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Answer: haha ^^
Answer: Robert Knepper the swagginator :D
Answer: Lady susan :)
Answer: my sexy British heartthROB<3
Answer: John Barrowman wearing orange ;)
Answer: Alex Pschill in a movie
Answer: <333
Answer: Captain Jack!
Answer: my sweetheart
Answer: Baptiste.
Answer: Here
Answer: Mitch Hewer!
Answer: Dominic!
Answer: angry Billy
Answer: THIS will never get old..
Answer: Cranston
Answer: I l’amour this pic<3
Answer: my Misha-man :D
Answer: *died a thousand times*
Answer: <33333333333333333333333333333333333333 BOWIEEEEEEE...
Answer: JB
Answer: Jb
Answer: Toby
Answer: the Leto
Answer: tired Aidan
Answer: Kellan Lutz you're under avest... for looking so ho...
Answer: a beautiful fan art of my beautiful British babe in...
Answer: Nick Roux.
Answer: Pokora.
Answer: Nemily <3
Answer: double the pleasure,double the fun<3
Answer: Matthew on the cover of Mrs. Doubtfire :)
Answer: Jared wearing a funny rose hat<3
Answer: dis lil shit <3
Answer: Rider with a bit of stubble <33333
Answer: Sexy Ackles!
Answer: Matthew wearing jeans. :)
Answer: FF !!
Answer: Taylor Lautner bench photoshoot :)
Answer: Twilight hottie Taylor Lautner with his arms folded...
Answer: DB
Answer: too many swagga pics to choose from
Answer: awww wanna join! <33
Answer: Torchwood<3
Answer: Jared!
Answer: Robert Knepper
Answer: my cool,sexy vampire<3
Answer: Jensen (as Dean) experiencing a "possessed" bière bo...
Answer: D
Answer: Baby Matthew Perry at 2 yrs old <333
Answer: Captain Jack Harkness♥
Answer: Misha...
Answer: Jared <3
Answer: my golden Angel <3
Answer: only one that matters
Answer: here:)
Answer: wanna Kiss too...both
Answer: my handsome Aussie Hemsworth on a couch<3
Answer: Kev Zegers
Answer: Leto is a whole lot of hot!!!!!!!!<3
Answer: l’amour him so much. He's my idol and inspiration! <3
Answer: doll
Answer: Ian<3
Answer: Nolan Gerard Funk!<3
Answer: Mr and Mrs Ackles <3
Answer: Captain Jack and Ianto Jones!
Answer: Justin.
Answer: John Barrowman!
Answer: Matt's co étoile, star Rider Strong tweeted :)
Answer: Little Matti <3333333333
Answer: Gabriel <3
Answer: he's a coffe adiccted monster XD
Answer: Bowteeth
Answer: Justin with both hands on his hips (from a photosho...
Answer: :P
Answer: shery sweetie =/
Answer: my handsome Robert with red fleurs behind him<3
Answer: Jamie's bulge<3
Answer: born model
Answer: wanna eat
Answer: Jensen wearing a brown plaid shirt.
Answer: Zac wearing green pants <3
Answer: Josh Henderson shirtless<3
Answer: Scott Gill today.
Answer: teary stark
Answer: Pokora!
Answer: Scotland Boys!
Answer: Jamie Dornan...sexy and sweaty<3
Answer: Liam Hemsworth <3
Answer: Sexy Chord <333333333333
Answer: Brandon Beemer!
Answer: Timothy Olyphant
Answer: fixing J.A.R.V.I.S ou stuff :P
Answer: Jensen teeth!
Answer: Dan Stevens
Answer: haha so aweful :P
Answer: Baptiste Giabiconi.
Answer: GQ Magazine
Answer: Chris wearing blue<3