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Answer: aww
Answer: Mick Jagger
Answer: his sex is on fire<3
Answer: Justin<3
Answer: death par Jesus<3
Answer: Jeremy Sumpter <3
Answer: !!
Answer: my beautiful dear ♥♥♥
Answer: a tanned and toned Liam Hemsworth<3
Answer: Ian<3
Answer: Alessio Boni
Answer: Luke Evans looking up<3
Answer: my sun and stars <3
Answer: my gorgeous grinner<3
Answer: cute chiot
Answer: Chris with blue behind him<3
Answer: Manngoat
Answer: Wish he was talking to me..
Answer: sweet Gabe
Answer: John Barrowman with Gareth David-Lloyd♥
Answer: I'm in love..... deeply
Answer: Bow with Cher chant classics <3333 cant get bette...
Answer: credit: the awesome welwa
Answer: Paul Walker,who died tragically and way too soon:(
Answer: Jamie with his FSOG leading lady,Dakota Johnson<3
Answer: Ryan Paevey.
Answer: Justin"the body"Hartley<3
Answer: John Stamos <3
Answer: Michael Fassbender
Answer: l’amour them, need them
Answer: my salvation in b&w<3
Answer: Gaby
Answer: Tay and Tay<3
Answer: my gorgeous Theo at the Divergent premiere a few we...
Answer: Davy
Answer: my stunning sexy babe looking up<3
Answer: awwww
Answer: Avengers selfie(Thor and Ironman)<3
Answer: Banderas with straight hair <3
Answer: l’amour them all
Answer: the Biebster on June 30,2015<3
Answer: Garrett Hedlund!
Answer: Rob's ohhh
Answer: Tom Welling
Answer: Kellan Lutz photoshoot<3
Answer: my sexy Robert being hugged par a fan<3
Answer: Jensen!
Answer: Jamie with a guitar<3
Answer: John looking very sexy!! <3333
Answer: Jésus
Answer: my sexy babe in grey<3
Answer: Dan <3
Answer: candyman
Answer: Dominic Sherwood.
Answer: John Barrowman!
Answer: Gabe n Emily
Answer: James D'Arcy
Answer: Zac Efron!
Answer: cmm
Answer: my 2 beauties,Robert and Kristen at the BD 2 premie...
Answer: John<3
Answer: Robert with part of his gorgeous face in shade<3
Answer: Bieber's tats<3
Answer: here is a quote from Kristen about my Robert,which...
Answer: the legendary Heroes pose
Answer: :)
Answer: Babe
Answer: My, what nice feet he has :)
Answer: tune in on Bowie and you'll never get out
Answer: Peter Capaldi
Answer: Jar
Answer: the Kenn doll
Answer: David<3
Answer: my darling <3
Answer: my suiter
Answer: Jer Sumpter
Answer: I must always laugh when I see Zach! haha he is so...
Answer: <3333333333
Answer: in sepia *-*
Answer: Rob montrer his adam's pomme from the side<3
Answer: Matt's angry face, it is all in the eyes :)
Answer: Kristen<3
Answer: for obvious reasons
Answer: Colton Haynes.
Answer: *_*
Answer: Jamie looking cool and sexy<3
Answer: the last one from "shoot awful"
Answer: :/
Answer: I'd rendez-vous amoureux, date Gabriel Mann
Answer: Marlon Brando <33
Answer: Paul in jeans<3
Answer: my Robert as Edward,in a scene from Eclipse,wearing...
Answer: DB!
Answer: Chace crawford.
Answer: Sure :D
Answer: my luv
Answer: Bros
Answer: the luscious Luke<3
Answer: l’amour it
Answer: Rob sitting in a chair<3