Everybody Cries

An Avidly Obsessed House Fan's Opinion on the Series Finale

Yesterday, I watched the last episode of House, "Everybody Dies", for the seconde time. I obviously tuned in when it first aired back in May, but I couldn't really take it in ou register it terribly well through the haze of hysterical tears. And no, that's not a joke.

Watching it for the seconde time, I managed to form a coherent opinion on it. So, here's my summary/opinion on the finale.

We start out with House passed out in an abandoned building suivant to a body. When I watched it for the first time, I immediately freaked out and thought it was Wilson, but as the camera zooms toi can clearly see it's no one toi know. House wakes up and shakes the guy. He hovers over him for a moment before checking his pulse. The stranger is dead.

Suddenly, Kutner is suivant to House. Due to his claque, smack addled brain, House is hallucinating.

I was super happy to see Kutner return. Other than the one line he spoke in the season five finale, we haven’t seen hide nor hair of House’s suicidal ex-employee since he offed himself, since House’s typical hallucination seems to be Amber. I loved Kutner. It always bummed me out that they never really developed his character. Maybe that’s why Kutner killed himself. Not enough story arcs.

Kutner begins to inquire about the dead body, and the audience is forced to see House deal with his drug seeking ex-stock broker patient. House tells him he might get some cool drugs after all when he notices bruising around his belly-button.

Flash vers l'avant, vers l’avant to the first differential. The whole team (minus Chase, obviously and unfortunately) wonders why House isn’t miserable, considering he’ll be going to jail soon and his best friend is dying. House citations Dead Poets Society (Carpe Diem!) which got a smile out of me, and is somewhat ironic because Robert Sean Leonard starred as Neil in the movie, who dies towards the end. Coincidence?

Then a rather hilarious sequence ensues where House is recounting the differential to Kutner. Taub, Park, and Adams words are replaced par them saying “bla bla bla”. Kutner asks why House is doing that, and House responds with what we’re all thinking. “No one cares about the medicine.”

HOW TRUE! I only care about one thing: why is House not running screaming from that burning building? Kutner wonders the same thing.

“I guess that’s why you’re seeing me... your suicidal friend.”

Commercial of course, and then we’re back with House laying against the wall, looking like he’s about to give up. Kutner says that death is not a cool puzzle, it’s eternal nothingness, and uses other appeals to House’s nature of always needing one plus question to answer.

Soon enough, Kutner is replaced par our favori hallucination, Amber. Not the “Insane, Sadistic, Evil” Amber hallucination from season five, but one that imitates the real life Amber. Which is comforting, because I miss Amber horribly.

Amber calls him an idiot, tells him to get out- they go back to the medicine, I stop paying attention. Amber starts to appeal once again to House’s l’amour of puzzles. She says that House doesn’t care about anyone, that puzzles are all that matters. House says it’s meaningless, because in seventy years all his patients will be as dead as Wilson (tear!). Amber continues trying to persuade House to leave, saying he’ll déplacer on from Wilson. Also, we see House trying to convince Wilson to take the fall for him (after House breaks the terms of his deal with Foreman so he would take the fall) and Wilson agrees. However, as House is walking away, Wilson gets up and tells House he won’t. That House needs to learn to depend on himself. This suivant moment really tore at my cœur, coeur strings.

“You only have one person toi can count on." Wilson says, telling House how he needs to learn to depend on himself, because Wilson will be gone, and soon.

“I though I had two.“ House replies.

plus tears!

Amber convinces House, he gets up, tries the nearest door. It’s blocked par fire. He heads the other way, and can tell that the floor is shaky. Testing each step with his cane, House tries to déplacer across the floor. It collapses out from under him. He’s stuck for a moment and struggles, then collapses and falls to the ground.

House is laying on the ground, and Amber is gone... but Stacy is back! First time we’ve seen Stacy since “Need To Know” almost eight years ago. I never thought she was much of a looker, but I liked the character. Stacy tries to use logic on House, which is a wise approach.

Meanwhile, Wilson and Foreman are trying to find House, worried that they haven’t seen him in two days. They’ve decided that considering récent circumstances, House doing something stupid is the best they can hope for. Heading to House’s apartment, they find that his cell phone and pager are there, and his suitcases are in the closet. House left without taking anything with him. Checking his cell, they see that House has made several outgoing calls. One to Wilson (“I didn’t pick up.” He says) one to a hooker, and four to an unknown number. Hmmm...

Stacy is trying to convince House he believes in God because he isn’t getting up off of the floor and exiting the building because the floor collapsed, which he takes as a sign that the universe hates him. Stacy says if he doesn’t believe in God then he’s basing his death off of something he doesn’t believe in. Clever move, Stacy.

House isn’t buying this argument, so she moves on to the slightly corny fact that House believes in love.

Next, we see House and Stacy. Stacy is holding their child. It has beautiful blue eyes. (MORE TEARS!) House says that she‘s montrer him what he lost. Stacy says it still can happen.

“You’re married, Cuddy’s gone...”

Stacy reminds House that they aren’t the only two women in the world. House sees himself s’embrasser Dominica tenderly on the couch.

“Why settle on one?”

