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posted by huddy_aimee
hey, this is a oneshot, I wont explain to toi what its about because I want it to be a surprise…hoping for lots and lots of reviews!!! anyway, short authors note, and I will be updating my other fics soon…
read and review (fanpoppers, RATE!!!)

-The Last Page-
    An office was all she had to montrer for her life’s achievements. It had her history recorded in it since she had finished up at university. Her name was plastered across the door, but that didn’t mean the office would be hers forever. She could be fired, she could retire ou she could just drop from the face of the earth in the blink of an eye. If this was all she had accomplished, she knew she wouldn’t be remembered; there would be nothing left.
    As she sat in this big office, she ran her hands along the bureau on of her employees had pulled out of storage for her. She smiled weakly as the tears began to fall. She looked out her office door and into the clinic; her eyes brushing past the ‘Dr. Lisa Cuddy’ on her door. She looked back down when her eyes locked on that employee who got her desk. Her eyes fell to the folder, spread out over the desk. He tears fell harder.
    Opening the haut, retour au début right hand drawer, she sifted through her papers before coming to the small, black and white picture of two people. She smiled again, still teary eyed, and closed her drawer; photo in hand. Gently caressing it, she began muttering something to herself before she couldn’t hold back her tears and they just fell. She flipped the photo over, looking at the two signatures, the rendez-vous amoureux, date and the words written on it.
    She couldn’t take it; putting her head onto her desk, she wrapped her arms around her stomach. For years she had kept her feelings at bay, not letting anything slip; not she regretted it her actions. Her body began shaking as her sobs became audible. A knocking at the window caused Cuddy to sniff, wipe her nose on the back of her hand and look up.
     She saw his face pressed up against the glass pane of the door. She didn’t want to deal with this right now. Standing from behind her desk, she put the folder away and picked up her veste off the manteau rack, pushing the door open as her went.
    He stood back, looking genuinely confused. Before she could go any further, something wrapped around her wrist.
“Not now, House,” she a dit quietly, avoiding his gaze.
    He didn’t let go and wasn’t intending on, either. Leading the way back into her office, he pleaded with her to talk. She was stubborn. She sat, but didn’t talk. House sat suivant to her as she started to cry again. He wasn’t in the mood for his sarcastic remarks ou cynical comments; he just wanted to find out why Cuddy was so distraught. His cœur, coeur overpowered his brain and he reached over her and pulled her closer to him.
“What’s wrong, Lisa?” he spoke. Using her first name was his way of letting her know he was there to help.
    She didn’t respond she just leaned into his chest; the occasional sound of sniffles and deep breaths breaking the silence that enveloped them.
    Cuddy had calmed down slightly and she pulled back from him, looking deep into his eyes. She saw no mock ou game in that blue ocean, only sadness, sympathy and love. She hugged up to his chest once more, this time inhaling his scent; she knew all to well she wouldn’t have very much time left to savour it. House pressed a Kiss to the haut, retour au début of her head, waiting for the silence to begin again.
    Then, out of no where, Cuddy mumbled, “I’m dying,”
    It had taken some time to process what Cuddy had said. ‘I’m dying,’ kept circling his mind; the barriers surrounding his thoughts instantly shot up. He didn’t want to believe it.
“Let’s get toi home,” he whispered. She was still snuggled into him, but slowly allowed herself to peel from the warmth.
    As they walked out into the clinic, Cuddy wrapped her arms around House’s stomach and buried her face into his shoulder. As they continued, people stopped and stared as their Dean of Medicine was lead out par the misanthropic diagnostician. He tried not to pay attention to them as his arm wrapped around her shoulders and his thumb began rubbing circles on the haut, retour au début of her arm.
    When out in the car park, House convinced Cuddy that she was in no state to drive; so he took her home. The drive was quiet as Cuddy stared out the window trying to imprint every last detail into her mind; she had a new found respect for the things she lived with every day.
“So what is it?” he asked gently.
Cuddy sighed. “Lung cancer,” she spoke, quietly.
House’s cœur, coeur fell.
“It’s metastasised to both lungs,” she continued; her voice starting to break. “We caught it too late. It’s predicted I only have two months – if that,”
House cringed at the pain his body was feeling. His cœur, coeur had plummeted through the earths crust and was being burnt in the hot core.
“I’m sorry,” he said, fighting the urge to do something stupid.
“It’s okay; I should’ve told toi earlier. I pleaded with Wilson not to tell you. I was being irrational,”
House shook his head, making a right turn. “You did what toi thought was best –“
Cuddy interrupted him. “- but it was wrong. I shouldn’t have done it,”
    She began sobbing again as House pulled into her driveway. House flicked off the ignition and got out, opening Cuddy’s door on the way around.
“Thankyou,” she whispered.
    House pulled her chin up, she saw the l’amour and pain he felt flash through his eyes. He pressed his lips to hers gently before pulling away and limping to the front door. He wasn’t leaving anytime soon.
*** huddyaimee ***
    The weeks went par fast and eventually the cancer became too much for her to handle on her own; she passed out after getting up one morning. She was admitted to her own hospital and was donné a private room on the oncology ward. She had specifically requested no medication when she was diagnosed with cancer; she just wanted to let the cancer run its course. She didn’t want to prolong her suffering and the side effects of hair-loss, tiredness and a weak immune system didn’t tickle her fancy. House was good to her; he never left her side. He cared deeply about her and she did too.
    Cuddy had sat up late one night, staring at House as he slept suivant to her in the chair provided. She smiled. Reaching into the bedside drawers, she pulled out a little black journal and a pen. She had recorded everything in that book.
    Funny; as she opened the book, she found that she was on the last page. She smiled again. Maybe this was a way of knowing that it was her last; the last page in her life. Picking up the pen she began to write; becoming weaker as she went.
    17/05/2010, 0318am
Here I am on my last page; it must be telling me that my time’s almost up. House is still suivant to me and I am grateful. I know now that he does care about me as I care about him. I hope that there is an afterlife; maybe he could find me when he passes on and we can truly be together. I can feel myself getting weaker, now; but I don’t want to think about that right now. I want House to read this, I really do. I don’t think he realised how much I loved him. I tried to stay par his side through thick and thin; I loved our banter, it made me smile; I l’amour that he only really paid any attention to me; I am grateful that he had helped me through the past mois and a half.
And Wilson, how could I forget him? He was like a giant teddy – so loveable and cuddly. He was one of my best friends. There are very few words to describe him and it would take to long. Judging par the amount of paper I have left means I think my time is coming.
So, let me say on my last few lines of my life; Greg House, toi are a man who completes me. I l’amour toi with all my cœur, coeur and I hope toi do too. James Wilson, toi were like my brother; toi gave me great advice, always tried to play matchmaker and always brought a smile to my face.
I l’amour toi both and will miss toi terribly.

