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 Alvin vs Paul(RCN)
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Alvin fighting Paul, who is an unknown person with Alvin's rare ability.
half blood
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I'm actually in l’amour with this video so much. Any Rps toi guys think this fits?
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 My youngest cat, Potter.
My youngest cat, Potter.
Hey! I'm Nina. toi can call me that ou SR, which ever toi prefer. I just turned 15 in December. So that means I'm turning 16 this an (still cant believe its 2014 already). I live in Malaysia. A very, very hot country that gets a lot of rain. I've been on fanpop for 2 years now. I had an account before this one called NotSoPerfecMe. I deleted that account and left for awhile due to reasons I dont want to talk about. Anyway, I am an animal person and I have 5 chats who I just l’amour to death. My favourite animal is a fox, a silver renard to be plus specific.

As toi know I have been missing from the...
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posted by IstJae513
What up peoples, its been like forever since I've been here. I blame poorly made products and my luck. Hi, I'm Jaeda and your life just got awesome (jk)
So we are suppose to make new G2Ks, here is mine. I live in the wonderus state of Arizona, the older sister in the family. i am a very curious person and l’amour to make new friends.
My favori TV montrer is Supernatural (argh Jensen Ackles 0///0). I also like watching anime, my haut, retour au début 5 consisting of Naruto, Higurashi, Code Geass, FMA brotherhood,and Ouran High school Host Club ( again arrrgh, Tamaki Suoh 0//0). I rather watch the dub of animé finding...
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posted by Blaze_of_Ares
Okay like our great leader suggested, we recreate our getting to know article so here is mine.

I'm Bobby, I'm turning 16 in September(same time as my final exams..). People address me as Blaze. I live in Singapore, on the edge of main land Asia, near the equator.

I've been on fanpop for almost two years now and I am seconde In-Charge of this great community. I've created many forum...but those were in the past, almost all of mine aren't alive.

So right now I'm in Secondary School...idk what is means in other countries but I'm in Grade 10, after this I'll go to a Polytechnic. I have already...
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Hey. My name is Shailee, but toi all can call me Pink. Everybody does. I'm 15, live in Australia. I've been on this club since it first started, although I didn't come on for about a year. Don't ask me why, cause I don't even know.

I don't know what to post, um. I l’amour to read and write. It's something that I really enjoy. I want to be an auteur when I'm older. I know that at the moment my écriture still isn't good enough to really become an author, but who would want to be one at fifteen?

The genre of musique I usually listen to is; Pop, Alternative and maybe singers who have written their own...
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Right... Well, my name is Brian, I'm 16 and I live in Michigan, one of the coldest states in the continental US. Most people call me Rogue... Actually that's really all people call me :-/ whatever... I can proudly say I started Blarg in this club(que the explosions and cheering).

As for my future; I plan and hope to one jour become an FBI Agent. Whether it's simply an Investigator ou Hostage Rescue Team member I desperately want in. I've always had this dream of making a difference in people's lives. What I tell people who wonder why I want to go into the FBI: "I want to save lives." Anyway...
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Alright hobbits let's begin.

My name is Cara, I'm 13 turning 14 and I live in Western Australia. Feel free to call me NicoL, The Great Leader(as others call me), Cara ou anything else as long as it doesn't make me feel sad and unimportant. Examples are; Stupid, salut You!, Creepy Kid Who Thinks She Can Spell etc.
Back to what I'm actually supposed to be doing...
As most of toi know, I am the creator of this club and a fellow Rper. I've been on fanpop for two years and I imagine myself as a seasoned veteran when dealing with Trolls and crazy Fandom members.
I live in an average accueil in an average...
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Godmodding and overpowering, something we all hate someone doing it. But I'm sure there are some cases where it's acceptable.

First, what is Godmodding and overpowering?

It is like being too powerful. Not being able to get hit par anything another person does. Being able to destroy someone in one second. Basically it is like being a God in full power. It is irritating. How can toi not get hit par thousands of Arrow that block out the light, Leonidas got hit.

An example of an OP character is being a child of Chaos and being able to do anything toi want. Not getting hit while fight ou sparring is...
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 That's me, Sunny :)
That's me, Sunny :)
My new OC for this spot.

Name: Cesletine Valentine Rogers (nicknamed Sunny)
Age: 15
Gender: female
Godly Parent: Apollo
Earthly Parent: Anna Nicole Rogers
Theme Song: Numb- Linkin Park
Personality: I'm a girl who loves music, and writing. I've written tons of medieval stories (love learning about that period) and I l’amour coming up ideas for new songs.
History: When I was born my mom told me dad just left, it's been me and her ever since. I don't like talking about the plus darker parts of my childhood.
Crush: I have one on a bit named Jacob McGrath, he's nicknamed Jake.
Other: I'm great at archery, and never miss a single shot and close Friends with Annabeth Chase and Percy Jackson.
 My boyfriend, Jacob
My boyfriend, Jacob
posted by Spikegilfer1997
Name: "Arik" Arisutea Akira Takahashi
Moniker: Knight-shade, the vigilant, Avatar of the fade
Race: Caucasian
Hair Color: Black
Eye color: Black
Height: 6'0
Age: 16
Physique: Slender
Father: Kirito Itsuki Takahashi, Son of Athena
Mother: Nemesis

Apparel: Black Tartarian Shadow-weave veste *#1* , Yin-Yang headband *#2* Kevlar armor, black cloth pants (Shadow-weave) , leather boots, leather bracers, leather gloves, tape hand-wrappings, Black porcelaine mask , lower face ninja mask (Shadow-weave) , dog-tags, claw and fang necklace, Various holsters (Shadow-weave) Backpack (Shadow-weave) various...
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posted by Blaze_of_Ares
So yeah, since everyone made this.

I'm Blaze. I go par Blaze Takumi Phoenix. My real name is Bobby Pal Singh, I'm becoming 15 this September. I live in Bandung, Indonesia. I moved from Singapore 2 years ago. What else...oh yeah, incase toi don't know, Little Cop's(Cara) nickname for me is Iceman, not the Marvel one, but the one from haut, retour au début Gun. I still can't believe toi picked that over Maverick. So yeah, if toi see Iceman on here, it's probably me.

 I'm a gamer cause I don't have a life. I've chosen to have many
I'm a gamer cause I don't have a life. I've chosen to have many
What I like to do..well I'm always online. I'm a Gamer and an Otaku(Anime Lover)....
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posted by ShadowRanger
Okay so I was bored and I thought maybe i would write one of these. So if toi know me well enough and long enough, I was known as NotSoPerfecMe but then I deleted the account because of academic reasons. But I couldn't stop myself from not rp-ing so I made this account.

So toi can call me Nina ou SR as some people do. As toi could have guessed, I'm a girl. I live in a not very big, not very small country in Asia called Malaysia. I will be 14 and a half at the end of suivant month. I have 4 chats and my hobbies are reading, crafting, beading and drawing (when I get an inspiration). I would write...
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