that she felt so beside herself she could barely bring herself to look at him, “So toi tell me how is it....” she pressed on out of breath, “‘cause I have run out of ideas, here...”
For a moment, then he even considered telling her. Confess her that the bare truth was that he had just been brooding over on it an awful lot and even for too long, ‘cause what he really meant was that he simply couldn’t be with her as not knowing whether she wanted to bejust with him ou not. No matter how selfish and insane it sounded, as it turned out he MUST know. He couldn’t cope with the kind of arrangement they used to have. He needed something altogether different. And it was insane ‘cause he knew what he couldn’t donné her, and what they couldn’t have, but he need to know it: whether they were on par. He just must know it. And yes he was well aware and even too much of the fact that it would maybe neverbe enough between them but the hell with it, he only wants her.
He just quite not entirely ended up putting it like that in the very end...
His cœur, coeur shrank painfully becoming the size of a grain of sand, instead, thinking back to her words. Then his chest started to swim in a sudden surge of something he almost had no name for. A feeling so puzzling and overwhelming to outgrown everything. The words whispered in the back his head, over and over again, without he could silence them.
“How could toi even think something like that of me...” he asked in the end, with a voice so faint it might have come from behind the ends of the world.
Lisa held his stare, firmly, something prickling her, “I don’t know....” Hugh’s eyes flashed straight at her. She felt herself flushing up, her cœur, coeur bucking,
“I guess toi know the réponses yourself....” she swallowed.
Hugh didn’t flinch, but it felt felt true to him. Even too much. Unbearably and intolerably true.
‘Cause he just knew she was right.
She was damn right, ‘cause that those nicely tied cop-outs had been just his style for too long; too conveniently in too many occasions.
The words kept sinking in, crushing his chest. And it was funny and it made no sense, but the plus aware he grew of how true they were, the angrier he felt.
Especially donné the fact that this was just not the case...
She pressed on, “Or maybe I can ‘cause after all that wonderful crap in my trailer I just thought...”
He snapped his eyes up to her “Crap?!?!” he cried.
He pulled himself up on his feet then, slowly, firmly, like he still at times couldn’t believe her, his voice getting bitter, hissing “Aren’t toi going a little bit too far?!”
Lisa looked up at him, remaining sit, her cœur, coeur buckling again.
She forced herself to look emotionless.
“Yes crap..." she repeated, "I mean if toi had been truly....”
He dropped his mouth open, “I have NEVER been more....”
“Serious?!?! Really?!” she a dit standing up as well, “THIS” she stressed, motioning to him “ your version of being serious?! SERIOUSLY?! Taking it back and....”
His eyes opened wide “I am NOT taking ANYTHING BACK I am JUST concerned!!!” he cried moving his hand back and forth between them.
She shook her head, sarcastically "Really?! Concerned?!"
Hugh felt his temper rising. His eyes hardened, “I. AM. CONCERNED. ABOUT. US.” he said, spacing the words, as keeping on motioning between the two of them “US. THE TWO OF US. ME AND YOU. US!”
She pursed her lips.
He made it sound like he didn't want it to. Like he thought she was behaving ungratefully. Like he thought ou felt she was behaving like a fool.
“Well then what the hell ON THE SPUR OF THE MOMENT is supposed to....”
Blood rushed to his head, “Not what toi think, alright?!”
It shocked him.
