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huddygirl2 posted on Oct 05, 2016 at 04:39AM
I realize their may be long gone-but I just need a post just in case/and to any future people that may post here,

Hey-I know it's been a long time, I leave things randomy-but I want to get back into fanpop, but I'm no longer into House/Huddy(I gotten really behind and so I think I wasn't logging in do to being really into house/huddy fanpop, and then things just fallen out of place), also I feel like I need to stated that as i felt bad with dropping out and not telling anyone, sadly I may delete this account as I don't think I can change usernames, I'm not going to delete this account as I care about people checking in, but I'm going to change the email to something else for i I can create another one with my actual email.

EDIT:My new account name is Heart3
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il y a plus d’un an misanthrope86 said…

Nice to see you back!

Sad that you aren't really a House fan anymore!