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Article by modernfan posted il y a plus d’un an
fan of it?
MM: What is a typical night out in LA like for you?
HR: I l’amour food–I would like to think; I cook at home. However the truth is I l’amour dim sum, Japanese BBQ, Middle Eastern food, and vegan and raw food. So it’s sûr, sans danger to say I’m quite the themed eater. I also am a huge Jeopardy fan. So dîner and a montrer on it’s head.

MM: What gets toi nostalgic/homesick for Texas?
HR: Pulled turkey sandwiches, Matthew McConaughey movies, and all holidays down to President’s jour weekend.

MM: What livres are toi reading? What are your two favorites?
HR: Right now I’m lire Walter Kern’s Blood Will Out. It’s a memoir about his relationship with this imposter who called himself Clark Rockefeller. Also Sam Kean’s Disappearing Spoon. It tells the history of the world through the periodic table.

MM What do they mean to you?:
HR: It’s the only art form that we as consumers make from scratch. Everything is processed down to the nourriture we eat. films will bring a tone to it the seconde a studio and director are attached. With books, it’s all still up to you. There is a homemade...