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Answer: :D the world should know it xD
Answer: Matt doing something naughty in Magic Mike :)
Answer: liam hemsworth
Answer: my l’amour for Robert is immeasurable<3
Answer: my handsome babe,Robert looking adoringly towards K...
Answer: Daniel!
Answer: John Barrowman<33
Answer: youngest Rob I´ve seen
Answer: Aaron Paul and his Breaking Bad cast-mates :)
Answer: Tin Machine
Answer: <33
Answer: NICO
Answer: Rob sweating :P
Answer: Babe
Answer: new episode, new hair, me stunned par his hair anew
Answer: babe
Answer: Justin topless (promo pics for Aquaman)
Answer: Matt with Mark Ruffalo in a promo pic for "The Norm...
Answer: could watch that all jour
Answer: Gabriel. I'm so happy to have found toi <3
Answer: l’amour that smile
Answer: cuteness
Answer: the baby I post so rarely Anthony Head
Answer: young shirtless Johnny
Answer: Matt Bomer with Matthew Morrison and George Clooney...
Answer: my sweetie with short hair<3
Answer: bling bling XD
Answer: Sam with a camera
Answer: toi can see a bit of the hand
Answer: my gorgeous Robert looking to the side<3
Answer: Yum delicious
Answer: wood and Holmes-crew
Answer: Ah I've made something similar! =3
Answer: 54
Answer: Jensen Stunning in all his pictures :)
Answer: Rain!
Answer: Right, this Angel is wearing a cute earring. It sui...
Answer: ...
Answer: the hair *-*
Answer: Dan Radcliffe, England
Answer: Ryan McPartlin with a sword <3
Answer: Sam eating a hot dog very messily!
Answer: Jared Leto
Answer: Rob sometimes resembles Johnny Depp
Answer: my Robert and Kristen as Edward&Bella in the prom s...
Answer: l’amour his Heroes style <33
Answer: CB!!
Answer: Zac Efron<3
Answer: Gabe Mann
Answer: the arm of Jesus<3
Answer: Justin and his daughter Isabella
Answer: my handsome baby with a grey background<3
Answer: lotttts
Answer: eyes
Answer: that's how I was killed this morning
Answer: my awesome and gorgeous Robert<3
Answer: fine BOB :)
Answer: hot John <3
Answer: Here toi go
Answer: andrew <3
Answer: my Bobby with some shadow
Answer: my baby
Answer: Ian's got really many photos with chats :)
Answer: younger Gabriel
Answer: Words cant describe how perf this picture is!
Answer: my super Mann
Answer: Alona Tal is Israeli
Answer: Johnny Depp with a guitare <3
Answer: mine his going to stand up :)
Answer: Tom and Chris :)
Answer: cute Rob
Answer: Brant Daugherty <3
Answer: Omg Liam Hemsworth <3
Answer: My bae montrer both of his muscular arms :*
Answer: Theo,my new heartthrob<3
Answer: wanna have that pullover - first of all wanna have...
Answer: Tony with sword
Answer: kendall schimdt with yuma , her pig
Answer: I know I've posté it once, but I really l’amour this...
Answer: Robo in green light
Answer: Gabriel Mann *_*
Answer: creepy Robbiie
Answer: gosh that cute little boy :3
Answer: Tom Welling <3
Answer: Andy Whitfield
Answer: Tony as king Uther xD
Answer: my lil devil <3
Answer: Tom Felton
Answer: Stephen Lang
Answer: Mann
Answer: dave
Answer: king Bow
Answer: Tom welling
Answer: Tony's chest in Iron Man 2 - looking very ill =/
Answer: here we go! :D
Answer: John Barrowman!!
Answer: Jar touching his hair
Answer: a very-very cute child: BooBoo
Answer: I'm obessesed with Cult right now. sry xD
Answer: my handsome Robert laughing uncontrollably.His laug...