The very tone of his voice shocked him. The harshness of it, the angriness in it the hidden resentment beyond the words, like there were same part of him surfacing now who might have been pissed at her that he didn’t even know the existence of.
Lisa watched him, puckered, her lips pursed, her eyes flashing.
He licked his lips, opening his mouth to speak.
“I’ll tell toi what...” she snapped before he might say something “I won’t be standing here having another of those fights we always had over NOTHING! she flared up, as turning away from him, “There’s nothing to talk about, forget it....”
Hugh remained motionless, feelings roiling inside him, getting louder, secondes par seconds. He stared at her back.
“Nothing?!Really?!” he questioned.
“Yes nothing...” she said.
He open his eyes wide “NOTHING?! SERIOUSLY?!”
She whirled round, crossing arms over her chest, still not looking at him.
He breathed hard through his nose, “So there’s nothing to talk about, according to your mind?”
"No" she said.
He nodded, staring away, rubbing his lips, moving nervously "Right...”
Lisa didn't move. She just stood quiet. And she didn’t know what kind of reaction she was hoping to be triggering there, but there didn’t seem to par anyway to stop herself.
"....nothing apart from the obvious fact that toi think so little of me of course...” he taunted, bitterly as going back looking at her “Let alone that toi trust me so poorly you..."
She scoffed, unable to help herself once plus “Trust, toi don't even...”
“STOP DOING THAT!” he found himself crying all of a sudden, blood rushing inside him, “I HATE WHEN toi DO THAT!!!! IT HURTS ME AND I...”
Her eyes open wide up at him She gaped, “Why are toi even YELLING at me NOW?!” she brought one hand to her chest “I AM the ONE who’s supposed to feel...”
He watched himself stepping forward, beginning to gesticulate “Let's just make ONE thing clear, alright?! I know how I FEEL and I assure toi I FEEL AW....”
He step forward, keeping on yelling “WHAT IS THIS A CONTEST?! DO toi WANT TO KNOW WHO SCORED BETTER ou WHETHER WE ARE ON PAR?"
Blood rushed to her cheeks. She took a step towards him, narrowing her eyes “Oh NO need to run one, toi are LEADING believe”
“I AM JUST TRYING TO DO THE RIGHT THING...” he cut her off, yelling even more.
“If toi could JUST SEE THAT and STOP being...”
"SEE WHAT?!" she gaped.
“The TIGHT SPOT I am finding MYSELF IN...”
Her jaw dropped open, “THE TIGHT SPOT?!ARE YOU...”
“And why do toi ALWAYS HAVE TO DO THAT?!” he cut her off.
She gaped wider, her eyes narrowed, “WHAT DO I ALWAYS ALLEGEDLY DO?!”
“THIS!” he cried.
“THIS WHAT?!?! And how could toi even....”
He pinched his voice over hers, “I DARE, BECAUSE....”
“And which would be WHAT, EXACTLY?”
He frowned, gesticulating “WHAT?!”
“Your legendary RIGHT THING I mean...” she spit out in a scornful mockery. And then it was cleat that it had just become a slogging match. No matter what the other answered.
He narrowed his eyes, muttering the words, "My legend..."
“Is it right packing MY HEAD with wonderful words toi DON’T MEAN?!”
He towered over her, this time “I MEANT each one of the words I SAID! YOU'RE BEING UNJUST I...”
Lisa faced him “Oh UNJUST really? So toi think toi CAN COME ON TO ME and then simply ...”
“I DID’T COME ON TO YOU!!!” he began yelling again “YOU were the one COMING ON TO ME and I TRIED, I....”
“OH SO NOW IT’S MY FAULT?!!” she cried back, with all the breath she had “HOW CONVENIENT” she snapped.
He became blue in the face, “I AM NOT SAYING IT’S YOUR FAULT DAMN IT, I AM SAYING..."
His lips trembled “YOU’RE YELLING TOO!!!”
“I AM THE ONE WHO HAS A RIGHT TO!!!” she cried.
Hugh chest ached. He got his breath.
"WHY do toi have to twist EVERYTHING I say?!” he hissed.
She licked her lips, getting some closer “And why don’t toi wonder yourself why ARE toi always so TWISTED and COWARDLY that toi can NEVER speak your mind to me clearly instead?!”