    She smiled one last time before her last breath escaped her lips and she slipped into a never ending unconsciousness. House woke as the long beep emitted from her monitors flat lined. He sprang up and looked at her, cupping her face. She had a small smile stretched on her now limp features. House tried to contain himself, but he couldn’t. Tears soon slid down his aged face.
“LISA!” he yelled, hoping something would bring her back. He wasn’t thinking straight; he’s a doctor, he knows toi can’t yell at a patient and instantly bring them back. “Lisa,” he a dit plus weakly as he collapsed on the floor in an emotional wreck.
    The nurses ran to the room upon hearing House’s yell and the flat-line. The nurses looked at House on the floor. Unplugging her monitors and écriture on her charts, they decided it would be best if they just left him alone.
    House stood up and caressed her pale face; deep in his heart, he just wanted her to open her eyes and pull him into a big embrace, but he knew in reality it would never happen. He leaned down and pressed one last Kiss to her lips. They were still warm, but he knew that they would soon cool. He picked up the journal on her lap and read the last page.
    His tears began to flow plus freely and he went to stand back over her body. He took a hand in his and squeezed whilst looking down at her. “I loved toi too,” he said, pulling the blanket over her. “And I will miss toi forever. Lisa, toi were the only one for me. I’m just sorry I never got to tell you.”


hate it ou l’amour it??? sorry it was a little sad. to tell toi the truth, I actually cried whilst écriture this fic. im thinking of doing a sequel which is the pages of her journal – do toi want me to do one?
please review (fp users, RATE!)
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posted by BeforeItWasCool
This story is six acts and reads like a real episode of House. This story takes place after “Small Sacrifices.”