Now House is making out with a bunch of cheerleaders on the couch. He says this is just a stupid fantasy. He lays back down.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, we seen the return of Dr. Daryl Nolan, House’s psychiatrist at Mayfield. Foreman and Wilson burst into one of his sessions, demanding info. One of the guys asks if this is coming out of their hour. Foreman says, “For your douche bag group?” It took toi nearly nine years and 177 episodes Foreman, but congratulations, I finally like you.

Wilson and Foreman are worried about suicide. Nolan says there are other ways of descending into oblivion other than vicodin. They remember House is treating a heroine addict. They’re off to the POTW’s address.

Stacy’s gone... and Cameron’s up.

Only she’s convincing him to die. Reverse psychology. Clever. She says that she doesn’t hate House, she loves him. And she wants his pain to be over. She wants him to have the chance to just give up. House tells Cameron that his patient was going to save him because he was going to die, but instead House realizes what he has isn’t fatal, and screws himself over par telling him.

Cameron precedes to get a tad bit scary. She calls House a coward, over and over again.

“You are too cowardly to even admit you’re taking the cowardly way out!” House pauses before answering Cameron's accusation.

“You’re right. But I can change.”


Wilson and Foreman found the address. They’re running towards the burning warehouse. We see now, that after all these years, toi can count Foreman as one of House’s friends. The two men are almost there when they see House.

The burning building collapses on haut, retour au début of him. (HYSTERICAL TEARS)

This was the point in which I got up, sobbing, and threw my House DVDs into my drawer, promising myself I would never watch the montrer again. This was the first time, obviously.

It’s now a gray early morning. Wilson, Foreman and the team are waiting. The team tries to console Wilson. He doesn’t respond.

A charred body is pulled out of the wreckage.


Back at the hospital, Foreman reveals that the body is House’s.


Now we’re at the funeral. Almost every living character that appeared on the montrer is giving an eulogy. We get to see Masters, Stacy, Cameron, Chase, Foreman, Park, Adams, Taub, Thirteen (Yay! My favori character) all give eulogies. Of course, Cuddy isn’t there, leaving an éléphant in the room. She was one of the most important characters on the montrer for nearly eight years. Think she deserved some screen time? My answer is YES!

Wilson is last. He starts out par saying that House was a healer, but then interrupts himself. He goes off on a rant about how House was a selfish jerk (still crying hysterically). He’s cut off par a phone going off. He realizes he has a phone in his pocket that isn’t his.


We all know who it’s from. Wilson rushed from the funeral home. Flash vers l'avant, vers l’avant to the steps of Wilson’s apartment. And look who’s waiting there. House is very much alive. He smiles. House explains that he faked his own death (mirroring Sherlock Holmes) par switching his dental records. Wilson points out that he’s giving up everything. House just smiles.

“I’m dead, Wilson. How do toi want to spend your last five months?”

So House gave up everything he ever cared about for Wilson. It shows that in the end that the puzzles weren’t the most important thing to House. House wasn’t even the most important thing to House.


We see what happens to each of the team, for the time being. Sort of an epilogue. “Keep Me in Your Heart" plays.


Chase inherits the diagnostic department. The boy becomes a man, the passing of the torch. We all know that the department is in good hands. He goes in to meet Park and Adams in the differential room.

Cameron working at her job in Chicago. We see her looking at an old picture of her, Chase, Foreman, and House from Christmas in 2008 (taken at the end of “It’s a Wonderful Lie”, and CRYING HYSTERICALLY AGAIN). We see her husband and child waiting for her. Good. She deserved a happy ending.

Skipping Taub. No one really cares what happens to him.

Foreman straightening his table, tableau again. Say... what’s that steadying it? Why, it’s House’s nametag! A picture of House circa 2004 is on the front. Foreman smiles brightly and shakes his head. He’s figured out House isn’t dead. (That’s not an inference, David rive confirmed this)

Now House and Wilson are on a bridge in rural somewhere. Both are riding nice new motos and are donning leather jackets. They both look happy. They both look good. Wilson’s grown a nice dusting of facial hair. (CRYING SO HARD I CAN’T BREATH. IT CAN’T BE OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

“When the cancer gets bad...” Wilson begins.

“Cancer is boring.” House responds with a smile. This is House’s last line... ever. (praying for a movie... SOBBING/CRYING/SCREAMING/DYING ON THE INSIDE)

House and Wilson ride off down a rural road. The original version of “Enjoy Yourself: It’s Later Than toi Think” plays (echoing the part where it’s sang eerily par hallucination Amber in “Under My Skin”, montrer how things have changed). Wilson and House ride off, their backs to the screen. As the screen fades, we get one last glimpse of them through the trees.

Ending credits play. The montrer is over. When I watched the premiere of the finale, the renard narrator spoke.

“There is only one House. Thank you.”

Only one House indeed.


The greatest montrer ended as it began. With House and Wilson. Because, in the end, that’s what the montrer was about. It was about House and Wilson’s (Holmes and Watson’s) friendship. The first scene of the montrer was House and Wilson walking towards the camera. The last scene was them driving away from the camera... it’s fitting.

Well, the first time I watched it, my cœur, coeur successfully broke about nineteen times, and par the end I was a mess. The seconde time... yeah, it was pretty much the same. It’s cœur, coeur wrenching, not just because of prospect of House’s death, but because toi know it’s going to be over. And it is.