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 Get caller I.D. Saves toi alot of trouble.
Get caller I.D. Saves you alot of trouble.
WARNING:This is just some stupid joke article which toi really should not waste your time on.

Over the years I have seen countless horror movies. Everything from "Nightmare On Elm Street" to "Child's Play." From "IT" to "The Exorcist" And so on and so forth. If toi don't wanna sit through a 2 heure flim here are the main points toi might pick up in a horror movie.

1)Don't take your eyes off a murder. They déplacer at the speed of light.

2)Just cause it's small doesn't mean its not deadly.

3)Yell "Help" all toi want. No one will save you.

4)Girls never wear bras in horror movies. It just isn't done.

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I have decided tht it is time to share my vues of horror with fanpop, im pretty sure tht i am one of the biggest horror fans(obsessives) on FP. Anyways here are some real classics...

10. Friday the 13th Part 3
The best of the series and the introduction of Jason's trademark hockey mask.

9. Jeepers Creepers 2
This movie isnt really tht famous but it is very good, if toi can see it, toi wont be dissapointed.

8. The Final Destination Series
I guess they're not really horror, they're very edge of your siège though. A must watch.

7. The Halloween Movies
Absoloutely essential for horror fans.

6. The Ring...
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Black Christmas (1974) Full Trailer