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Oh Christmas Tree

December 2022,
“Mom…” Abby groaned her face flustered as she fumbled through the boxes of ornaments.
“What?” Lisa asked as she placed a red glass bobble atop a branch of their Frasier fourrure Christmas tree.
“Where’s the Angel for the haut, retour au début of the arbre I last year? It’s not in any of the boxes” Lisa thought for a moment.
“I think it’s in on one of the shelves downstairs.” She said, fixing a nutcracker ornament onto the tree. Abby sighed and marched her way down to the basement, her blond hair whipping along behind her. Suddenly, the front door opened to reveal a skinny brown haired, twelve ou so an old boy walking in carrying a bundle of Christmas and Hanukkah presents hidden in plastic and paper bags. The boy was followed par his father who limped in and added another bag to the young boy’s armful.
“Take these into your room. We’ll emballage, wrap them at the very last minute okay?” House whispered to his son who snickered and bounded up to his room, almost knocking over a menorah sitting on a small table, tableau along the way. House limped into the living room, carefully avoiding boxes as half melted snow dripped off of his sneakers and onto the carpet, and sat down on the canapé to rest his bad leg after limping all over the mall all afternoon. Lisa, after finally placing the last little ornament on the tree, plopped down suivant to him.
“And to think that I am thoroughly atheist.” House a dit with a sigh. Lisa smiled.
    “Oh please, I don’t know about Hanukkah, but Christmas barely registers as a religious holiday anymore, House.” Lisa a dit smirking.
    “You’re Jewish!” He complains.
    “I’ve told toi Greg, only half. My dad was Christian.” She says triumphantly.
    “Whatever.” House says grumpily.
    “Besides, toi get presents.” Lisa says, getting up when Abby comes in holding the angel.
    “When’s the an we’re going to get that Christmas rock I’ve been talking about?” Abby glares daggers at him.
    “The an I déplacer out.” She says cruelly and starts to put the Angel on the tree. House scoffs at her as though she just shot a puppy.
    “You know why they put an Angel on haut, retour au début of the Christmas tree?” Greg says, eager to bother his wife and daughter.
    “Don’t toi dare tell that story Greg, I don’t need toi corrupting our children any more.” At that very moment, Ben, House and Lisa’s twelve an old son bolted downstairs.
    “What story?” He says curiously. Lisa rolls her eyes, realizing that there was no use resisting. House smiles.
    “Da-aaaad!” Ben whines. “Tell me! Tell me!” He demands eagerly, and sits down on the couch. Grinning evilly at Abby and Lisa, House begins his lovely tale.
“One jour on Christmas Eve, Santa's workshop was absolutely chaotic. The elves couldn't make toys because they were all drunk and the reindeer were all nursing a hangover and couldn't power the sleigh. Now Santa was rather exasperated at all this and he goes into his wine closet to take a drink to cool his nerves, but alas the elves and the reindeer already drank it all. Now this got Santa really pissed and to haut, retour au début it all off his doorbell rang and an adorable little Angel stood at his stoop holding a Christmas tree. Santa in a particularly grouchy mood said,
‘What?’ ready to slam the door on the little angel's face. Now the Angel didn't
seem bothered and motioning the tree, so sweetly asked,
‘Where would toi like me to put this Santa?’” Ben suddenly burst out laughing, and Abby couldn’t help but rejoindre in. Lisa smirked, despite not wanting to montrer House that she approved of sharing this joke with Ben.
                * * *
As a kid, House never really enjoyed Christmas. It was always a fairly hostile time. His dad always demanded him to help his mother clean around the house, and to write sincere thank toi notes to all of his Friends and relatives. Every gift his father got him was some kind of weapon fake ou real, camouflage shirts and pants, and boring military themed toys that House certainly had no interest in. His father clearly was determined to get him into the military, much to Greg’s irritation. However, now with Cuddy, he got to know what the holidays were like with a somewhat normal family. And he even got to celebrate Hanukkah too.
Cracking Abby’s door open a tiny bit, House looks at his daughter sleeping soundly in her bed. Now almost fourteen years from the Christmas when Lisa accepted her as a foster daughter, only to later be adopted par her, House couldn’t help but remember how happy Lisa was. House remembered that he was worried that Lisa would just ignore him so she could take care of Abby. But somehow, things worked out. Don’t ask him how, they just did. And before he knew it they had Ben, and they became a family. And because of this, House was for once in his life…


