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 The Front Gate of Auschwitz
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words translate as "Work Will Set toi Free", the front gate of Auschwitz
concentration camp
death camp
posted by blackrose294
When the death train finally stops, I am surprised to find myself still alive. I am not surprised to finding dead bodies littered all around me. Miraculously, my mother is still alive, but my sisters were not so lucky. I feel no emotion—I have no heart. A German scoops the dead out of our cart. Later, he tosses a bucket of water in our cart. The five of us alive scramble to slurp the wet goodness that we had been longing to for 8 days. It was not much, but it was better than nothing. We were ordered out of the cart. I was relieved to be out of that filthy place. Once we were out, I noticed...
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posted by blackrose294
We’ve stopped. I hold my breath. A German soldier orders us out of the truck. When we’re out of the truck, we see some type of train cart. The now two German soldiers shove us towards the train tracks. I cannot see my father ou Jesiah anymore. It seems that Mother, Adamina, and Abrianna, and I are staying together. The train chariot, panier looks as if it can only fit about 50 of us, but about 100 of us are stuffed in there. When I step on something squishy and smelly, I know this was used for animals. That’s what the Germans treat us like—animals. There is nowhere to sit down; there’s barely...
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posted by blackrose294
We watched another group of Jews get loaded into plus Nazi trucks. I hope we will not be them. But sadly, that is only a dream. Mother keeps telling us to have faith, but I just can’t, when I know soon we will soon be those Jews, walking in the sizzling sun, being poked and prodded par the German soldiers, and forced into those mysterious trucks. But for now, we are safe. I start to read my book again, but I cannot concentrate very well. I ask Papa where the trucks are going, but he never réponses me. I get an awful feeling in my stomach. My brother has turned into a rock. Hard, cold, emotionless....
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posted by blackrose294
“Blood was splattered all over the walls; the perfect clue to find the murderer.” “Kefira! dîner is ready!” “The smart detective quickly found a hidden door in the wall.” “Kefira! Get down here right now!” “She grunted as she pushed the door open, and-““Kefira Ada Berkowitz! If toi do not come down here this instant, your father will eat all the bread!” I quickly realize that my mother is calling me. It’s a shame; I was on a good part of my book. I hurry downstairs before Papa eats all of Mother’s delicious bread. When I come downstairs, my younger siblings Abrianna...
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