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posted by ferretandsilt
Let all chats old enough to hunt for their own prey rejoindre in the Clearing for a Clan meeting!

Sloewhisker has informed me that he thinks Ashpaw is sufficient enough in training to be made a warrior.

Mintleaf has informed me of her agreement and that we have the approval of SoulClan.

I, Slitherstar, leader of HillClan, call upon my warrior ancestors to look down upon this apprentice, for he has trained hard to understand the ways of your noble code, and I commend him to toi in his turn.

Ashpaw, toi have trained hard. toi are a great hunter, and Sloewhisker commentaires daily on your great fighting skills....
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posted by ferretandsilt
Here are the allegiances for the noble HillClan:

Leader- Sandstar(segafan)-white she~cat with ginger patches and light amber eyes.

Deputy- Moonfeather(bluefire7777)-pretty white she-cat with twinkling blue eyes.
Apprentice- Moonpaw

Medicine Cat-MintleafPennypatch321)-light gray she-cat with mint green eyes.

Warriors: Moonfeather(bluefire7777)-pretty white she-cat with twinkling blue eyes.
Apprentice- Moonpaw

Mistyflower(mistyflower)-a tortoiseshell she-cat with a white chest, a dappled coat, and bright blue eyes.

Cherrysong(brownstar)- tortoiseshell she-cat,...
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posted by Tigerslily
Honeykit was talking to her sister Specklekit, she was telling her about what the woods look like and all of the pretty plants. honey kit was wondering why Specklekit got to go on an adventure and she didn’t so that night she sneaked out of camp. As she was walking through the woods she looked at the plants and loved how they were all different. After walking awhile she sat down in a patch of clover and started thinking about what Specklekit told her. Just then she heard a low scuffling sound and then a little creature walked out she knew what it was it was a souris and she was going to catch...
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posted by ferretandsilt
Hello, we are Sloewhisker and Slitherstar, otherwise known as Riley and Torren. We are the leaders of HillClan. The HillClan Rules are:

If toi wish to join, message me first and ask we'll add toi to the allegiances.

Respect your elders and the authoritative figures.

Get on every once and a while and comment.

Be honest in your opionions.

Be polite to everyone who is in the Clan.

WE MAKE THE RULES! Don't create your own.

We will accept everyone and we wish toi great fortune.

Au revoir!

posted by ferretandsilt
Slitherstar dipped his head to Mintleaf. "Specklekit it is," he said. He padded out of his tanière, den and leapt onto the Whiterock and padded to the edge...

Let all chats old enough to hunt for their own prey rejoindre beneath the Whiterock for a Clan meeting! It is time for us to name our new apprentices. Specklekit and Honeykit have been kits for six moons, and now it is time to have new apprentices. Honeykit and Specklekit, please step forward.

Honeykit, from this moment on, toi shall be called Honeypaw. Mistyflower, toi are a senior warrior. toi were taught strength in battle and calm of peace. I know...
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posted by Pennypatch321
As soon as Mintleaf was asleep at the Cold Lights, she heard a voice call her name, “Mintleaf.” She opened her eyes at once, and she noticed that she wasn’t at the Cold Lights anymore. She was in the starry place of SoulClan. “Mintleaf.” She heard the voice again, coming from behind her. She turned around, and two she-cats with starry pelts – one a silver tabby, and the other a brown and white she-cat, both with green eyes.

Mintleaf showed her respect to the two old warriors. “Fallenstar, Serrafang, I come to toi in great need. HillClan have two healthy kits who both want to become...
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posted by SoyalaLeisu
Sandcloud and Mintleaf padded side par side up the battle field. They had been grieving the loss of Slitherstar all night. After his death, Lionstar had blindly run through the forest. Silverstripe sat at the border every jour now, awaiting her leader's return. Sandcloud had told her that Lionstar's insanity had gone far enough, and that he could no longer be considered a leader.

Silverstripe, though agreeing, had decided to wait anyway. Everycat knew that the large black and silver she-cat had been mentored par Liontail when he was deputy. It must feel awkward not to have him around anymore.

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posted by ferretandsilt
Slitherstar ordered his warriors out of camp immediately. Maizeheart, a newly named warrior, had spotted Soddenfoot, a StormClan cat, racing up from the border across the Thunderpath. Not but a few nights ago, Tigerfang, a StormClan warrior, had left StormClan in honor of his dead brother Rowanfoot, and joined HillClan. There were bound to be consequences, but Slitherstar had allowed the dark tabby to stay. Where else would he go.

The warriors moved out. The biggest warrior of them was Bouldertail. The fierce gray she-cat stepped vers l'avant, vers l’avant and prepared for a fight as Soddenfoot appeared. Bouldertail...
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posted by ferretandsilt
Slitherstar was resting in his tanière, den at sunhigh. It had been half a moon since Sloewhisker's death on the thunderpath, and he was beginning to feel a little bit better. So many of us have gone to the thunderpath, he thought. Including me.

Sandcloud walked in. His loyal deputy was a major shoulder for him to lean on. The cream and white she-cat looked at her leader. "Who all do toi want to go to the Gathering, Slitherstar?" she asked respectfully. He smiled into her pale eyes.

"Take Moonfeather, Swiftfeather, Berryfern--if she's interested in going--Mistyflower, Amberface, Talonfang, Poppytail,...
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posted by SoyalaLeisu
Berryfern awoke and stretched in the HillClan camp, her eyes wide and her fourrure matted with sleep. She turned and licked a clump gently before padding into the Clearing.

Sloewhisker--the deputy--was assigning duties to cats. "Berryfern," he called as she appeared. "You're coming with me to the cercle Quad to patrol. We're taking Mintleaf and Specklepaw, who need to collect herbs that grow around there."

Berryfern nodded and the chats began their duties. As Berryfern approached her mate, she saw how young he looked compared to his brother. Slitherstar was the leader, and he was weighted down. He...
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added by SoyalaLeisu
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posted by SoyalaLeisu
Poppytail walked into the HillClan camp and sighed. It was a beautiful day, really. She'd trade a lot of bouvreuil, finch feathers for today to be anyday. But since she couldn't do that,s he decided to keep going with her life. She settled down to eat suivant to Russelleaf, and Grasscloud. The two warriors were talking about their apprentices. Poppytail stared at the shy Russelleaf. It was her first apprentice.

"How is training Rowanpaw working?" asked Grasscloud. He was a senior warrior, one of the oldest and brightest of the Clan's senior warriors. The Clan valued his intelligence and loyalty. He was a...
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