Author's Note: I forgot to mention this on the other spots but I have to give credit to my dad for some of the jokes House a dit in the story. He told me the story of the Angel on the tree, and he's the one who wants a Christmas rock
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Personally, I liked the first six episodes the best. The feel of the montrer seemed plus consistent and House was revealing plus of his issues(i.e. Fear of Being Back in Control, Deciding To 'talk' to his dad at night,Being Afraid He Was Hearing Voices Again, and Being Tempted to Use Vicodin but resisting in Epic Fail). I like 13 so much this season. She is getting back to the season four 13 that I enjoyed so much. Foreman has been plus fleshed out this season and has finally shown true remorse. Taub has been perfect in his comedic delivery all season. Wilson has been a great support to...
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posted by Irene3691
suivant morning when Cuddy wakes up, House is looking at her.
‘Hi there...’
‘Hello...’ She touches her belly.
‘Hi to toi too, buddy!!’
Lisa chuckles. ‘It was a bit weird before... It felt strange...’ She looks at him. ‘But I liked it.’
‘Of course it was strange... there was someone else in lit with us!!’
‘You’d better get used to it!’
‘Oh God...’
‘What?’ Lisa asks.
‘I'll have to get used to having a "menage a trois" every time we're gonna make out...’
‘You have a wish to traverser, croix off your liste then.’ Jokes Cuddy.
‘My fantaisie didn't include a child taking part...
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par suivant day, House was seated in front of Pitt who was reviewing his leg treatment progress. He wasn’t meeting in doctor’s stare as he was playing thumb wrestle with his own hands.
Pitt: Impressive…
House looked at him as his doctor close the file.
Pitt: I’ll pass this on to Cuddy this afternoon. I’m sure she’ll be here par then so there’s no point of sending this to Plainsboro.
House: I don’t think so…
Pitt looked at his patient who was rolling his tongue on his side teeth.
Pitt: I don’t think so what? That she’ll be back? Why, what the hell did toi do?
It took a few minutes...
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It was late in the afternoon when Cuddy decided to help House settled back in his room. Dr. Pitt allowed her to do so since he knows House wouldn’t do anything to scare her away. House turned to looked at Cuddy who stopped and stood just a few steps from the sliding door. He placed his cane on the bottom headboard of his lit before removing his veste and lying it down on the mattress behind him.
Cuddy: <sighed> You’re really giving up on this?
House: Do you?
Cuddy: If I say no would that give toi the strength of pushing some more?
House looked away from Cuddy gazed and he took a deep...
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Hey there! This is my first time actually posting one of my House fan-fictions, so commentaires would be greatly welcomed. Umm...and yeah.

"I must warn toi about the doctor you'll be interning with," Docotor Lisa Cuddy informed me as we walked down the hallway of the Princeston Plainsboro Hospital.

"I'm sure that I can handle whatever oddities that this doctor has. I've come across some strange people in my time. Hell, I'm one of them," I a dit with a laugh.

"Yes, but this one is particularly strage. He's brash, rude and just a gneral ass, but I assure toi that Doctor House is the best," Dr. Cuddy...
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I hope toi find the plot interesting!! Anyway, chapter two is in front of you!

Reviews are delightful!♥


Chapter two: It’s Summer!!!

“Oh, don’t act surprised”, my aunt started, “You know she was coming and toi agreed on involving her as a part of the team if she took some of your clinic duty. That is 2 hours a day!”

“And yet, she is 3 hours with me. Somehow I think that’s not fair.” toi could hear House from behind me, being sarcastic again.

