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Answer: my pics are always big XD MDR
Answer: <333
Answer: Zack and Noah :D
Answer: Hugh Laurie as House with clown shoes :D
Answer: Here is my Rob with wet hair.It is from a photo sho...
Answer: one of my fav vids <33
Answer: like that scene in SH 2
Answer: my Angel
Answer: that stache is killing me XD
Answer: Hunter ♡
Answer: Jared Leto
Answer: my l’amour in black ♥♥♥
Answer: my sweetie at the iHeartRadio Festival, where one p...
Answer: here is my Robert wearing blue jeans
Answer: wanna Kiss that pout :*
Answer: Jared Padalecki
Answer: my J
Answer: here is a young RDJ:)
Answer: Bringing sexy back :)
Answer: I could stare at that face forever and it still wou...
Answer: JB!
Answer: Milla
Answer: Jensen leaning on a palm arbre during a photoshoot
Answer: beautiful Aidan
Answer: a full body shot of my hot babe<3
Answer: Bowie eyes <3
Answer: Zac Efron for musikluver :)
Answer: Rob's lovely ear
Answer: my blonde haired American hottie,Paul Walker on haut, retour au début...
Answer: Cillian Murphy
Answer: Jensen Ackles <3
Answer: Behind the set of Zorro (kinda obvious XD)
Answer: ))here u go!
Answer: OMG Tony
Answer: adorableee boy
Answer: l’amour
Answer: Rick Malambri <3
Answer: Emma & Neal <3
Answer: robert
Answer: 15 minutes old!!!!!!!!!!!! <333 *dies*
Answer: Jared :)
Answer: fits Teddy
Answer: Chester Bennington
Answer: Leto
Answer: :O
Answer: normally I post a pic of Robert for these kind of a...
Answer: Tony Head as evil king of Camelot. MDR very evil hm...
Answer: so beautiful it hurts<3
Answer: Nick Wechsler
Answer: Kellan in a red sweater and red checkered scarf<3
Answer: my sexy Robert in boots<3
Answer: Paul..gone,but not forgotten<3
Answer: like a boss! :D
Answer: Jared as a kid....awwww<3
Answer: Teddy
Answer: Jar
Answer: my chiot <3
Answer: my sweety
Answer: Benedict <#
Answer: Loved this scene, funny:)
Answer: my volcanic hot Robert with his legs wide open<3
Answer: here u go.i also posté a link of another pic of Ro...
Answer: Ross Lynch!
Answer: With pleasure!!!!!!!!!!! Here is my pic of the very...
Answer: Alex O'Loughlin hot <3
Answer: my gorgeous baby holding a glass as he takes a sip....
Answer: my blue eyed American babe,Paul Walker<3
Answer: Gabe
Answer: flawless
Answer: a pic I haven´t seen of him yet
Answer: le handsome
Answer: is it possible to look adorable while sitting on th...
Answer: Knepper's co-star Wentworth Miller
Answer: *-* beauty ^^
Answer: a quote my handsome Robert a dit about his dad in an...
Answer: I imagine Matt Lanter's hair would be quite soft <3...
Answer: He's got a very nice smile! :D
Answer: Matt Bomer sitting like a boss.
Answer: Here toi go :)
Answer: take a guess XD
Answer: Jonathan <3
Answer: my British hottie with his chemise unbuttoned<3
Answer: Matt Bomer laying on a lit <3
Answer: :)
Answer: Matt Bomer :)
Answer: Andrew Morley<3
Answer: John Barrowman<3
Answer: Rob MDR
Answer: Hammer
Answer: James Marsden
Answer: Mark Salling.
Answer: my handsome man in grey<3
Answer: toi can see every wrinkle and bruise
Answer: MEAT!!
Answer: swaggga man! *-*
Answer: ❤Josh❤
Answer: my handsome baby with 3 of his Twilight co-stars<3
Answer: OMG hahaha LMAO!!
Answer: Giant feet!
Answer: John Barrowman in requin Attack!