He clenched his jaw, his eyes flashing into hers inches away “Well MAYBE because ONE OF US needs to act LIKE A GROWN UP around here from time to time AND FREAKING STOP saying EVERYTHING that crosses her mind AND I FUCKING TRY to ponder BEFORE...”
Lisa made a mocking face “Oh and toi would be the grown up? toi and your freaking one hundred and one deflections and crises of conscience and...”
“I AM NOT THE ONE FUCKING RUNNING AWAY AND GETTING ON A PLANE” he snapped, without managing to control himself again.
She pinched her voice back higher as well, “I AM NOT RUNNING!!!!!!”
He watched her, furious “BUT YOU'RE LEAVING, ARE YOU?!"
She had a moment of hesitation, backing off ever so slightly “YES, but I...”
She made a face, gaping, “Who?! ME?!?!”
“Yes YOU!” he said. scornfully
She dropped her jaw, gesticulating “I backed down on us?! toi backed down on us, MONTHS il y a and it wasn’t my fault it was...”
“YOU DUMPED ME!!!” he yelled to her face.
Her jaw trembled, “I DUMPED toi 'CAUSE toi DIDN’T l’amour ME ENOUGH!!!!”
“I DID!!!” he bursted out.
She hesitated, eyes swimming into his, “WELL toi DIDN’T montrer ME!!!”
He pursed his lips, shortly
“YOU WERE MARRIED!!!” she cried.
He hesitated this time, “Well but I TOLD toi that I DO l’amour toi now, DIDN’T I?” Lisa felt breath failing her, “WELL SO DID I!!!!” she shrieked “WE ARE ON PAR ARE toi HAPPY NOW?!”
He moved away from her then, tossing his arms up in the air, “THEN GOOD!”
She crossed her arms over her chest, “GOOD!!” she repeated, yelling after him.
“JUST GREAT YEAH!!!” he spitted.
They just stood breathing for a while.
Both out of breath, in silence, away from each other, fit to be tied.
They didn’t know what had got into them. Where had this all started ou what it supposed to lead but then suddenly Hugh whirled round on her.
“Do toi really wanna know why I are we still FREAKING ARGUING?” he spoke up, taking a step towards her once again.
She didn’t back off, but something buckled in her chest “You think I don’t know?!?!”
His lips hardened into a tight line “I think toi haven’t gotten a DAMN thing about WHY I AM arguing with toi YES, that’s what I think!!!” he flared up “And if toi weren’t”
Her eyes flashed at him, “So what?!” she challenged him, disentangled her arms to face him.
“So....BUSY” he burst out disdainfully, stammering lightly “ running...I...I...” he smiled a amer smile “’ve been running for so much time, par now, that toi really can’t get why I AM here, can you?!” Lisa opened her mouth to speak, but he didn’t let her this time “...arguing DAMN IT rather than doing AS I LIKE with toi and toi toi think my marriage....”
“Oh ‘cause now there’s even a reason to it” she cut him off though a harsh derisive tone “And toi have a right to be arguing with me, sorry...I thought I was the one....”
“‘I JUST DON’T KNOW WHAT toi WANT!!!!” he shut her up yelling again, “THAT’S WHY I am arguing WITH YOU!” he a dit gesticulating, talking animatedly, “THAT’S why I can’t....”
“YOU don’t know what I want?!” she said, pinching her voice higher as well “I AM THE ONE WHO doesn’t know what toi WANT!!”
“YOU NEVER ASKED ME!!!” she yelled in the very same frustration.
She hesitated again, “I....”
He made a sudden nervous gesture up in the air with his hand, “WHY WOULD I HAVE EVEN SHOWED UP HERE, toi THINK.....”
She dropped her jaw, opening her eyes wide “I don’t KNOW! HOW am I supposed to...”
She opened her mouth “THAT WASN’T WHY!!!!”
She furrowed her brows, “ASK ME WHAT?!”
Hugh’s jaw tightened “ASK toi TO FREAKING ST...”
They sprang apart in that vert moment, leaping backwards.
And the room suddenly went very quiet.
There was just the rasping of their breaths in the air, their faint low thudding of their hearts which had just leapt into their throat, and were now throbbing, but suddenly like a road drill. Worst than ever.
