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People were in shock. Were the borders really open? East Germans tentatively approached the border and indeed found that the border guards were letting people cross. Very quickly, the Berlin mur was inundated with people from both sides. Some began chipping at the Berlin mur with hammers and chisels. There was an impromptu huge celebration along the Berlin Wall, with people hugging, kissing, singing, cheering, and crying.

After the Berlin mur came down, East and West Germany reunified into a single German state on October 3, 1990.

Over and under and through the mur they came,
parched with...
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par ~scotchietape19

Arthur fell to his knees out of breath. He looked up at the Frenchmen that stood above him, a dull silver gun pointed to his head, raindrops plinking on the cold metal and stinging his eyes. He couldn't help but smile weakly. "After all these years..I thought that toi would be the one on his knees begging for mercy, Francis..." England tried to reach for his gun but stopped - what was the point? 'I'm going to die anyway...' the thought as an old memory began to play in the back of his mind.

It was a warm spring jour and Francis was about to give up on Arthur - he was a hopeless...
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posted by HeartfulStitch
I can't quite remember where I got this from but, I thought it would be fun to post here. Take the test to see who you're most like!

Just put an x in the brackets and place the total at the end of each characters thingy (Whatever it's called). Have fun and post your results when you're finished if you'd like :3

Btw: If you're wondering why Spain has only 9 it's because I took one of the things out of his. Apparently who ever made this thing, put that Spain is accused of/known for being a pedo... HE I S NOT LIKE THAT!!! So, I took it out. Anyways please enjoy the little quiz/test thingy! <3...
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posted by Malalani_Hawaii
America stood in the middle of his large living room, tapping his foot anxiously. This was the first time that he had decided to allow his states to participate at one of his big blowout parties. Not to mention the first time that most of the nations would ever meet them as states. England knew them as colonies, Spain met them as territories, some of the states were once nations. But one on thing was for sure.
America was keeping France away from them as much as possible.
The states, however, were extremely excited for the party. Some had old caretakers that couldn't wait to reunite, if only...
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China padded into the tanière, den where all the other nations helped bring Japon to and dropped his gifts at his paws stirring Japon from his nap. "Are toi feeling better and getting stronger aru?" China meowed laying down suivant to his brother "yes...i'm getting stronger thanks to arr of the nations support" Japon meowed weakly, lifting his head up and licking China on his ear before he nestled his head into China's chest fur.
China began to purr to tey to lull his brother to sleep "by the way brother what I brought toi was a
few rare herbs that make good herbal thé that can
bring strengh to you. so may...
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