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Answer: one of my fav pics
Answer: I have none of my fav, but that's my 2nd fav Tony H...
Answer: Jared Leto - I l’amour him
Answer: Rob´s eye
Answer: So CUTE!!!!! <3333333
Answer: awwwwwwww
Answer: Matthew would fuck up anyone who messes with me. >:...
Answer: Rob in white shirts is always stunning to me
Answer: Taylor as Nathan on abduction
Answer: John Barrowman.
Answer: alexander my man :)
Answer: Robbie's golden eyes
Answer: <3333333
Answer: For Sara :)
Answer: Matt Bomer sitting in a arbre :)
Answer: little Downey then, big Robbo now ^^
Answer: my hottie wearing a black chemise for a photoshoot <3...
Answer: Matt looking up at something :)
Answer: my smiley
Answer: :)
Answer: bringing Downey back ^^
Answer: Tony
Answer: Ian somerhalder
Answer: My lovely Zachary sitting par a lovely red door <3
Answer: Daniel Sharman <3
Answer: cute when he´s sad
Answer: is the only one I know... :)
Answer: l’amour his eyes
Answer: plus than anything
Answer: YUMMM
Answer: Promo pic from the first episode of CULT!!! <333
Answer: Knepper baby
Answer: stunning to me
Answer: tie :))
Answer: my handsome darling
Answer: John Barrowman♥♥♥
Answer: 4 hot pics of my baby<3
Answer: come at me bro! XD - like a boss^^
Answer: MDR that picture
Answer: luv the shoes there ^^
Answer: the ol'Downster :)
Answer: Mads Mikkelsen <3
Answer: hot Billy
Answer: l’amour Robbie´s eyes
Answer: Quinto
Answer: l’amour that pic! *-*
Answer: I feel like posting this pic from a magazine
Answer: RDJ
Answer: Alex O'Loughlin in the poster of the Back up plan
Answer: One of my fave pics :)
Answer: Ian Somerhalder ♥
Answer: I could stare at this pic of Hiddles for eternity
Answer: THE pipe *-*
Answer: 60-year-old chiot new pics of Tony
Answer: my creepy boy <33
Answer: Easiest question for Darren. He always wears bow ti...
Answer: Rob 2 days il y a
Answer: my wet baby
Answer: Jared Leto
Answer: ❤Josh❤
Answer: Taylor's gorgeous teeth<3
Answer: my fave Aussie,Chris Hemsworth<3
Answer: Chris))
Answer: childish Robbie
Answer: Jared and Ian
Answer: They are the most amazing eyes i have seen *_*
Answer: Dior photoshoot<3
Answer: my sexy baby looking down(and gorgeous)<3
Answer: Gabriel Mann and Tilda Swinton
Answer: creepY downeY
Answer: I l’amour l’amour l’amour l’amour l’amour Cult!!!
Answer: my hottie's beautiful brown ones <33333
Answer: Hugo Red
Answer: KNEPPA
Answer: Benny <3 (though Tom Hiddleston is also hot))))
Answer: Awesome
Answer: Sherlock Holmes A Game Of Shadows :))
Answer: Dylan O'Brien & Tyler Hoechlin as Stiles & Derek in...
Answer: awwwwwwww *-*
Answer: Alex O'Loughlin on a pool
Answer: MDR looks like Tony and Katie McGrath do a posing c...
Answer: this is brand new
Answer: Johnny Depp!
Answer: Anna Hathaway & Jake Gyllenhaal
Answer: best cheeks for me
Answer: nice view, Jar
Answer: I want to see this sight in my egg :D
Answer: Dominic Purcell has water in the last pic
Answer: MDR give that guy a hand
Answer: my Aaron♥♥
Answer: i could not find a pic of Robert Pattinson wearing...
Answer: Danny Mac!<3
Answer: my beautiful and sexy Angel Robert in a white chemise...
Answer: If toi ask me: hottest guy on télévision today!
Answer: Johnny Depp
Answer: my sexy Robert Pattinson in a yellow shirt,so gorge...
Answer: always wanna eat him when he smiles 0_0
Answer: Reveeeeenge
Answer: Johnny Depp
Answer: TAYLOR :)