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 The Bond We Shared Will Never Leave My Heart...
The Bond We Shared Will Never Leave My Heart...
I think about it every time we have a meeting. The beginning was the hardest... but now I barely see toi as that sweet young lad I found so long ago... but at the same time toi still have that childish innocence in your eyes, toi have that same goofy grin as toi always had even as a child.

I wonder when it happened? When I started to finally let go of the past. My cœur, coeur still clenches it but not as tightly, not as tight- but still holding onto it, because you... toi were the first to make me feel like I had someone who actually could depend on me. Heh look at me though, the once great Arthur...
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posted by BeB
 "I'm so sorry!!!'
"I'm so sorry!!!'
I own nothing, but pray for all those affected par the Twin Towers incident. I hope I didn't offend anyone~ And may everyone who was affected heal, and the people we Lost rest in peace... thank toi and enjoy this fanfiction.

That day... That jour I felt something wrong, I thought it was paranoia.

But I was wrong, because that day, when the plane crashed... I was at a UN meeting and suddenly my head hurt.

"A-Ahhh ow!" I gripped my hair and felt blood dripping from my nose, my eyes already stung and I heard so...
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