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posted by huddyislove
Hello my sinners,
I really hope toi don't mind me posting with a break of a few days. I really can't make it otherwise. :P
I really hope toi enjoy this chapie, it will be a bit out of the blue, I promise XD
Oh, and I just think you'll l’amour this whole fic.
I got to chapter 5 and I already did some thing I never did before,
one word- FUN

I just really hope toi enjoy lire it just how much I enjoy écriture it :D
sinners FTW! (:C

Lisa stormed in the back yard of Hugh's house finding him swimming in the pool.
She had been angry but the moment she saw him swimming calmly like nothing had happened, she'd...
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posted by maverickangel35
53? 53! Fifty--I--what--how--geez...


    Lisa stared at him for a moment, and then a smile—the real smile—her smile came bursting across her lips as her free hand slid from his hip to his back, pressing his body closer to hers. Hugh’s eyes were dark and serious as he leaned down again, and there was nothing casual at all about this kiss. A squirming, writhing mass twisted and coiled low in her stomach as she ran her hand up his back, her lips busily occupied with a ridiculously enjoyable battle for dominance. Having just barely captured his lower lip with her teeth,...
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posted by maverickangel35
    “I have to get going, actually.” Hugh said, not looking at Lisa. “But Lisa a dit she was going to stick around for awhile.”
    Lisa’s eyebrow rose very, very slowly as she turned to look at her co-star. “I am?”
    “You don’t have to,” David started, and Hugh cut him off.
    “You promised Omar a dance. And Jesse. Remember?”
    “And I intend to collect,” Jesse said, appearing at her side. “All those young gorgeous girls are boring me to tears. I want to dance with...
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posted by maverickangel35
    A very faint light began to gleam through the tiny windows at the haut, retour au début of the trailer walls, and Hugh wrinkled his nose, trying to turn away from it. But something was holding his arm down, and he frowned, hesitating before opening his eyes to see what was going on.
    And there was Lisa, still deeply asleep in his arms. The smile that suddenly lit up his face took him completely aback, but faded when he craned his neck to see what time it was. It was still well before the time everyone would be arriving, but he needed to get moving. Even if nothing...
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posted by huddysmacked
Hey ya sinners. So I'm updating today because I won't be able to update neither on Tuesday nor Wednesday so...

All I have to say is: Here's a plot twist toi will really enjoy...

The sunshine rays entered the bedroom in which Hugh was sleeping.

“Hugh, wake up, toi are gonna be late.” Hugh opened his eyes and jumped when he realized the light.

“What time is it? Oh my, I must have already Lost my flight.” Lisa stared at him in confusion.

“Which flight?”

“I don’t have time for your games Lise, toi know exactly what I’m talking about.”...
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Hi there! I haves successfully finished my 2nd fic "Truth ou Dare" so I need another story to be running during hiatus.

Like I've a dit many times before I'm a horrible fanfic writer because I forget of my stories and leave all my readers hanging, that's a bout to change. I've been working in this story for 2 months and I have written 10 chapters, so I won't leave toi hanging so dreadfully.

Anyways, this is the first chapter. I hope toi like it and enjoy it ;)

Guarda la Luna is in italian (the fic obviously in English) it means look at the moon.

I warn toi that this story has pretty weird twists...
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Lisa stayed in the clinic for awhile after the minor clean up surgery. She doesn’t care about the physical pain but the emotional pain of losing her baby. Giammario was there since Jen already headed home. They weren’t talking until they rode Gi’s car on their way back home. Lisa was staring all along the highway and Gi can’t ours to see her like this. He sighed before he started talking while driving.
Gi: I’m sorry for the lost… <Lisa didn’t answer but she managed to smile back>.
They got in the house and Lisa sat down on her canapé and silently sobs. He got a glass of water...
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posted by huddyislove
Easter bunny got me! I SWEAR! That's why I couldn't update yesterday! :/
Well, that and the fact that I was busy going from one friend to another XD
Anyway... here- a whole new chapie of Find your way back :)
Oh, I'm having all the fun here, go ahead, read, enjoy :)
Love you!

Lisa got downstairs in a matter of minutes. She didn't bother to put some make up on, Becca had already seen her without it too many times. She just put a peignoir, robe on her barely clothed body and went to open the door for her favori teenager.

Lisa was really looking vers l'avant, vers l’avant to seeing the girl, the last time she saw her was a...
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A/N: So after being away of écriture Huli fic for like *starts counting* A LOT of time. I decided to write this. And well coming back to this spot and écriture plus often were 2 of my New Year’s resolutions (apart from losing weight XDDD) so…

Anyways as always read and review =)) It might seem large but it’s just because the first part has a lot of dialogue.

And on a side note: This is meanly because we hit 666 fans yesterday so it’s my way to celebrate it =)) Go sinners (=C

Lights that spun, laughter, the smell of cigarettes, faces, that’s what he remembered dreaming. He opened his eyes...
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posted by huddysmacked
So as I a dit I am uploading everyday no matter what!!! So here-s part 2 Enjoy!!!

And OMG The new ET photobooth pics are just OMG *dies!* It made my jour I hope it did yours too sinners!!! ;)

“You have to be kidding me. I think the fall made your head bounce and-“

“But it felt real.” Calum, Sean and Lisa were sitting around Lise’s table.

“Well feel is really different from being real.” Sean said.

“Maybe it was just a hallucination.” Lise said.

“Well whatever it was, toi have to go to a doctor.” Sean stood up from his chair and went to the cuisine to use Lise’s phone.

