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Answer: Nico looking up <3
Answer: Letobod
Answer: Leo as Jack in Titanic :)
Answer: shy Rob
Answer: Theo wearing a belt<3
Answer: Xavier Dolan
Answer: he's a poser :))
Answer: the Heathen outfit
Answer: He looks hungry XD
Answer: Dehaan
Answer: My Death <3
Answer: Captain Jack Sparrow on a plage <3333333
Answer: Justin!<3
Answer: Jonathan Rhys-Meyers shirtless<3
Answer: Justin :O
Answer: Mario Casas
Answer: ROBERT
Answer: the best selfie EVER<3
Answer: my shiney
Answer: he looks like: "deal with it" XD
Answer: intense at CCon
Answer: DB
Answer: Anthony <3
Answer: Channing Tatum and a chiot :)
Answer: my sexy British cowboy<3
Answer: quite a bunch of hot people: Lee Pace, Jared Leto,...
Answer: yummyumm! XD
Answer: Jamie Dornan looking classy and sexy<3
Answer: Taylor Lautner!
Answer: my sexy Brit with a fake Santa hat<3
Answer: double the hotness,double the pleasure<3
Answer: uff too hot in here
Answer: yummy Robbie
Answer: hmm I'll just post this one
Answer: the power couple
Answer: Gabey
Answer: Looking slightly up. =3
Answer: I am coltonized!
Answer: Dan
Answer: sweety ^^
Answer: Hugh Laurie <3
Answer: watermark!! arggh
Answer: I did so - it's mine now - I can't stop wearing it!...
Answer: :P my lollypop :P
Answer: Barrowsmile<3
Answer: Dylan Sprayberry.
Answer: Riley Smith
Answer: Went
Answer: Didier Cohen!
Answer: John shaving with hair on his face :)
Answer: orange Teddy
Answer: although i don't like his orange hair....
Answer: pirate style + magic
Answer: Jared <3
Answer: my baby with a sexy grin<3
Answer: ...perf...- *faints*
Answer: :P
Answer: adorable is his middle name ... ok it´s Stewart bu...
Answer: S Stan
Answer: hate this pic
Answer: new promo pics for Cult
Answer: Matthew at a table, tableau outside. :)
Answer: level: Super Mario ^^
Answer: wanna be that guy sooooooo badly! :O
Answer: *dead* John Barrowman1
Answer: Ian♥♥
Answer: a bit confused
Answer: aw
Answer: my handsome
Answer: Kellan Lutz
Answer: Orlando's smile makes me smile :)
Answer: <3xD<3
Answer: Nathan Fillion
Answer: LBS
Answer: my handsome Chris Hemsworth wearing a hood<3
Answer: Rob as Dr. Arthur Light
Answer: i wanna see that smile soon from both of my JB's<3...
Answer: Matt's chest through his tank haut, retour au début :P
Answer: Happy Birthday, lovely <3
Answer: Bill
Answer: haha too awesome to be real xD
Answer: my sweetie in "Pandora", holding a dead Tess Mercer...
Answer: Leto *______*
Answer: my sweet innocent Angel
Answer: He's so important to the universe
Answer: Downey'S *hell yeahhhh*! xD
Answer: John Barrowman!
Answer: found it in better quality YAY
Answer: always smart
Answer: Ryan Kwanten wearing a v neck <3
Answer: Rob for Cheri :)
Answer: G'day mate!!Here is my Robert in the land down unde...
Answer: Downey-Derp... XD
Answer: <3
Answer: Biebz.
Answer: Jared
Answer: the gorgeous Garrett Hedlund<3
Answer: Ashton Kutcher wearing a blue ish colored chemise
Answer: RC ♥
Answer: Tony in green