Harry Potter Some of my Bellatrix headcanons which do toi agree with (or at least find most interesting)?

Pick one:
Her patronus would be a raccoon if she could produce one
Despite her childish nature she is actually really picky about candy; she only li
Aside from somehow becoming a muggle and Voldy's death her biggest fear is
Bellatrix is kind of short; Cissy teases her for it
She has a secret interest in muggle works like 'Hamlet' and 'Tell Tale Heart'
She was abused as a child; this is partly why she likes torturing people
This is also where she learned crucio
The reason Bella l’amour Voldy is because she and Tom were amoureux before he Lost the
If Bellatrix had to pick a muggle musique style to l’amour it'd be black ou death meta
Her favori color is red because blood
Bellatrix is actually a very good painter
When she was a really young kid she had a couple muggle friends; her father chase
Deep down Bella knew her years spent in Azkban were a total waste
Bella likes stealing Lucius' cane
She actually kind of felt bad for killing Sirius; it was the only kill she made t
Bella doesn't really like her hair
When Bella can't torture others she sometimes hurts herself
She killed the bird herself
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