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Answer: now someone try and tell my that wasn't a Nemily we...
Answer: John Barrowman<3
Answer: Gah,those eyes...kill me now<3
Answer: *_*
Answer: JarLe
Answer: Chris<33
Answer: Mr.Hottie Hemsworth and his sexy hand<3
Answer: my babe from the side<3
Answer: Ben Savage Matthew Lawrence Will Friedle Rider S...
Answer: Matt Bomer <3
Answer: <333
Answer: well that pic is pretty -... dunno - can't speak -...
Answer: Bowie
Answer: Robbie whispering to Jessica Lucas
Answer: the Biebs in white<3
Answer: Zach
Answer: Jon Kortajarena shirtless<3
Answer: Taylor in gray
Answer: James McAvoy:)
Answer: BC
Answer: Robbie
Answer: Lucky
Answer: Matt's first official agency pic <33333
Answer: Luke.
Answer: :O
Answer: My sexy rob
Answer: I also l’amour the chemise with the tie
Answer: John Barrowman<3
Answer: Stunner!
Answer: my baby looking away from the camera<3
Answer: A new way to drink ;)
Answer: check out the muscles on Kellan Lutz!!!<3
Answer: Kieron Richardson.
Answer: Ioan<3
Answer: Quin
Answer: Jb
Answer: James Mcavoy
Answer: Joe Jonas!
Answer: my sweetie <3
Answer: my one and only Taylor :)
Answer: Josh Cuthbert
Answer: John Barrowman if he had a hair full of grey :)
Answer: Joey Lawrence carrying plastic buckets. :)
Answer: Eddie Redmayne
Answer: so hot in b&w ou in living color<3
Answer: young James Spader
Answer: John Barrowman!
Answer: who is this cool guy? XD
Answer: Benedict
Answer: Dennis Quaid
Answer: *-* haha
Answer: :) small but purple :)
Answer: Bobby ♥
Answer: with ou without the cigarette,Cam is smoking hot<3
Answer: Cillian Murphy
Answer: Gorgeous Bloom!
Answer: Tay and Marie sharing a bike
Answer: John.
Answer: Barrowbum!
Answer: my sexy Irish man holding his upper arm<3
Answer: Dornan hairfection<3
Answer: James Mcavoy
Answer: baptiste
Answer: I fell for Robert in Prison Break and his incredibl...
Answer: embarrassed Tony Head
Answer: Justin Bieber!
Answer: his eyes from Blackstar <3
Answer: Jésus
Answer: coudn't find a "real" downey pic sry xD
Answer: the perfect head shot<3
Answer: NH<3
Answer: Billie Piper1
Answer: Taylor Daniel Lautner<3
Answer: RDJ
Answer: Cum
Answer: Stephen Amell<3
Answer: Jon Kortajarena!
Answer: suits. I l’amour guys in Suits – Avocats sur Mesure
Answer: Jamie modeling Calvin Klein underwear<3
Answer: Benedict Cumberbatch
Answer: who else than RK
Answer: Adam Senn :D
Answer: Selfie Master!
Answer: Teddy getting his hand sewn back on
Answer: Scott's sexy closeup<3
Answer: booboo
Answer: Ville Valo!
Answer: John Barrowman!
Answer: Ronnie Kroell
Answer: Halloween Jack
Answer: I like this pic of Heath...another étoile, star who died wa...
Answer: angry Lang
Answer: JB!
Answer: Johnny w/ highlights:)
Answer: Zac Efron being cocky..
Answer: Matthew's yummy back side :P
Answer: best montrer ever <33 *fanatic fangirl scream*
Answer: Adam Senn
Answer: Taylor!