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 New character: Brazil with Spain
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This Hetalia photo might contain béret vert, forces spéciales, soldat d'élite, and soldat d’élite.

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I l’amour Hetalia. It's one of my biggest fandoms. I l’amour the characters. I l’amour the comedy. But sometimes...the fanbase gets on my nerves. So here are a liste of common accusations and assumptions about the Hetalia characters.

Belarus is mental/a psycho.
She's not mental, ou a psycho. She just loves her brother, and well...she's montrer that in a way that's different from how most people montrer affection for those who they love. Seriously, I can't even tell toi how many roleplayers of Belarus that I've seen who just go "MARRIAGEMARRIAGEMARRIAGE" and "Brother let's become one" and make her throw knives...
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 Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler
I just got done learning about the Holocaust in Germany and I felt like I should write about it, so here toi go enjoy. (I might as well turn it into a history lesson.)

It was the an in 1930 and Germany was in a bad spot with the war going on and other things. Hitler was rising in power, but not enough to rule Germany yet. Then in 1933 Hitler rose in power using propaganda saying that the Jews were bad people along with some other people but mainly the Jews. Hitler believed that the Communists, Gypsies, Homosexuals, Obese people, Jehovah's...
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Honhonhon! Bonjour English man! Grow a real dick and don't fuck with Peter Pan! I'm Francis Bonnefoy and everyone loves me! toi call me a wanker, cause mine is the biggest! Fuck off with your kid brother, cause USUK surely hits it!

SHUT UP! toi DAMN FROG FACE! The fact that your on the same continent is a disgrace! All toi are is a bloody wanker, my rhymes hit hard, like Captain Hook's anchor! Your just a bloody whore, I can't stand your face no more, your such a prick! Even Sealand has plus dick! I have an army of Red Coats! toi have shitty little boats! Waiting till the last...
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