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Answer: ...
Answer: always cheeky
Answer: Sakis Rouvas
Answer: this is soooo beyond cute.Here's my precious Pattin...
Answer: Yes, we can!
Answer: tousled fluffiness
Answer: Ben Cumberbatch *-*
Answer: cute Rob is hard to find, but there he is
Answer: John Barrowman♥
Answer: Teddy
Answer: cheshire cat grin
Answer: Michael Raymond-James! <3
Answer: my Bowie
Answer: Jen<3
Answer: whoever drew this pic of my baby is very talented.T...
Answer: Matt being funny on the White collier set :)
Answer: my outta this world gorgeous Jodi <3
Answer: Ashton Kutcher
Answer: here:)) btw came across this images, i think annal...
Answer: THIS is about Robert Knepper so aint random..
Answer: renard and Theresa on the road (from "Passions") <3333...
Answer: Zac Efron.
Answer: Here's Jésus in a tux<3
Answer: Tom Hiddleston
Answer: Samuel Sullivan is so misunderstood, my poor baby <...
Answer: two hunks :)
Answer: Aaron Tveit..just...hotness!!!
Answer: Jon K!
Answer: my creep <3
Answer: Billy jeans are my doom
Answer: Very seldom shirtless my pretty Knepper
Answer: Bowie swagging toi to death
Answer: my sexy,glowing Robert.Glowing bright like the sun...
Answer: David Tennant♥
Answer: can't get enough of that pic
Answer: Matthew with a book :)
Answer: Justin<33
Answer: My lovely psycho killer
Answer: my sexy,evil baby<3
Answer: mine x
Answer: my taylor :)
Answer: boys playing
Answer: My l’amour Knepper
Answer: Kinda aléatoire but Taylor with a blue rubber canard
Answer: awesome actor
Answer: Matthew's co-star, Rider Strong. :)
Answer: Robbie during a photoshoot that's the camera flash...
Answer: Tyler and His fiance Seana
Answer: Kevin Sorbo(he's a lot older now)
Answer: in his cool Billy Grimm style
Answer: Matthew with Jackie Long from The Comebacks. :)
Answer: Robert Knepper walkin
Answer: yummy mattie bomer
Answer: Baby Jensen Ackles. toi can totally tell it's him.
Answer: Nicolas Cage
Answer: not much work though
Answer: Such a sexy smile <3
Answer: Yep! ;)
Answer: So CUTE!!!!! <33333
Answer: it´s Robert Knepper in the movie "Getting Out". sc...
Answer: John Barrowman<3
Answer: Suzie tatto of Robbo :)
Answer: I'd like to have that car ... fist the man ... but...
Answer: the one and only hand xD
Answer: simple and hot :D
Answer: hard one, since I seldom find any aléatoire guys sexy....
Answer: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO u cannot make me choose!!!!!!!!!
Answer: I would l’amour to walk into a room and see my gorgeou...
Answer: one RK for 2day
Answer: Downey doing the gangnam style ^^
Answer: the Jagger
Answer: l’amour his savage face
Answer: eating chicken
Answer: Tom <3
Answer: aww baby XD
Answer: my Londres born babe in my hometown,San Diego,Ca. fo...
Answer: adore all his derp-faces ^^
Answer: Yum yums
Answer: 1.Face of course 2.Legs 3.Crotch XD kidding... ->...
Answer: I'm all yours
Answer: My Bob
Answer: Hot actor & singer :)
Answer: my Robert's co-star,Kellan Lutz shirtless and weari...
Answer: Matthew with awesome hair!! <3333
Answer: Tony Head as medieval king
Answer: Justin and Lindsay at the Daytime Emmy Awards 2011...
Answer: Tom Hiddleston <3 And I usually hate beards ou m...
Answer: Dylan O'Brien
Answer: classy
Answer: aww he's blinking *sorry I'm weird today*
Answer: my yummy Robert with a light on his gorgeous face<3...
Answer: <3
Answer: l’amour Gabe here
Answer: his veste
Answer: a creepy "I'm comin for ya"
Answer: John Barrowman - I wanna give him plus than a hug a...
Answer: Veiny as heck
Answer: haha no idea what he's doing CX
Answer: John Barrowman + Shirts Opened = PERFECTION
Answer: Could only find sunglasses but.. Sam in a photosho...