ts was morning, a hot one, its summer and House and is team are caged in the hospital. House was sleeping on is chair when the phone rang... House jump of the chair and anwers..   "Yeah?"   -"Travis Gregory James House..."   "COOL!"   "You really are good with names."   -"Yeh, Kate wanted to have us present in Trav's life forever... " Good choice   -I miss toi bro...   Yeah i miss toi to James...   -When are toi coming to see your nephew?   Well have got vacations to do soo... Maybe has soon i talk to the BLACKBOSS... Oh forget it, im gonna talk with him now...   -Heh, ok, bro call me when toi talkti him so i can get toi too aeroport, ok?   Ok, see ya, and send a Kiss to Kate and a little tinny hug to my boy Trav.   -Ok bye   Bye   10 minuts later House enters Foreman office whith a bang on the door...   -Does your hand hurts, House?   Wh...what?   -Your hand? Does it hurt?   N...no..no Why? -SO WHY DONT toi NOC! ON THE DAM DOOR?   Wow somebody angryyy.   -Shut up,House. What do toi want?   House sat in front of Forean desk, with is cane on is lap.   I need some days off.   -No   What,you din't ask why!   -Ok,House. Why do toi need days off?   Imgonnaseemynewbornnephew.   House say it so fast, that Foreman dint listen a single word   -What did toi just said?   I say, that im gonna see my newborn nephew   Foreman start laughting   What?   -House, toi dont have brothers ou sisters, how can toi have a nephew.?   Well, who a dit that i dont have siblids... Actually i have two brothers and one sister   -What?? But toi never sai...Well, what's their names and where they live.?   toi not gonna let me go, until i tell toi right?   -Yep.   Ooh brother!! Ok, lets get starter. My oldest brother his CSI, he lives in Miami and is name is Michael.Then its Sarah she is my sister from a different dad, Jonh to be truelly, she's in Portugal working has a Chef. The my little brother James, he's a Coronel on Seals, and he lives in Miami as well. Thats why i wanna go see my little newborn nephew..   FOREMAN WAS STUNNING, this guy has a family but he allways looks lonelly in this world.   -Why dind toi never a dit that toi have siblids?   None of your businnes, so can i go ou not?   -Yes toi can go...   YES... Thanks boss.   -But!!   Omg, i hate that word,what?   -You have to take your team with you.   WHAT? WHY?   -Because the Diagnostic Department From Princeton Plaisboro was invited to go a fundraiser to Miami on General Miami Hospital...   Oh, ok.   -Just ok!?   Yeah, lets go to Miami. (Said House with a huge smile on his face).   He left the office in direction to the elevators, and saing o himself. LETS GO TO MIAMI baby....   End 1     Hope u like it, im portuguese so, sorry for my bad english :-)