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 Jennifer Morrison
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Photoshoot Festival du Telefilm de Milan
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Firstly, wow. Good episode. Great episode.

Secondly, I'm gonna get the Huddy stuff out of the way, because I don't really have anything to say that Huddy fans will be interested in, and Hameron fans will be able to read my thoughts when I publier that article in the Hameron spot.

So, House and Cuddy didn't actually do the deed. Apparently there is a school of thought that suggests that actually they did do it, but I'm not sure where that came from, but whatever. Despite the fact that I l’amour the House/Cuddy relationship and their kisses make my brain explode with wondrous joy, I have never actually...
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I'm writting this because I want to put some light about this topic. Sorry for my english ^^.

First at all, What's Huntington?

Huntington's Disease , also know as Huntington's Corea" ou "Mal de Zambito" in spanish, is a neurodegenerative illness.Huntington’s disease is a genetic autosomal dominant progressive neurodegenerative disorder determined
by mutation at the gene that codes for the protein huntingtin, whose function is unknown. Clinically hallmarked par chorea
and behavioral disturbances, the diagnosis is confirmed par blood test for the disease’s gene

From link:

This degeneration causes...
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house md
Hugh Laurie
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Recently there has been a few fights in the House MD spot, and if toi do not to be righteoused ou scolded do not read this. Close the box.

I am deeply shocked that people are fighting over things such as fake relationships in a tv series. I l’amour House and I am a firm Huddy supporter, but that does not mean that people should be discriminating against people who like other relationships. Over the past mois I have been off and on for different reasons, but I have noticed a similar pattern in some spots. People fight over which character is better ou what relationship is better, and honestly I...
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