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Answer: Adam Senn
Answer: Gee Rob, that's Jodi's cover. Get off there!! xD
Answer: l’amour them <3
Answer: Zac wearing a hat<3
Answer: my babe wearing a watch
Answer: my heartthROB in b&w<3
Answer: Yum!
Answer: Dehaan
Answer: Jamie looking significantly hot in that jacket<3
Answer: my Clock King <3
Answer: lol,Jared<3
Answer: Bowie is my sun
Answer: GM's lovely lips
Answer: here is a fond d’écran image of my baby from Cosmopoli...
Answer: Bobby
Answer: my handsome Robert looking like he's about to cry:(...
Answer: Sexy Aniston :)
Answer: two monkeys XD
Answer: jim verraros
Answer: I dunno. I have so many
Answer: I love,love,love this sweater on my sexy Robert<3
Answer: Biebz.
Answer: JB *_*
Answer: Matt Smith!
Answer: I still believe in their love<3
Answer: robsta
Answer: Derek Theler <3
Answer: This one!
Answer: my sexy,smoking hot Robert Hottinson<3
Answer: Wes Bentley
Answer: I wanna rejoindre him
Answer: Jared...lol<3
Answer: my new hottie,Theo<3
Answer: Jensen looking up
Answer: Gabriel
Answer: Matt Felker!
Answer: Chace wearing white<3
Answer: my blonde god <3
Answer: skinny, sexy and exremely long = Bowie legs
Answer: Selena ♥
Answer: Jonsy <3
Answer: John chant Goodbye My Friend.
Answer: sunny Jared
Answer: MDR Jar
Answer: Justin Gaston!<3
Answer: What a stunner!
Answer: the gorgeous Colton Haynes<3
Answer: Vojtěch Dyk
Answer: my yummy British babe sitting on a chair<3
Answer: Ashton with slight stubble <3
Answer: Tom Welling
Answer: Knepper gun
Answer: Justin
Answer: My Robert doing a promotional pic for Eclipse...DA...
Answer: hun <3
Answer: Matt Lanter in a white t-shirt<3
Answer: H
Answer: Twilight star,Kellan Lutz changing his shirt<3
Answer: Ben
Answer: Josh
Answer: Ben Barnes <3
Answer: Robert and Kristen with 1 of their 2 dogs,Bear<3
Answer: Brendan Dooling<3
Answer: l’amour him ;)
Answer: perfection
Answer: Bowser <3
Answer: sad beauty
Answer: Felker!
Answer: Chace<3
Answer: sweety C:
Answer: Sean Paul Lockhart
Answer: Dane wearing suits<3
Answer: Johnny Depp wearing a veste ..
Answer: witha teddy-bear awwwwwwww
Answer: Bieber.
Answer: wanna Kiss
Answer: Hotty!
Answer: my American hottie,Paul<3
Answer: nems
Answer: Mishaman
Answer: Jules Knight.
Answer: judging, red Robbo
Answer: Liam montrer his beautiful eyes<3
Answer: i l’amour this!
Answer: my Mann
Answer: Lucky Blue Smith
Answer: Chace...what a sexy face<3
Answer: Justin!!
Answer: Haynes
Answer: #-#
Answer: Twilight hottie Kellan Lutz in a pool.It's getting...
Answer: Leo wearing a Tag Heuer watch<3
Answer: my gorgeous Robert with swirls of smoke<3
Answer: Armie in a red suit<3
Answer: James Marsden HoT & wearing... not a black tie. :D
Answer: Andy Biersack.
Answer: Justin Gaston!!
Answer: Chris Pine
Answer: before XxFUMMxX posts it but again NOT FOR CHILDRE...
Answer: Leto hair