“You’re an adult, House. Get over it.” And with that my amazing aunt left leaving the diagnostician a little bit confused. God,...
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 Are we rating things deservedly?
Are we rating things deservedly?
Hi there guys, your friendly neighborhood PLH here with an odd, backwards kind of request from you.

Now it has been a dit before that this spot is an excellent place in terms of fans rating other user's content! I mean on the majority of photos toi may be getting 10+ rates, most of the icones toi might be finding 4 ou 5 rates on each one, which is a lot donné how many of them there are!! Even most of the screencaps have been rated, which even my rater whore self wouldn't be able to do! So yes, this spot is an excellent place for your content to be rated! So toi may be asking why i am making a...
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Chapter 4 of my fanfic.I will post chapters 5 and 6 later today.
I already written the chapter.

After Cameron got done talking to Chase,she decided to go apologize to House.She went into her bathroom to gussy up.She grabbed her car keys.She started her car."Damn it,I need gas."Cameron said.She drove to the nearest gas station.She got out of her car and walked inside the gas/convenience store.She saw Wilson.She wanted to talk to him but she just got gas."Um yes,I need $20.00 of gas at pompe 5."Cameron a dit to the clerk.As she turned around she bumped into Wilson."Wilson!I'm sorry...I didn't...."Cameron...
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 Wilson's cœur, coeur shows that everyone has a breaking point.
Wilson's Heart shows that everyone has a breaking point.
So, class, today we're going to be studying and discussing the last scenes of Wilson's Heart, starting with Wilson on the lit with Amber's letter.

From earlier in the episode, we already know that Wilson is majorly distraught due to Amber's death, but I think that the point where he really falls apart is when he reads her letter. My theory as to why this is the exact time is that he reads it and he realizes that Amber really is gone. He will never see her again and it overwhelms him.

I think that the reason Thirteen went and got herself checked is that she realized (we're going...
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NEW Promo for 8x01
Hugh Laurie
season 8
house md
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House/Cuddy pairing. What if House had died in the bus crash? Cuddy remembers the way things used to be between them, the good times and the bad, as well as wishing she'd told House how she felt about him before it was too late. Made par Emmylu.
who knew
bus crash
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Disclaimer: I don’t own House. I just own a burning desire to follow Hugh Laurie around the set and fetching whatever he needs ou wants. Forever.

“Letting Go – A Winter Fanisode”
Act Four


Wilson looked closely at the small freckle on the left shoulder of the patient in Exam Room 2. He took extra time to make sure it wasn’t cancerous. This was a consult, after all and he needed to be 100% sure so that his hospital would be well represented.
“It looks like it’s just a freckle,” Wilson a dit somewhat cautiously. “Probably from too much sun.” He looked along the patient’s...
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"Is there anyone else that could possibly 'drop by'?" Says House.
Cuddy heard the door open and she nodded.
"Ohh don't tell me." House looks back.
"Oh joy."
"I couldn't guess."
"Reservations under-"
"Wilson!" House mumbled.
"Ohh yes sir right this way."
"He better not bring him and the Devil over here."
"Be nice. I know toi saw what she did too him last time but give them a chance."
"I did."
"quiet here he comes."
"Well what a surprise to see u here." Wilson looks at House.
"And I'm guessing this is the important 'somewhere' toi had to be?"
"Why yes it is. And I see the devil has risen."
"hmph funny." Wilson...
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"So, Rachel is a Christmas baby?" House asked nonchalantly as he sat down across from Lisa Cuddy's desk. She looked up from her computer screen and sighed.
"House don't toi have clinic?"
"I don't actually. Someone named Taub is filling in for as I was saying, isn't her birthday around this time of year?"
"She was actually born a few days before but no exact jour is known. I picked December 20th so she can share the jour with my dad. I thought it would be a special connection for them to share. Why?"
House studied her face for a moment before digging into his pocket and revealing a small...
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