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Answer: my British hottie,Robert Pattinson<3
Answer: Justin Bieber♥
Answer: my sexy babe squatting down<3
Answer: <3
Answer: Jamie's neck veins<3
Answer: :)
Answer: DB
Answer: Chace in a striped t-shirt<3
Answer: Sir Ian McKellan
Answer: Boyd Holbrook.
Answer: Jared on GQ Style
Answer: Colton Haynes
Answer: Robert and Kristen at the BD 1 premiere<3
Answer: DB
Answer: Rob with Woody Allen and Julia Roberts
Answer: earbuds count?
Answer: Adam Senn
Answer: the pants
Answer: Nolan Funk
Answer: Hahah robert downey jr as Kirk Lazarus in Tropic T...
Answer: Iain Glen <3
Answer: Davey in a trenchcoat
Answer: GABRIEL!
Answer: Tom
Answer: CAM
Answer: Eddie Redmayne<3
Answer: Twilight hottie Kellan Lutz striking a sexy pose<3
Answer: my cutie :)
Answer: Jake Hold
Answer: my gorgeous Robert is 6'1" of yumminess<3
Answer: too lazy to chercher other pics...
Answer: Keep Calm and Think James McAvoy :)
Answer: oh rob
Answer: the Clock King
Answer: Jon K.
Answer: my Aussie babe holding a double edged weapon replic...
Answer: funny style and funny way of sitting ^^
Answer: l’amour this cowboy
Answer: my oh-so-gorgeous Robert with his sexy eyebrows rai...
Answer: prepare yourself...here comes the Pattinson smoulde...
Answer: Gabe and Bow. I'm shipping them a bit XD
Answer: Ian<3
Answer: Jen
Answer: for Sara...Misha and Jensen<3
Answer: Jb
Answer: Michael Ealy
Answer: in S.H. 2
Answer: I can't wait for Aug.1,2014 to see Jamie Dornan as...
Answer: Lucky
Answer: Jamie sitting back against a couch<3
Answer: Kellan in a plaid shirt<3
Answer: this pic of my handsome Robert was made for me par v...
Answer: cant get over the douche scene
Answer: Hrithik!
Answer: Cillian
Answer: JB
Answer: Billie Joe Armstrong
Answer: *_*
Answer: Mann lips *_*
Answer: I like this one...
Answer: ma gorgeous
Answer: Nick Bateman
Answer: Brant Daugherty leaning up against a mur
Answer: Lutz in black<3
Answer: here is Rob's Twilight co-star Jackson wearing cowb...
Answer: Rob
Answer: ...
Answer: here's your hotty looking right at you,Sara<3
Answer: darling <3
Answer: Jake Quickenden!
Answer: Benny.
Answer: Richard Madden.
Answer: BC<3
Answer: Is this one alright?
Answer: Toni Mahfud
Answer: Jon's lovely fingers <333333333333
Answer: Sean O'Donnell!
Answer: Breaking rules because im a rule breaker - Vince Ki...
Answer: Nick's co-star.... what was his name....Gabe XD
Answer: Hrithik
Answer: Zac ♥
Answer: OMG he's too smart
Answer: Lord Bowie
Answer: my l’amour with flowers<3
Answer: Ryan Sheckler.
Answer: Johnloyd<3
Answer: Eddie
Answer: Stanley Weber
Answer: yummy Robbie
Answer: Nemily
Answer: Conchita
Answer: some Bowbow in action *_*
Answer: Bowie
Answer: Cam montrer his sexy arms<3
Answer: Jb
Answer: John Barrowman.
Answer: Martin!
Answer: Rob in the middle
Answer: My Baby in different couleurs <3333
Answer: my handsome Aussie,Chris standing against a wall<3