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1. Jennifer morrison was on a nick lachey music vid. nick lachey played leslie on charmed

2. anne dudek was on an episode of charmed, but just for a split sec in a crowd of people no one pay attention to

3. lisa edelstein was in special delivery with brenda song who is in the suite life of zach and cody with ashlee tisdale, who played an innocent on charmed

4. the song into dust by mazzy star was on both shows

5. Julian McMahon and Jesse Spencer are both australian

6. 4 women in each

7. a man and a woman died in each show

8. Ivana Milicevic played Amber with black hair in Houses Head-Wilsons Heart, and she played Mist in Charmed episode Valhalley Of The Dolls, with also had two parts.

9. Anne Dudek played played Amber in House, and Denise in the Charmed episode Ordinary Witches.

10. Alyssa Milano who plays Pheobe in Charmed was in the movie Pathology with Michael Weston who plays Lucas on House MD

11. Jennifer Morrison who plays Cameron on House has the same birthday as SHannen Doherty who played Prue on Charmed

12. Charisma Carpenter who played Kyra the seer on Charmed has the same birthday as Jesse Spencer who plays Chase on House MD

13. This also connects to one of my other fave tv shows, Ghost Whisperer. Olivia Wilde who plays 13 on House was in a Will.I.Am music video. Aisha Tyler was also in the video and she played Andrea in GW. Aisha Tyler was in a movie called The Fifth Wheel which was a Charmed episode.

14. The manor from Charmed was also used in the movie Deuce Bigalo: European Gigalo which starred Rob Shneider, who was in Big Stan with Jennifer Morrison from House MD.

15. Helena Barrett acts as a stunt double in movies and TV shows. She played in the House MD episode Lucky Thirteen at the end as the woman who made out with Thirteen. She was also a stunt double in Charmed, episodes Littler Box Of Horrors and The Bare Witch Project.

16. Wes Ramsey played future Wyatt on Charmed and Miles in the House MD episode, Knight Fall.

17. Adair Tishler was in the House MD episode "The Mistake" and the Charmed episode "The Jung And The Restless."

18. Oded Fehr played Zankou in Charmed, and Antoin in Deuce Bigalo European Gigalo, which had Rob Shneider from Big Stan, with Jennifer Morrison from House.

If you find any more, please post in comments!
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