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Snape for a jour



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Brilliant !

As I have a few grudges over some folks that did me some harm in the past (some, from a very long past), I would hunt them and use all manners of curses and jinxes to make them pay and have fun at their (bad) surprise. Hello, I'm the Dark Angel of Fate !

I'm already happy to be feared rather than loved (I keep love for those select few), so that won't be an unfamiliar feeling.

Being able to control my emotions even more than I can already.
Being even more cunning than I am already am.
Being infinitely more courageous than I can display of today.

Oh yes, I think that being Severus for a day would be interesting an experience. Without talking about those billowing teacher robes ! And last but not least, I would know what's hidden under that frock coat of his, in these black trousers...
posted il y a plus d’un an.
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popo6 said:
Yep i would like to be Severus for a day that will be wonderful to be able to control my mind and to control my emotions that will be wonderful to be a wizard for a day to be SNAPE for a day xD ;)
posted il y a plus d’un an.