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Answer: John and Willa
Answer: Jake!
Answer: the only girl he ever looked at that way
Answer: Tom Hiddleston & Chris Hemsworth <3 on roof in Mos...
Answer: l’amour <3
Answer: awww *dies of too much cuteness*
Answer: Photoshoot with a younger Matt <33333
Answer: Jensen's beautiful green eyes
Answer: Johnny Depp
Answer: a bomb? hope he doesn't kill himself :(
Answer: l’amour his nail polish haha
Answer: ma hottie! *_*
Answer: Ben Whishaw <3
Answer: weird face
Answer: messed up since he's literally in a box, but it was...
Answer: my gorgeous baby with Kristen Stewart,in a gorgeous...
Answer: Gwack!
Answer: Hugh Laurie <3
Answer: Barrowlips<3
Answer: my cute Robbie
Answer: I l’amour Brad Pitt's blue eyes <3
Answer: robbie dear <3
Answer: oh those eyes...*dead*<3
Answer: l’amour the pic! :O
Answer: Nick Roux!
Answer: haha a bit creepy look ... Xd
Answer: *-*...
Answer: Matt is a tad scruffy here and he is still good loo...
Answer: Dan
Answer: sad Robbie
Answer: River younger<3
Answer: R.I.P Cory and Paul <33
Answer: Zac Efron!
Answer: my Robert,with Tai his co-star in Water for Elephan...
Answer: my baby <33
Answer: my sexy Robert looking way beyond his usual sexines...
Answer: Matt Smith
Answer: Godfrey
Answer: *_*
Answer: My babe sam claflin
Answer: maybe this... ou anything else from California Solo...
Answer: Captain Jack Harkness<333
Answer: countdown
Answer: I can't live in a world where toi don't exist,baby<...
Answer: Rob <3
Answer: my sexy Robert with his WFE co-star,Christoph Waltz...
Answer: the new Christian Grey,aka Jamie Dornan<3
Answer: my sexy guy at a window
Answer: my latest crush is 5 years ago: Tony Head
Answer: Jared Leto wearing a blue leather jacket<3
Answer: Kellan wearing a jumper<3
Answer: wet Robbie looking away
Answer: John Barrowman with a baby at a book signing :)
Answer: Ro-Da-Ju *-*
Answer: What an cul, ass ;)
Answer: What a hottie!
Answer: I can't even pronounce what he's saying, half of th...
Answer: The Piemaker
Answer: 2 days il y a
Answer: soon... xD
Answer: Yes I would CJH *_*
Answer: my fave man in the entire universe<3
Answer: Justin in a scene from "Doomsday" <333
Answer: I have soooo many posters and fond d’écran in my room...
Answer: a robot
Answer: Patrick Swayze <3
Answer: he really is smoking hot<3
Answer: Red hot Out of this world Breathtaking Enchantin...
Answer: my smokin' hot Brit looking to the side<3
Answer: Gabriel Mann
Answer: my handsome Robert with his lovely and beautiful co...
Answer: my baby with a slightly blue background<3
Answer: So emotional but so [i]DREAMY[/i] <3333
Answer: <333 my smiley <333
Answer: Hottest laugh lines
Answer: mmmmmmm
Answer: Matt at the CFDA Awards 2012, rocking the red carpe...
Answer: William Levy!
Answer: Payne
Answer: Alexander :)
Answer: small but cute xD
Answer: Tom Beck
Answer: haha that looks cute ^^
Answer: :O
Answer: Chace Crawford
Answer: ♥RiVER♥
Answer: My Rob, one of many here xD
Answer: nawww
Answer: Gabe
Answer: Shemar Moore
Answer: my gorgeous Robert being kissed par the sunlight,but...
Answer: John Barrowman :)
Answer: haha Tony Stark's "whatever"-look to Steve! XD
Answer: alexander :)
Answer: Kellan Lutz
Answer: Haha Oh John!
Answer: my sexy baby with his head down<3
Answer: my gran <33333333333333
Answer: to me he's so adorable... :3
Answer: Alex on the red carpet