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This Harry Potter photo contains portrait, headshot, gros plan, and closeup.

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 A rare and natural beauty
A rare and natural beauty
5. Ginny-For starters, I l’amour her beautiful red hair. It's so gorgeous. I l’amour it when she has that white fleur in her hair, it's pretty. I also l’amour her eyes. She's just stunning. She has an amazing smile. She is such a natural beauty.

4. McGonagall-Now, before toi start calling me weird, let me explain. Have toi seen her as a young woman? She's gorgeous! I l’amour her big eyes, they're so amazing. She has gorgeous hair.

3. Luna-I l’amour Luna's looks! She's stunning! I l’amour her long, blonde hair. I also adore her eyes, not to big and not too small. I l’amour her un radis, radis earrings, they compliment her...
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Please read and tell me what toi all think about it! My first one *fingers crossed*

Summary: My first ever fanfic! The suivant Generation kids can't get enough during Christmas at the Burrow! All ages set two years before epilogue.

"Watch out!"

A snowball sailed through the air, nearly missing a blonde head as it hit a tree.
"Take that!" cried fifteen an old Victoire Weasley as she got up and aimed a snowball at her sister, thirteen an old Dominique Weasley. Dominique squealed as the snowball collided with her forehead. "I'll get toi for that!" she yelled, as she chucked a snowball through...
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When people tell me that James “grew out of bullying”, I always respond with the canonically sound FACTS that James Potter was 21 when he died, 20 when Harry was born and *19* when Harry was conceived. He had *no time* to change out of his bullying bullshit personality towards Severus. Just take a look around toi and see if toi can name half a dozen of your under-21 male friends/acquaintances who toi think would make such an awesome hubby and father right now (oh, and don’t discount the bullies toi know who pick on people “just because they exist”). And when we keep telling toi that...
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 An example of an object toi could use.
An example of an object you could use.
A handy-dandy Wikihow article on how to make a horcrux, for all toi aspiring Dark witches and wizards out there!
Credit: wikihow.com

1. Become an extremely powerful witch ou wizard. This will take years of study and sacrifice which lie beyond the scope of a WikiHow article. As a general guide toi should not attempt to create a horcrux until toi can cast non-verbal killing curses.

2. Locate an object of extreme significance to you. An emotional attachment to the object will aid the process and make it easier on your body and soul.

3. Bathe in the Water of Sorrows and eat 1 cup of paste made from...
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Ever wondered what the dedications at the beginning of each Harry Potter book mean? toi can find all the réponses on this page!

Harry Potter and the Philosopher/Sorcerer's Stone
For Jessica, who loves stories, for Anne, who loved them too, and for Di, who heard this one first.
Explanation: Jessica is JK Rowling’s twelve-year-old daughter. Anne was Jo’s mother, who, unfortunately, died of Multiple Sclerosis on December 30th, 1990. Dianne, ou “Di," is Jo’s younger sister who she read Philosopher/Sorcerer’s Stone before Jo sent it off to be reviewed.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets...
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Well, I know some people say that it's bad because it has withcraft, but I think te movie is very entertaining and kind of funny. My favori character is Harry Potter, ofcourse. I like him because she's a little diferent from the others in a way. To me, he also seems like the "chosen one" if toi know what I mean. Ron is really cool too. He's the funny guy in the group. Hermione,at first got on my nerves because she she seemed like a know it all. During the third movie, I started to like her more.
That pretty much covers the three main characters so I'll go on to how I feel about the storylines...
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Voldemort: Origins of the Heir is a non-profit fan film, inspired par the Harry Potter universe. Exploring the origins of Voldemort.
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