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Answer: Ily Jb
Answer: My hotty *_*
Answer: Haha Oh John!
Answer: Luke looking hot in a jacket<3
Answer: my Robert with bubbles in the pic<3(does this count...
Answer: hahah l’amour it ^^
Answer: Perfection!
Answer: MDR
Answer: DB!
Answer: WOW
Answer: Chris leaning against a wall<3
Answer: my sexy hottie<3
Answer: Andy Biersack.
Answer: Lachlan Buchanan
Answer: Mr. Coolness himself
Answer: Ian Somerhalder! <3
Answer: :D
Answer: Just made this.
Answer: my sexy babe wearing makeup<3
Answer: cool scene from AGOS :))
Answer: Pierson Fode
Answer: Colton Haynes in a jumper<3
Answer: John.
Answer: Colton Haynes *_*
Answer: Lambert.
Answer: Hayden wearing a chemise :)
Answer: Jon!
Answer: Jared!
Answer: Josh<3
Answer: too cute :D
Answer: my sexy BMIB(British Man In Black)<3<3
Answer: Amazing book - worth a read if toi ever get a chanc...
Answer: Jensen!
Answer: Haynes!
Answer: Nick Bateman<3
Answer: Chace Crawford.
Answer: my gorgeous baby with a yellow background<3
Answer: rose half way
Answer: so much
Answer: Everything has a background, toi master of question...
Answer: BZane in red<3
Answer: David Gandy.
Answer: l’amour his hair here
Answer: my beautiful baby<3
Answer: Kellan Lutz in grey<3
Answer: Victoria's Canadian babe,JB<3
Answer: Jon K!
Answer: my gorgeous babe from this month<3
Answer: my baby posing with a painting of a lighthouse behi...
Answer: Stephen James
Answer: Taylor Lautner jumping over something,with his Twil...
Answer: Cam with a gun<3
Answer: Jon staring at us<3
Answer: Justin and fan!
Answer: Colton Haynes!
Answer: naw smiley Bow
Answer: my sexy man in shades<3
Answer: Sexy stare!
Answer: he looks kinda guilty here
Answer: my hot British stud,Robert<3
Answer: Justin in Mexico!
Answer: taylor and kellan
Answer: smiling WOW
Answer: Jeremy Irons <3
Answer: the legend!
Answer: aw you'd be one baby XD
Answer: Conchy
Answer: God Save Our Beloved Angel! Happy Birthday Misha!!!...
Answer: yummy,dreamy Max<3
Answer: Josh Henderson.
Answer: Baptiste.
Answer: i just found this pic of my Robert like an heure il y a...
Answer: Justin - canada!
Answer: my #1 sexy British babe<3
Answer: Andy Biersack.
Answer: kinda strange
Answer: Justin<3
Answer: I just l’amour bearded Bowie
Answer: Conchita Wurst XD
Answer: DB
Answer: Nick Z<3
Answer: WOW
Answer: I am coltonized!
Answer: mmmm
Answer: Justin Bieber...just for you,Victoria<3
Answer: Eastwood<3
Answer: my hot British babe looking hotter than ever in thi...
Answer: Charles, may I have this Dance?
Answer: my sexy Mr.Pattinson from the side<3
Answer: He's got a cœur, coeur of gold<3
Answer: Nick B<3
Answer: Mikkel Jensen.
Answer: Steven Tyler, because toi l’amour him so xD
Answer: sexy British smirker<3
Answer: Julien<3
Answer: T.
Answer: biebz.
Answer: Haynes!
Answer: No words are needed!!