I ran up to my room and flopped onto my bed. How could this have happened? There must have been a mistake. I buried my head into my oreiller and thought of what I would have to do as a muggle. I'd have to go to a muggle school, and make muggle friends. I'd have to get a job and earn muggle money... Which I don't understand. I heard a quiet knock on my door. "Ron?" I heard a voice ask. I didn't reply. The door opened and I felt a weight upon the bottom of my bed. "Ron, it will be alright" I heard my dad say. "Why has this happened?" I turned over and asked my dad. He was still wearing his work robes, and had black stains over his face. "Exploding kettles been sold to muggles" he told me as I looked at him. The mention of the word muggle made me squirm. "Ron, you’re not a muggle. You're as much a wizard as Dumbledore himself" dad reassured me. "Yeah, but he got his Hogwarts letter on time" I argued. Dad looked at me and sighed. "I'm going to speak to Dumbledore right this minute. Just wait and see" he said. Then he stood up and walked to the middle of my room. He turned quickly on the spot and disappeared. I felt so angry. Even my own dad couldn't see that I was a muggle. Suddenly, I saw a small movement on my windowsill. The old magazines piled up on it moved and dropped to the floor. Could this be a sign? Maybe I was a wizard after all. I got up and went back downstairs. I made my way into the living room and saw mum and bill sat listening to the radio. Mum pointed her wand at the radio and changed the station. She saw me and placed her wand down. "Ron, come over here" she a dit and patted the siège beside her. I reluctantly walked over, hoping to make something else move. She handed me her wand. "What's this?" I asked "I mean, it's a wand. But what good is it to me?" She looked at me. "Point it over there somewhere, at that cup over there, and say 'lumos'" she told me. I sighed and pointed the wand in the direction she told me to. "What should happen?" I asked. Getting annoyed as nothing happened. "It should light up" she a dit slowly "hand it here". I gave her the wand. She held it and muttered 'lumos'. The tip of the wand lit up, montrer a bright green flame. I started to get up and leave the room but mum shouted me back. "It'll just be the wand, it only would work for the owner" bill said. "Yeah right" I a dit as I left the room. I threw one last look into the room and ran out of the back door. I wandered out into the garden and sat among the weeds. A gnome scuttled past my feet. I grabbed its head and threw it into the hedges. As I sat down, the gnome ran past my feet and pulled a face at me. "I'm never going to be a wizard" I told myself. I looked at the Burrow and realised that I would never be a proper part of the family. I lied down in the herbe and looked into the darkening sky. "It really is pointless" I thought as I closed my eyes and dreamed about the wizarding world that I would never be a part of..