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Answer: Contagious Laughter.
Answer: Joooohn<3
Answer: the handsome Kellan Lutz<3
Answer: Justin Bieber<3
Answer: Barrowblues
Answer: Bowbow
Answer: my handsome baby in a striped shirt<3
Answer: Beauty!
Answer: Billie Piper!
Answer: John<3
Answer: Dominic Sherwood<3
Answer: there toi go
Answer: I'm short of pics, I can't believe it....
Answer: Billie Piper is awesome!
Answer: Colton Haynes :O
Answer: Theo in a green shirt<3
Answer: Jamie montrer his sexy legs<3
Answer: his lips are in full Bloom<3
Answer: Theo bts<3
Answer: Placebo is one of my fav bands <333
Answer: Matt in a pic from the "Hollywood Reporter Magazine...
Answer: I l’amour this pic of Jamie and Dakota from 50 SOG<3
Answer: Stephen Amell *_*
Answer: Colton outside<3
Answer: Colton!
Answer: Andrew Morley
Answer: my British babe saying something<3
Answer: Dave
Answer: my baby <333
Answer: 50 SOG fan art<3
Answer: Jb
Answer: Brock Harris<3
Answer: Justin Bieber has acted and has his ears pierced :D...
Answer: :D
Answer: :)
Answer: Sam lookin sexy in his hat!
Answer: Robo!!
Answer: KING BOW
Answer: Anson Mount :D
Answer: the king
Answer: Jordan Nichols.
Answer: HOT ;)
Answer: K.B!
Answer: Robert with part of his face in the shade<3
Answer: BOWIE asdfghjk :O
Answer: Matt Felker
Answer: John *_*
Answer: Lucas!
Answer: my English baby with his country flag<3
Answer: JJ hamblett<3
Answer: Jude looking to the side<3
Answer: Ryan Paevey.
Answer: Freddie Prinze,Jr
Answer: JB
Answer: Ryan Sheckler.
Answer: What a cutie! ;)
Answer: DB<3
Answer: John - Captain Jack Harkness<33
Answer: Taylor Lautner pointing at us<3
Answer: my sexy Robert,in one of my fave Twilight scenes,ly...
Answer: W O W!
Answer: absolute beginners <3
Answer: Matt is plus than nice looking,he's a bonafide hott...
Answer: Benedict Cumberbatch.
Answer: Chris wearing his wedding ring and a watch<3
Answer: I l’amour this fond d’écran image of Edward&Bella from BD...
Answer: very handsome:)
Answer: Taylor and his shadow<3
Answer: I may not be a Belieber,but this pic of JB is very...
Answer: angry and sad
Answer: Xavier Samuel ♡
Answer: Colton smiling<3
Answer: Bex Taylor-Klaus<3
Answer: Tom Fletcher
Answer: Lucas Medeiros.
Answer: my handsome baby filming a scene for Maps to the St...
Answer: Lucien Laviscount
Answer: my babe sitting down<3
Answer: SWAG!
Answer: Bowieligious <3
Answer: Drew's sexy biceps<3
Answer: Omfg
Answer: <3
Answer: Leo wearing a tie<3
Answer: Ryan<3
Answer: Perfect in my world<3
Answer: I think this pic of my handsome baby from Cosmopoll...
Answer: *dead*
Answer: the beast inside
Answer: Ben Mckenzie
Answer: xD
Answer: my handsome hottie looking to our right<3
Answer: my stylish darling
Answer: I instantly fell for his you-can-suck-my-sparkly-ba...
Answer: R.I.P Paul <3
Answer: and it's million times better than the original
Answer: my British babe and American beauty,Robert and Kris...
Answer: James Anderson<3
Answer: of course I will,Sara :)
Answer: John Barrowman