They kept their eyes both fixed on the door, as secondes passed, ears strained, wondering whether they might have just imagined it.
Then they heard it again.
Three clear knocks on the door and then someone fizzling their names, thrice in a row, low and rhythmically “Hugh and Lisa...Hugh and Lisa....Hugh and Lisa....”
They couldn’t bring themselves to look at each other. But they frowned, both still definitely out of breath, both being on the rack, both thinking to one another and to what the other might be fearing the most; and why it hurt so much that the thought of being caught might be so distressing for any of them right now.
Then something banged loudly against the door, this time, startling them.
“Come on up the’s me....Greeeeeeggggyyyy....I know toi are in theeeeereeee...”
Hugh dropped his shoulders then, still staring at the door, in disbelief. Then he sighed loudly, grunting, tossing his head backwards and bit lips.
Hard. Very hard. Very very hard. So hard to almost cause blood to pour.
Any other person today would have been almost easy to get rid of; even at risk of jeopardizing everything, any other healthy and not entirely bombed person would have been likely to be chased away with just word. But not Greg tonight, ou today ou this freaking morning.
It freaking was the damn morning already...
He shove his face into his hands then. And felt like rubbing hard. Very hard. So hard he wished he would be able to rip the skin off his face..
Lisa remained par the couch, without moving. She felt like an implosion had just took place inside her ou between them. And it made her feel unbearably shattered as she slowly got wise of it, of how it was all to remain unsolved now in the end, their confrontation cut off, as someone had just simply put a gag on it.
Hugh didn’t even looked at her as he walked up to the door.
He moved without a word, plodding across the room. It hurt her somehow, unexplainably donné the situation, she had to admit. And once again she just didn’t have an reason for that.
Hugh sprang the door open.
He shot Greg the most unwelcoming look he had never reserved to someone, his lips tightly pressed into a straight line.
Greg smiled, though, wearing an idiotic grin on his face “I l’amour Sheldon Cooper...” he said, clenching his teeth like a fool “He is a hoot, don’t toi think?” he slurred giving him a sly look.
Hugh’s expression changed not one jot, “What the hell are toi doing here?” he spoke up instead.
“I sneaked out on them....” Greg giggled, merrily, though again, sounding like not picking on any of not-so-subtle-you-are-the-least-welcomed-right-now-signs he was giving him. He sounded very proud of himself on the other hand. Like a teen who had just managed to sneak up on his parents to crash at a senior party.
He shot himself in then, throwing oneself like a dead weight into the couch.
Hugh closed the door behind him, puckered, fuming. He spare a glance on Lisa. She was still obviously breathing hard for the yelling. Her breast still rising and falling, back and forth at a slower rhythm, though, her cheeks purple red, her eyes still looking like blazing.
They suddenly flicked up on him, at some point, meeting his.
Something silently cracked inside him, splitting him into another two halves.
Greg sprawled lengthwise across the couch, yawning widely “Whaaaaaat the hell toi two were yeeeeelling so much anyway?”
Hum, so I've been wondering if this has been done before in this spot (I know that @rrennie did something similar, but I mean something QUITE like this) and I don't think it has. Anyways, I had a LOT of fun doing this, especially because it was a wonderful alternative to doing schoolwork xD

