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W H A T . I' V E . D O ♑ E

Homestuck Gangnam Style--Centaur Style--Encounters Con

♊Sollux and ♈Aradia: How to save a life

toi are the m00n

4SK T3R3Z1 2 : 4CC3PT MY P4NTS

Teen Idle | MEP

Short Skirt, Long veste [Dave/TZ]

Paradise - Jade Harley

MONSTER [[Homestuck]]

Let's Read Homestuck - Act 5 (Act 1) - Part 13

[Sollux X Aradia] Here in my arms

Kurloz Makara- Grim Grinning Ghosts

Know Your Meme: Homestuck

I'd lie - Jade x Dave - Homestuck

I Will Follow toi Into the Dark Equius and Nepeta

Good Time: Rosemary [MEP]

[S] Kids: get the right moves

HOMESTUCK: No Place like accueil

Dave ♥ Jade -Oh Well, Oh Well, [Mayday Parade]

[HOMESTUCK] Kiss your lips* ~dave/jade~

Dave/Jade toi Are The Moon

Dave and Jade - Deer in the headlights

[Homestuck] - Tears Don't Fall ~ [Dave x Jade]

(Sadstuck) - If I Die Young

Vriska gets a Facebook



Homestuck - i'm coming accueil

Somebody I Used To Knoww

noт yoυr ғaυlт [Dave х Jade] Homestuck

One Step Closer [John♥Vriska]

Homestuck - Ladies and gentlemen

To the sky [john]

c o n t i n u u m ~ dave/jade

» when im the shipping master! :33 «

Let's Read: Grubsitting

bones of a rabbit

The Outsider [Parts 6 and 19]

Science and Faith | Aradia ♥ Sollux

Let's Read Homestuck - Act 5 (Act 1) - Part 8

Homestuck - I'll Follow toi into the Dark

.єη¢нαηтє∂ . тσ . мєт . уσυ. [John/Vriska]

Powered par the Cat

Kankri- Just the Way I am

Just A Kiss: Aradia and Sollux

Homestuck gets Meta

[Homestuck] A Boy of Legend [AMV]

[EridanFeferi] You're beautiful

Vriska Serket - What Doesn't Kill toi

l’amour Story [HomeStuck]

Stuff We Did Sollux and Aradia

Let's Read Homestuck - Act 5 (Act 1) - Part 7

[Aranea/Porrim] Take her fro+m yo+u

Make toi Stay - Eridan/Feferi

Homestuck AMV - Discord

[♍] Porrim Maryam; T O X I C

Lets ROAD: sweet bro & hell JEFF - Comic #8

Fireflies [[Homestuck]]

volatile times { ver 2

Let's Read Homestuck - Act 5 (Act 1) - Part 6

[S] Aradia: Metamorphose CMV

Girls [Ho+mestuck]


lets ROAD: sweet bro & hella JEFF - Comic #7

Kanaya Maryam- Like a arc en ciel drinker




【ЩΉΣП I GЯӨЩ ЦP . . .】

Porrim- Bad Girlfriend

Is Homestuck the Ulysses of the Internet? | Idea Channel | PBS

「Homestuck 」♥ EriFef CMV


Let's Read Homestuck - Act 5 (Act 1) - Part 5

тяυѕт мє


Aradia x Sollux

[S] Every Homestuck audition/demo reel ever.

мιss мυrder - PORRIM

Easy to+ be sleazy when yo+u've go+t a filthy mind

Porrim Maryam | Like A Bad Girl ♍

[Latula Tribute] your3 4 st4r!!!


♑ SEEK YOU OUT; gamzee ♠ karkat

ғasтen yoυr seaтвelтs

αηιмυѕ νσχ

Turn off the lights

toi Can't Fight the Homestuck!

Nepeta's a Big Girl Now

Little Talks - Sollux/Aradia

Let's Read Homestuck Outtake Reel Vol. 1

Let's Read Homestuck - Act 5 (Act 1) - Part 4

[Homestuck] Oh Aradia Oh Sollux

Homestuck (Kono Burogu wa Shinkoku De wa Nai : Sore wa Joudan) Fifth Opening

[S] Kids: Rise Up

[Homestuck] Shots

[S] Caliborn: Live in the Sunlight

Let's Read Homestuck - Act 5 (Act 1) - Part 3

[Homestuck] Sk!nny L0ve/collab. with Andy ♥

[[IC]] With Kakashisfriend