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Answer: 2 Roberts wrapped in a red satin sheet<3
Answer: mine
Answer: Rob at the side
Answer: Zack in grey manteau
Answer: Josh Cuthbert
Answer: Marlon Brando <3
Answer: Birth of a legend - Ollie in a flashback scene from...
Answer: Don't know what's better: my man with tatouages ou ta...
Answer: Pedro Palacio
Answer: Tony here is so cute with his cat, I just wanna kis...
Answer: His smile lightens my world up in a matter of milli...
Answer: l’amour this one <3
Answer: Shawn Ashmore
Answer: MDR smart phone can't help toi with chess
Answer: Baptiste from the side<3
Answer: my l’amour FOREVER<3
Answer: Garrett wearing jeans<3
Answer: there's a little shadow under him
Answer: GABE *_*
Answer: Justin
Answer: robert <3
Answer: my British babe with his country flag<3
Answer: Kellan standing<3
Answer: Jensen and Danneel
Answer: Batch
Answer: John with a cigarette :)
Answer: Toby Regbo
Answer: Daniel Boys<3
Answer: Chris Hemsworth,younger but still hot<3
Answer: just him... simply perfect
Answer: Jensen <3
Answer: Justin with a guitar<3
Answer: Swoon 'Thud' worthy.
Answer: Christian Bale with his wife Sandra and his daughte...
Answer: He's drunk at his Wedding, he must of had quite a f...
Answer: younger Mann
Answer: JB
Answer: Chris Hemsworth<3
Answer: Hugh Laurie <3
Answer: Yummy!
Answer: my babe looking very hot with stubble<3
Answer: <333
Answer: Jb!<3
Answer: Baby<3
Answer: *_*
Answer: my gorgeous Robert in b&w<3
Answer: ;)
Answer: Captain Jack Harkness!
Answer: I just found this pic and already I l’amour it<3
Answer: Shiloh Fernandez
Answer: Gotta l’amour that sexy face
Answer: my favori lips ;)
Answer: Tony here
Answer: John Barrowman<33
Answer: Jamie<3
Answer: Luke
Answer: My young pup<3
Answer: my British baby with his country flag<3
Answer: Littlefinger <3
Answer: Gareth David-Lloyd!
Answer: Scott
Answer: my British beau looking away<3
Answer: *dead*
Answer: a little shocked Rob
Answer: Robbie in the foreground is blurry, but background...
Answer: so interesting :O
Answer: Hugh Jackman<3
Answer: Barrowbrows.
Answer: Parker
Answer: Even in the background, he stands out<3
Answer: Coloured Version
Answer: Andy Whitfield
Answer: Mark Medlock
Answer: Johnny Depp in Sleepy Hollow
Answer: l’amour his smile :)
Answer: :(
Answer: Cillian in a dress<3
Answer: Revengers in glasses <33
Answer: Jensen in his latest photoshoot for Supernatural <3...
Answer: The Thin White Duke
Answer: Tony Head as Uther Pendragon in Merlin BBC
Answer: I l’amour the commentaire
Answer: Zack is very sexy!
Answer: nothing left to say...
Answer: Jack, Ben and Rob
Answer: Jen
Answer: A perfect quote par Johnny Depp ♥
Answer: 8 January 1947
Answer: Clint Eastwood
Answer: sean o'donnell!
Answer: Robbie
Answer: This gros morceau, hunk <333333333
Answer: my pretty creep <333
Answer: Mr. Perfect
Answer: Downey
Answer: Rob went hiking and climbing in Joshua arbre
Answer: Joey Lawrence with two big shirtless guys. :)
Answer: find my Mann
Answer: Rob Downey/Knepper <3
Answer: Robbie babe