" But dad I don't want to go."

" Alice House toi are going and that's final. toi need to do something this summer." a dit her father, Gregory House.

" But dad I have been doind stuff this summer."

" Coming to the hospital with me and hanging out with thirteen and chase does not count." She put on a pouty face, and all he did was glare at with a look that a dit 'no'. They came up to the check-in bureau and talked to the man behind the desk.

"Name please?"

"Alice House."

" Ok toi will be staying in room 45 with one other girl. So here is your room key." She turned to her father and hugged him. "Be good." He said

"Me? I'm worried about you, promise not to beat Chase with your cane, taub well I don't care. And tell thirteen to call me.", they both shared thier goodbyes and went their seprate ways. She walked down the hall looking for her room, " 42..44..45." she opened the door and looked in her room.
" Mom." Lisa Cuddy's daughter, Avril House, whined.

"Your going." she stated.

"Fine." avril knew not to fight with her mother, she was stubborn and ill-tempered. " But i dont Understand why i have to go."

"Becuase toi need to make some new friends, we just moved here and i think it would be good fro you." She sighed as they walked up to the camp site,

"Name please?" a dit the receptionest

"Avril House." The man looked up and looked at the girl, confused.

"Didnt i already check toi in?"

"Umm, no?"

"My mistake, I've seen many girls today, must have had toi confused with someone else. Anyway your room number is 45 and toi will be sharing it with one girl. She is already here and I belive her name is Alice."

"Thank you." her and her mother shared their goodbyes and went thier sepret ways. When Avril found the room she opened the door to find the other girl in there already,turned around unpacking her stuff "Hi im Avril." she said. The girl turned around and they were both froze with shock to find a girl who looked exactly like them, super long blonde hair, and icy blue eyes.

"You look like me they both said."
salut guys so i thought that it would be cool if House and cuddy were like the parents off the classic moviw the parent trap. Im posting this on the house md club and the huddy club. And i would just like to point out that the blonde hair comes from Cuddy's(or house's) mom. And toi see that box under here that says comment? Well makeit happy and do that!