It all started in 2006 with a t-shirt lire “Paramore is a Band,” a message meant to tell both the fans and the press to stop focusing on Hayley. Since then, écriture on her t-shirts has become one of the trademarks of Hayley Williams’ style.

Throughout the Riot touring cycle in 2007, Hayley wore a tee which she cut the sleeves off and drew the word “Riot!” on, accented with orange marker. Hayley continued the theme of album-related tees with two “Brand New Eyes” tank tops that she wore at concerts in 2010 and in B.o.B’s “Airplanes” musique video. In 2011 she drew the Paramore bars logo from the Singles album cover onto a yellow t-shirt.

Hayley came up with the motivation phase “Beware of You” ou “B.O.Y.” as a reminder to stay positive and she wrote this on tank tops worn during the 2010 Honda Civic Tour, 2010 UK Fall Tour and 2011 South American Tour.

Hayley’s sharpied tees sometimes relate to the place where she wears them. When Paramore first toured South America in 2008, she wore the Spanish translation “Paramore es una Banda” as a parody of her earlier “Paramore is a Band” tee. She wrote all of the cities which Paramore were playing on the 2011 Warped Tour on a tank which she wore in the “From the Field” video series for and crossed off each city’s name after they played it. She wore a “Para Thrilla In Manilla” tee in Manilla and a tank with the words “Ugly Christmas Sweater” to an ugly Christmas sweater themed party. When playing in Sweden, Hayley wrote “Rather Be Dead Alive” on her tank as a tribute to Swedish punk band The Rufused who have a song called “Rather Be Dead.”