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Answer: taylor x
Answer: Tony
Answer: Go to 3:32
Answer: Dornan stubble<3
Answer: my beautiful Angel <333
Answer: Sam Callahan.
Answer: Tony veste
Answer: will always be my fav on set vid
Answer: moody broody babe
Answer: my handsome babe with medium length hair<3
Answer: shining brightness
Answer: both suddenly going wild at the same time
Answer: Bowhair
Answer: I could post million live concerts, but I go with t...
Answer: never could be enough close
Answer: I missed his voice so much. It's divine
Answer: Ziggy, that outfit is actually AWESOME
Answer: my sexy baby with wet hair<3
Answer: John is beyond awesome!!! <3333333
Answer: looooove
Answer: naked rob anyone?
Answer: Dylan O'Brien
Answer: Robert Hottinson=6 x the hotness<3
Answer: my handsome baby and his co-star,Taylor on the Elle...
Answer: Sexy every seconde of his life
Answer: Tony and Sarah Michelle Gellar
Answer: Chris's beautiful blue eyes<3
Answer: my beautiful British smiler<3
Answer: <3
Answer: JB!
Answer: my Bobby look through a telescope
Answer: my taylor :)
Answer: Kevin Zegers younger<3
Answer: my Robert standing in the middle of the street<3
Answer: yeah
Answer: Sexy Barrowman!
Answer: Leonardo DiCaprio
Answer: J2/ Sam&Dean
Answer: OHH Gabe *_*
Answer: John & fan!
Answer: Grimes
Answer: too hot for me... can't - live - anymore - is killi...
Answer: NEW pic!
Answer: my l’amour
Answer: Nicholas Hoult montrer his stomach<3
Answer: my sexy Robert wearing a Batman t-shirt<3
Answer: Tom's beautiful blue eyes<3
Answer: Lucky
Answer: Sacha Baron Cohen
Answer: Jamie Wise!
Answer: close up Zack <333
Answer: Jen and Misha
Answer: mine x
Answer: Young sexy Rob
Answer: Jared hanging from a arbre
Answer: Antonio with his daughter Stella
Answer: heaven shining down on my Earth angel<3
Answer: Zac Efron!
Answer: everytime I look at Robert's eyes,I melt<3
Answer: the dude with the most amazing haircolour
Answer: DAVID XD
Answer: GABE
Answer: Steven Tyler singing:)
Answer: my love,Robert in a blue shirt<3
Answer: ...with his Jude
Answer: darling <3
Answer: Rob Lowe <3
Answer: dunno if it's the sun actually ... =/ - but they sh...
Answer: Robert,Taylor and Kellan...a Twilight triple scoop...
Answer: Dougie<3
Answer: my Robert pointing and talking to someone...me(i wi...
Answer: Paul Bettany
Answer: The Lawrence brothers at the beach. :)
Answer: promoting Breakout Kings
Answer: :)
Answer: sweety <333333
Answer: Misha babe
Answer: Way too hot!!!!!!! :P
Answer: Stephen Lang 2 the left
Answer: awesome actor MDR
Answer: <333
Answer: John Barrowman dancing to Single Ladies . LOL!
Answer: I find him gorgeous.
Answer: my poor baby ;(
Answer: Justin<3
Answer: Bowie!
Answer: I don't think I need to explain,so I will just let...
Answer: Luke
Answer: Davy in my two fav films <3
Answer: Knobber <3333333
Answer: Alex Ludwig
Answer: Jb
Answer: my babe's chiseled British jawline...pure perfectio...
Answer: Jar
Answer: l’amour Rob in the sunlight
Answer: Pierson Fode
Answer: RD-pornstach-Jr. and Jamie Foxx :))
Answer: Everybody,I'd like to introduce toi to my baby,Robe...
Answer: Lucky Blue Smith
Answer: Oh Rob, your creepy eyes make me weak