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Answer: Hunter Parrish wearing a bowtie <3
Answer: Kevin looks so cool in this pic. l’amour it!
Answer: Jer
Answer: Conchy aahah xD
Answer: Armie's beautiful blue eyes<3
Answer: Bowbow
Answer: CJH
Answer: Jareth the goblin king <3
Answer: Godfrey
Answer: Jb
Answer: my Bowie bae
Answer: stare me to death, please <3
Answer: I intend to l’amour my sexy Robert forever<3
Answer: Simon Webbe :)
Answer: smart Tony
Answer: River<3
Answer: John = Perfection!
Answer: Nolan Funk
Answer: Josh Hutcherson wearing rayon, ray Bans <3
Answer: a bit bleeding from his mouth
Answer: my Robert on a boat,with Kristen Stewart,in a scene...
Answer: <333333333333333
Answer: jude Law
Answer: my sweet Jensen <3
Answer: Jelena<3
Answer: Armie running<3
Answer: well well David
Answer: DAvvvvvvvid
Answer: David Tennant<3
Answer: John B!
Answer: my handsome British baby with sexy windblown hair<3...
Answer: EALY *_*
Answer: Justin getting scared on Ellen xD
Answer: River Phoenix!
Answer: Shannon Leto
Answer: thinky think
Answer: cute little Robbie
Answer: ---
Answer: my gorgeous Robert in Australia with some buildings...
Answer: Stunner!
Answer: Bieber with lights<3
Answer: Chris Hemsworth♥
Answer: Justin.
Answer: Jb
Answer: Alex looking hot in a gray veste
Answer: my handsome Paul Walker when he was younger<3
Answer: Kellan with light colored hair<3
Answer: Sean O'Pry<3
Answer: Jackson Rathbone<3
Answer: Jake Gyllenhaal
Answer: robbie <3
Answer: Pierson Fode
Answer: Chace :)
Answer: he IS XD
Answer: Orlando in black<3
Answer: Alain Delon
Answer: Jb
Answer: Orlando looking sexy in black<3
Answer: Rob´s bottom
Answer: Emily Bett Rickards
Answer: Tom
Answer: Chris wearing a wedding ring<3
Answer: Justin during his Purpose tour!
Answer: David Specie
Answer: Justin.
Answer: Zac Efron<3
Answer: Liam in a jumper<3
Answer: my handsome baby with some of his Twilight co-stars...
Answer: Matthew in a very foggy rainy day. I created this,...
Answer: R.I.P Paul!
Answer: Oliver Jackson-Cohen with glowing hair <3
Answer: L o v e ~sexy-boy~ <3 T H I S
Answer: my sexy Robert leaning forward.Come closer Robert.C...
Answer: Beauty!
Answer: JA
Answer: Biebers Bulge
Answer: Josh Radnor. <3
Answer: Kellan and Ashley<3
Answer: They touch each other...ALOT ;D
Answer: Richard Gere
Answer: the Biebster striking sexy pose<3
Answer: my gorgeous Rob with a mike<3
Answer: my baby Tony of course
Answer: Jason
Answer: Jensen
Answer: Christopher Nissen
Answer: Anthony <3
Answer: Stephen Amell.
Answer: Garrett<3
Answer: The Thin White Duke
Answer: Nick Zano!
Answer: baby I can see your halo,you know you're my saving...
Answer: Jamie looking very handsome and King Arthurian like...
Answer: Justin!
Answer: his stunner hair, unfortunately not real
Answer: Steven Chevrin
Answer: Ashton Kutcher bleeding
Answer: Jamie's sexy veins<3
Answer: Zac Efron