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posted by beccaxBLx
"Hart of Dixie" follows Rachel Bilson's Zoe Hart, a brand new doctor in New York who decides to accept an offer from Dr. Harley Wilkes to work with him at his small practice in Alabama. Once she arrives there, Zoe learns that Harley has passed away and left his half of the medical practice to her in his will.

Zoe not only has to adjust herself to the new place and the local culture, but also she has to deal with some unfriendly people. When she is ready to leave the town, her mother visits her and assures her to stay in Bluebell for a while. The montrer will air every Monday at 9 P.M. after "Gossip Girl" which gets a new slot.
posted by courtneykutie
Though she's officially a resident of Bluebell, Alabama after trouncing Brick Breeland in the gumbo cookoff, "Hart of Dixie's" Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson) hasn't left New York City too far behind.

In an upcoming episode, we'll meet her friend Gigi from NYC -- and Zap2it has exclusively confirmed that Megan Stevenson will play the character, who comes to Bluebell for an unexpected visit.

Though she's a relative newcomer to the TV biz, fans may recognize Stevenson from a memorable guest appearance on an episode of last year's "$#*! My Dad Says," when she starred as Amy, who went on a double date...
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I like many fans of Hart of Dixie have watched season 3 unfold in amazement and I have come up with an interesting theory. Is Zoe Hart dreaming, now before toi stop lire and click away take time and have a good think about it.
I recently went back a watched the first episode of season 3 again, its amazing what toi pick up when toi watch something plus than once. The first thing that struck me was the opening line. Zoe is dreaming about the Founders jour Parade and there is Tom Long remember what he a dit ?He a dit "come back Doctor Hart wake up" remember the look of confusion on her face? Side...
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