Anyways, enjoy!!

NOTE: Whenever there are pics and words suivant to each other (the fanpop article-writing process is a little annoying :P) read the words on the PICTURE first, and then the words that are typed suivant to it.


A Huli Comic

James was very confused....
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posted by Belle0308
Holiday 2010 fan Fiction Contest

Hello Huli’s! After conferring with some Friends I was thinking that a contest is in order. I know we have had them before and I have enjoyed them immensely. I think this will be fun and give us new lire material at the same time!

Here are the rules:

1)Dates for entries will be November 23rd, 2010 through December 15th 2010.

2)One entry per person.

3)Applicants must pick from the following categories:

A Holiday Story
Christmas Eve/Christmas night
New Year’s Eve
A Holiday Vacation Abroad
Gift Exchange
As many people can write in one category...
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I am not able to think straight at the moment. I am hiperventilating thanks to that french @rrennie said....huge Huli footprint...but anyway, moving on...enjoy ;)

LITTLE EDITING sorry I wasn't functioning earlier :P I really need to thank @rrennie for this chapter, 'cause she truly helped me figuring out a few things...making some useful adjustments :) At risk of sounding like a broken record, she is amazing.
Thanks to @Belle, always. l’amour toi woman!


Previously on December/December:

“Well, at least, I was the one who started it…”...
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posted by HuddyBea
Good morning ladies!
Here toi go with chapter 7, which I hope you'll like just as the précédant ones :) This is a long one :D
Special thanks to my fav editors, @Belle who's incredibly sweet, and @rennie who gave me a few language tips and is a real force of nature ;) I am in l’amour with you, woman...just so toi know :P

Previously on December/December:

"A light broke through the window, creeping into the dusk. Not yet…
He lifted his head up searching for her eyes. Her beautiful smile was gone, replaced par a questioning, heartbreaking set of sad, grey eyes.
“Why did toi leave me?”

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posted by HuddyBea
Here toi go ;) Enjoy this ride through Huliland tonight guys! Hope toi like this. It was pretty interesting to write. Hope toi won't come up with too many questions! XD Thanks to @rrennie for her positive review. I spared my uffical editor this chapter since she has a life, unlike me :P

Previously on December/December:

"“May I?”
It all had started like this, with the very same question. And now, it all was ending just like this, in the very same way. A perfect circle. She silently burst into tears once again, breaking down for the very first time in months, nodding….just as she had done...
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posted by HuddyBea
Update guys!! :) God I loved this chapted...I loved écriture it, don't know why, but I truly felt it. In my veins, I mean. As far as the result is tell me :)
Special thanks to @rrennie this time, who gave me a critical opinion. Hope my official editor will be back soon ;) I have missed her this time, although @rrennie was a doll. Enjoy!

Previously on December/December:

"He finally shrugged, Now and soon. All-in then. He needed to address this. “Ok then. Sounds like fun Count me in”....

“Kudos to subtleness” Rob muttered.
Hugh turned to him, lowering his voice incredulous “Are...
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Lisa nd Hugh just sat there staring at eachother in the mirror. “Well. I don’t know what to say.”Lisa said. “Lisa, are toi Ok doing this?” He asked her. The stylist was now done and both of them got out of the chairs. Lisa sighed and put her hand on Hugh’s shoulder. “I’ll be fine.” She a dit a little plainly not believing herself. “Are toi going to be fine?” She continued. Hugh gave a charming smile and in his brilliant British voice said, “Yeah, I’ll be fine.” And then they smiled at eachother and proceded through the doors and out the hallway. Cameras golore and...
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Unfortunately it's poor quality but I l’amour their interaction with each other! HL acts appalled when the interviewer apparently askes LE about Hugh's s’embrasser technique. I also l’amour that LE can't stop laughing. MDR
Hugh Laurie
house md
lisa edelstein
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Just b-r-e-a-t-h-e.....


It had been a decision that had just made itself out of necessity. Nothing plus than that. There would have been no other way to hide.
There was a deserted half-lit corridor on one side and, on the opposite, just simply some step; steps getting closer and closer secondes par seconds.
There hadn’t even been any way to thought it twice. There hadn’t been the time.
Lisa had grabbed Hugh par his hand, flung the door open, yanked him in, whirl ed round and snapped it back shut behind them. Just like that.
Then, on having twirled...
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Once again, I have nothing against the people who I bring up in this article. It's just for the sake of Huli conversation. Hope that toi enjoy this chapter.
; )

Hugh leaned over to Lisa and said, “Do toi remember the plan about later tonight?”
She nodded a “yes” with a slightly devious look.
“Don’t forget, ok?” He was fairly positive she wouldn’t, but he just had to make sure.
She didn’t answer with words, ou a nod, but the glance she sent his way nearly threw him back on in his chair. He KNEW there was no way she was forgetting.
They came back from the commercial with a take...
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Hey ya!!Thanks for all the wonderful reviews!! Mmm might as well not get *wink wink* because I’ve never written that before… So well just read and see what happens =))
Huli <33

”I’m sorry lady but we are trying to do what we can. You’re not the only guest requesting for –

“You know, you’re not helping!” Lisa hung up the phone. The lamb, which a minute il y a was sleeping in Hugh’s arms, had become a mad beast. Hugh went to the cuisine were Lisa was standing. She took a bottle of water and began drinking it, Hugh stood staring at her. She felt his eyes over her.

“What are you...
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The Huli tidbit needs to stay here :-)
lisa edelstein
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