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Answer: Theo looking stylish and hot at the Divergent premi...
Answer: black Bow
Answer: Matthew with a ripped knee. :)
Answer: Jensen much younger :)
Answer: Chris Pine wearing a veste with stars and stripes...
Answer: who else would I post
Answer: Adam Gregory.
Answer: Dehaan
Answer: Baptiste.
Answer: flawless perfect charming adorable doll *MELTING*
Answer: Knobby <3
Answer: Alexander Ludwig
Answer: my Aidan *_*
Answer: andy whitfield RIP <333
Answer: Jared Padalecki <3
Answer: Alex O'Loughlin running <3
Answer: Matt Di Angelo
Answer: Kevin Z <3
Answer: for those who don't know: Jared's band is 30 seconde...
Answer: Julian Gil
Answer: Rob's sexy biceps<3
Answer: C Hems
Answer: Ealy
Answer: Riva
Answer: this is so totally my thing *_______* why couldn't...
Answer: Happy B-day Bobby :)
Answer: looking smexy,baby<3
Answer: need this
Answer: Bieber
Answer: Nico wearing a tuxedo <3
Answer: Spaderbum!!!
Answer: LOL...my baby definitely looks stunned par something...
Answer: my Mann <33333
Answer: my sexy British tigrrrr<3
Answer: Davie's expensive teeth
Answer: Nolan Ross style xD
Answer: Barrowmans teeth = My weakness
Answer: Chris Hemsworth my Australian hottie<3
Answer: Super Sexy Shirtless Shaving Sam S.S.S.S. S
Answer: this picture is from yesterday!!!!!!!!!! and I´ve...
Answer: *-* ... I'm in love...
Answer: John's fluffy hair :)
Answer: there are a lot of pics of my baby,and each and eve...
Answer: Dean <3
Answer: Leto chiot pout<3
Answer: Ryan Sheckler
Answer: hmmm
Answer: some genius made a bulgy collage MDR
Answer: my British beauty<3
Answer: Tom Welling in Smallville
Answer: James Marsden<3
Answer: Julian Gil
Answer: baptiste giabiconi
Answer: my sexy Rob in a gorgeous blue suit<3
Answer: Baptiste.
Answer: The Thin White Duke
Answer: my Robbie behind the scenes of Burning Daylight
Answer: Mann
Answer: Hayden Christensen <3
Answer: my sweetie signing his autograph in the Breaking Da...
Answer: Little Joey and Matthew Lawrence with Fonzie. <333
Answer: Theo
Answer: Robbie on radio
Answer: from my fav Bow vid
Answer: Mark Salling<3
Answer: my prince
Answer: MY poor baby :(
Answer: Ealy
Answer: Kevin Zegers <3
Answer: my yummy Irish hottie,Jamie Dornan in a chair<3
Answer: blueBow
Answer: JB
Answer: :)
Answer: Kellan,the All-American guy in an American flag tan...
Answer: Garrett with a guitar<3
Answer: Benedict.
Answer: John Barrowman XD
Answer: Sam Heughan.
Answer: ----
Answer: Seven Years in Tibet <3
Answer: Johnny <3
Answer: John with Olivia Newton John on Grease CD soundtrac...
Answer: Cory Monteith. My creation...
Answer: Stephen Amell<3
Answer: Billy boy
Answer: John!
Answer: GM <3
Answer: Garrett Hedlund!
Answer: Rock!
Answer: Shannon Leto
Answer: uuu girl, that's terrible xD
Answer: my one and only perfect god <3
Answer: here is a digital art pic of my baby I found on Goo...
Answer: Cam from an angle<3
Answer: Benny with blonde hair<3
Answer: Pierce Brosnan
Answer: Leto
Answer: my gorgeous smiler<3
Answer: mine :)
Answer: Bowie, the best XD