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own House. I asked Santa for him for Christmas but was totally disappointed.

“Letting Go”
Act One


The weather was unseasonably warm. The high temperatures on Christmas jour and New Year’s jour both broke local records and although it could never be described as balmy, the jour had turned out to be lovely. Margaret loved warm days. On those days she could go outside. On those days she could escape the prison that was her accueil and venture out into the...
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posted by Irene3691
In the morning Cuddy is in her office working. Fifteen minutes after than when he was supposed to be there, House gets in.
‘Wow it's your best mark.’ She looks at the time. ‘And you’re not complaining!
‘I've come here to complain!!’
‘Of course, I want to complain about the fact that toi notify me that I don't complain!!’
Cuddy sighs. ‘I just wanted to know if this summer you're going to go on vacation and when, because I have to make new schedules.’
‘Of course. I'm going on holidays. I need a break!! When can I go and how long??’
‘You have three weeks off. But...
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posted by HugeEgoSorry
Within a week, Cate was emotionally tortured with House’s attitude towards her. She’s trying her best, as what had been advised par Pitt, but it seems to her that nothing is working. All her works were failure for House and only some were gratefully followed. In spite of her patient’s great performance in rehab and therapy, Cate on the other hand was the one who’s falling apart slowly and painfully.
One afternoon, the door slid open in House’s room and he silently entered. He went straight to his lit and took the edge of it as a siège without looking at Cate who happened to be in the...
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posted by HugeEgoSorry
As Cuddy drive out of Mayfield, House saw her in a distance. He’s with Daniel who was then throwing pebbles to the man-made lake inside Mayfield. Cuddy’s car got Daniel’s attention before he looked back at House who was as well looked at the vanishing vehicle.
Daniel: She’s leaving toi behind again?
House: I want her to…
Daniel: You’re an idiot…
House looked at him as he picks up pebbles and throwing it again to the lake.
Daniel: When I was a patient of yours, I always thought you’re great. But now ---
House: Like I always said, we all have our limitations…
Daniel: I know but your...
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posted by huddysmacked
A/N: I’m in such a écriture mood today sooo… Here’s chap 2 …I hope toi like it… Plot twist watch out… And here is where the Mary Sue enters but you’ll like her I swear.. Oh and I got inspired in the song Just my Imagination par The Cranberries. It will appear in the last chap… So to the fic right?

“House, clinic duty now.” Cuddy a dit as she watched House sitting in his chair.

“God woman, toi don’t even care that I almost die in a car accident two months ago.” House a dit not turning his eyes from his computer monitor.

“House. Clinic. Now!” Cuddy ordered. House turned...
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People have seem to have been getting confused so I thought I might clear this up. Danny=robber/bad guy. Its my fault toi guys were confused.. I’m sorry. =) Anyway so I’m back with my suivant chapter because people again left me death threats. It gets dark and the rating is going to change just to be safe.
Btw am I the only one completely PISSED about tonight’s episode? I mean really COME ON! Sorry done ranting for the moment. Here is chapter 3.
    House spun around...
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    The team didn’t know what to do, no one wanted to follow him, nobody knew what to say and they really didn’t have a case, so they let him be.


House didn’t want to risk running into anybody else, but he was hungry, he had left without breakfast this morning and the hunger pains on haut, retour au début of his leg was just too much. So despite his better judgment he headed to the cafeteria, he thought briefly about gluing the sunglasses to his head, but that wouldn’t work. He was going to have to do something about this sooner ou later, plus likely sooner. And there...
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posted by kathleen951015
Hello! So anywhoooo, my spanish teacher had to take a maternity leave, and now I have a sub. HE IS SO MUCH LIKE HOUSE IT'S NOT EVEN FUNNY! Today, I entered the class late par maybe 5 seconds? I site down and he sits in his siège and glares at me. I kind of shifted around and took out my homework, but then the guy stood up. he said, " Tu estupido?" To which I responded cleverly with, " wait, what?" He then started rambling off assorted things in spanish which I could no longer translate , (Sounded like he was swearing, lol) and then I looked at him and said, " I'm..uh.. sorry I'm late, I fell in the hallway..." He then said, "Maybe toi should learn to walk and then toi could get to your classes on time!" OH, par the way, his name is Dr.Hart.
Don't think I'll be late to spanish anymore.