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posted by maverickangel35
Hey, guys--teeny weeny warning time: there are a few bad words in this chapter. Necessary because of the type of scene they were doing, and I usually don't like to do that, but just so toi all know--if that sort of thing bothers you, please be aware...

    “In which I have to hold this little creature…” Lisa was talking with Deran before shooting, and did not look happy. “And it’s going to be crying, and I’m going to be crying, and I have to yell at it? So basically, Cuddy is the worst mother ever.”
    “Pretty much,” Hugh said, coming...
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posted by Kaddison
In which Hugh discovers his manliness in plus ways than one...

Monday, Dec 14, 8.00 p.m.
The lobby of the Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital looked as if Santa Claus himself had taken care of the decoration and donné it the full treatment: Fake snow on the walls, Christmas trees, candles, advent wreaths and an obscene number of light strings that illuminated the setting and set it into a beautiful, soft glow. David and Katie had hired a jazz combo and they were already engrossing the small stage that centered the lobby where usually fake clinic...
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posted by huddysmacked
Hey Hulies, we can’t get enough fanfic can we??? XDD Well here’s the part 5. Rate, revie and ENJOY!!! Thanks for the awesome commentaires toi leave!!! l’amour ya!!!

Sinners FTW!! (:C

Hugh took the cell phone and hided it in his pocket. He was not going to steal it but he needed to check the récent calls. He will give it back at the end of the jour and Lisa wouldn’t notice. He directed himself outside the dressing room and went to the set to start shooting.
As they shoot, they pretended to be perfectly fine. But the other people around could see the tension.

“Hugh” David called as he approached...
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posted by huddysmacked
Hey Hulies!!! Sorry for the delay but my daughter has been sick and I had to fix her so anyway here's the part 4 of my fic. As always rate, review and enjoy!

Sinners FTW!!! (:C

Lisa arrived to worj and directed herself to the dressing room. She changed and arrenged all her things and soon she was ready to shoot the first scenes of the day. Her phone rang.

"Lisa...I don't want to speak with you...Why!? Are toi serious!?...An apology won't do... No, I don't want to talk to you."

"Hey Lisa." Hugh a dit entering the dressing room.

"I have to go. Bye" Lisa a dit shuting her phone. Hugh stared at her...
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posted by huddysmacked
Ok so yeah after some thinking I came up with this Little fic and yeah it's brand NEW… Cpomment if toi wish me to continue =)) I personally don’t like it but well Huli is always good! And MDR I couldn't came out with a better titre XDDD

“What the heck is this all about?” Hugh a dit as he threw the magazine at Lisa.

Lisa glanced at the magazine and there it was in front page Lisa has new toy! She then looked back at Hugh.

“This is a rumor.” She a dit hanging the magazine to Hugh again but he threw it to the floor. They were in the set, almost leaving they were actually the two last...
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salut everyone!

Miss Cuddles was able to get a Huli section for us at the new House MD Fanfiction site, so as her PR-agent I'm écriture this to you!

Here's the link: link

On this site it will be easier to read the fics that we've made. I think it's great because I know a lot of people who don't like to read fic's on fanpop.

Now I say go register yourselves and post some Hulicious fiction!:D

Here are some instructions to post your fics, I got them from Miss Cuddles;):

1. Go register!:P
2. Go to account info.
3. éditer preferences.
4. Set your preferences so toi get notified when toi get reviews and stuff!
5. Add new story!
6. Ignore rule 6 of the submission rules, it's going to be removed.
7. Always post a disclaimer! (either in story notes, chapter notes, ou story text)
8. Category = RPF
9. toi can add plus than one character par holding CRTL + clicking on the characters.
10. Have fun!!:D:D

So Fellow Sinners! Let the stories come!!:D:D

posted by maverickangel35
Ok... had really hoped to be able to make the big 4-0 some kind of wonderful earth shaking chapter, but alas, it was not to be... also, I'm sorry it's so short, but geez was it hard to write!

    Quite a few hours later, Hugh entered his trailer and collapsed on his canapé in complete and total exhaustion. The scenes had gone well, he knew, but it had taken plus tries than it usually did. David and Katie were eager to attribute it to the end of the season and “senioritis,” if toi want to call it that… Hugh knew better. And then, Robert had caught him after they...
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posted by maverickangel35
Previously, on Just Friends...

    It wasn’t Lisa.
    A very similar accent floated back at him, a voice he had not heard in some time…
    “James. Have toi finished for the night?”
    Hugh’s voice nearly cracked, and he tensed his diaphragm as hard as it would go to stop it. “Jo. I didn’t know toi were—what are toi doing here?”


    Lisa turned off the water in the douche and leaned her forehead against the wall, letting tiny rivulets drip down out of her hair onto her shoulders,...
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posted by maverickangel35
    Days went by, and the cast did eventually find time to get together and celebrate the start of a new season. A while later, the filming of Birthmarks had begun, and Lisa was on set for her only jour of filming before Hugh and Robert began their marathon of car-based scenes. She found Hugh sitting in House’s chair while the directors and writers were having a conference, waiting to begin filming.
    “Hey, you.” She took a siège in the chair across the desk. “How’s life?”
    Hugh glared at her and she choked back a giggle....
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posted by Belle0308
Thank toi all for the very kind comments. I have been enjoying écriture this one. I hope toi like this part as well. My unofficial editor has approved this, so here it goes.

Wherever Lisa was, it always seemed like Hugh was close with his hand either on her back ou her hand on his arm. On the rare occasions they weren’t in some form of physical contact, they were in eye contact that came in everything from long stares to short, stolen glances. It didn’t go without Robert noticing. He leaned over to Hugh when they were away from close ears.

“Are toi two SURE toi want to come to my place afterwards?”...
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