-Why is John Barrowman my idol?

John is my idol because of his attitude in life. He receives hate about his sexuality, his accent, the way he acts, the way he sings, his opinions, etc etc BUT he just sticks the finger up to all haters and keeps on doing what he does. He cares about his fans and its probably like a seconde family to him. We give him l’espace when he needs it and he repays us par stopping and giving us time. Not alot of célébrités would do that. He interacts with us on twitter and social media and shares his life with us and doesn’t hide away. He inspires so many people because of his “I AM WHAT I AM” attitude in life and I thank him for that. He says what he thinks but he doesnt do it in a way that will offend others. He hasnt changed just because hes famous. He has stayed the same and hes one of the most, if not the most, genuine celebrity out there.

-When did i start loving John Barrowman?

I saw him in panto in 2011 on December 21st and i instantly loved him when he came on stage!

-Whats my favourite tv montrer that John has appeared in?

TORCHWOOD! I really l’amour John as Captain Jack Harkness. The character is so inspirational and I just l’amour the whole look of Torchwood.. Bring it back :)

-Favourite song that John sings?

Well it changes all the time but at the moment its The Doctor And I! Its so AMAZING...

-Favourite body feature of John Barrowman?

I l’amour his face but at the moment, its his BUM!I l’amour Barrowbum...Its so soft looking and i wanna coup de poing it.

-Last question. Whats your favourite quote par John?

"I Am What I Am"