(okay so in Health class one jour we had to write a story about a character in our favori tv montrer that started smoking and how the other characters react to it, this is definantly a crackfic and is definantly OOC, however, despite what toi may believe, mine actually turned out to be one of the plus sane ones of the class, so anyway...enjoy!)

One day, at the marvelous Princeton Plainsborough Teaching Hospital, the infamous Dr. Gregory House, was, as always, sleeping undisturbed, in his office. All of a sudden, the door slams open, thus waking up House and Wilson walks in with the aroma of...
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posted by cudambercam13
All these years Chase had been with Cameron. But she left him. He could surtainly understand why. But House didn't understand why Cameron left him. Sure House had the hots for Cuddy, but Cameron would have been different than Cuddy. Chase was now comparing House and Cuddys relationship. House had always a dit he had hots for Cuddy, but Cuddy never a dit anything about House, at least not to Chases knowledge. Maybe House wasnt right for Cuddy. Maybe Cameron wasnt right for Chase. Chase had thought about shacking up with Thirteen on multiple occasions. Maybe thats what he was supposed to do. But...
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posted by ToriH389
Lollipop Isues 4

Cuddy's house
Cuddy-so....why are toi really here...
House-because...I wanted to see if those two would hit it off... And if I went accueil than I could find them having sex.....
Cuddy-is that all....
House-no.....can I ask toi something without toi lying to me...
Cuddy-of course....
House-do toi like plus than a friend ou employee...
Cuddy-we both know our relationship is going somewhere ..... And yes....I have liked toi ever since that one jour at college...
House-I thought toi forgot about that....
Cuddy-nope.....I remember every...
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posted by Irene3691
House and Cuddy go to their room to rest a bit before going to buy the tickets. She’s lying on the lit and House looks at her from the balcony, then he stands up, takes his shoes off, and lies suivant to her. Cuddy feels him on her side and put her hand over his. House jokes. ‘I told you. toi won’t get sex from me...’
‘Any physical contact with toi means that I want sex?’
‘If toi were a different person no, but if we ours in mind that this person is you... YES!!’
‘Am I only sex for you?’
That questions really shocks Greg, and he remain in silence. Cuddy looks at him waiting for...
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posted by Irene3691
House turns to her with his eyes wide open. ‘Like... me?’ He’s shocked and it took him a few secondes come back to himself. ‘Perhaps I should tell that guy to do something like...’
‘Like...?’ Cuddy stares at him and smiles. ‘Say something to that stupid guy!!’
He chuckles. ‘Aren't toi gonna Kiss her, toi stupid flack of bumfluf??’ He approaches to Lisa a little.
‘Yeah, twenty years of waiting... that guy is very slow...’
‘Well... a bit...’ House approaches plus and he is almost touching her lips with his.
‘Oh God Greg! Come on!’ Cuddy puts her arms around his neck...
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Im a 15 an old theater girl. My life coulnt possibly CONTAIN plus drama. I used to come here to escape it. not anymore.

When i first joined fanpop, i had no idea about the "community" of people on here. I had never been part of an internet community in my life, and i was absolutley blown away par the generosity, helpfulness, acceptance, kindness and good humor the all users seemed to eminate. I LOVED coming on because if i ever had a question, comment, forum topic, article, pick ou anything, i knew it would be viewed with an open mind. No fights, only intelligent discussions about what really...
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posted by HugeEgoSorry
Foreman was standing beside the whiteboard in House’s office that same morning. Taub and Thirteen are both throwing possible diagnosis to him but not even one fits the patient’s condition. Chase came in with an LP result which came back negative.
Foreman: It’s not meningitis…
Chase: Obviously since LP was negative…
Foreman: Taub and Remy, get back to his apartment. Take anything if toi think that would explain his symptoms. This could be Legionellosis.
Chase: toi think this guy has the same condition toi had four years ago?
Foreman: Damn it! Just do it!
The three of them had their eyes...
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